Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 50

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 50

Chapter 50: An Unexpected Twist Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL Marcellus sat on the ground in the middle of the abandoned factory.

His surroundings were very empty.

There was nothing around him.

He laughed and yelled, “Come on, Death Inquisitor, aren’t you amazing? Aren’t you able to design death? Now, unless you make the roof fall off, let’s see how you’ll kill me!” Marcellus held a gun in his hand and looked up at the ceiling, constantly paying attention to any minute changes.

In the last few minutes, he was confident that he could survive.

Tens of millions of viewers were restless.

“Ahhhhh, hurry up! The roof is falling!” “The roof is falling + 1” “The ground is collapsing! Bury him alive!” “The ground is collapsing + 1” .



The viewers were anxious and uncomfortable.

They were so angry that they wanted to smash their keyboards and computers.

But soon, the needle pointed to twelve o’clock.

Jack’s voice sounded, “Congratulations, Marcellus.

The game of death is over!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “No way, judge.

How can you let such a SCUM live!” “Judge, you have disappointed me!” “You actually let such a scum go? I will never watch your live broadcast again!” “After watching for 24 hours, this is the result? I can’t take it anymore!” The audience was extremely disappointed.

They expressed their sadness and anger, indicating that they would never watch the live broadcast of death again.

Looking at everyone’s bullet comments, Jack’s face was cold.

There was no reaction at all.

The game of death ended, but the live broadcast of death was not closed yet.

In the next second, a voice rang out in the live broadcast.

“Marcellus, we are the police.

You have been surrounded.

Put down your weapon and come out to surrender!” The happy Marcellus immediately became very surprised.

His heart was beating wildly, and he held the gun tightly with a ferocious expression.

“F*ck! The police are here! Why aren’t Zellman and the others here yet?” Marcellus took out his phone.

Since he had been exposed, it did not matter whether he switched on his phone or not.

He switched on his phone and entered the death broadcast room.

When he saw this, he was completely dumbfounded.

Not a single one of them survived! He was the only one left! “F*ck!” Marcellus gritted his teeth and bent down to walk to the door of the factory.

He saw the police lights flashing outside.

Each of the policemen was fully armed and hiding behind the police cars.

“F*ck! You won the game but were caught by the police.

Death Judge, are you playing with me?” The veins on Marcellus’s face bulged, and he looked particularly ferocious.

“Hahaha! So the Inquisitor still has a trick up his sleeve!” “As long as this scumbag doesn’t escape the punishment of the law, I will still support you, Inquisitor!” “Give him a little hope first, then make him despair.

The Inquisitor is really amazing!” “I told you, let him think that he can survive first, then make him despair!” “Then I can be at ease!” The audience’s bullet comments started to fill up the bullet screen again.

There were even some gifts in the live broadcast room.

Marcellus was completely in despair after realizing his situation.

There were even heavy troops guarding other places.

This time, even if he grew wings, he wouldn’t be able to fly out by himself.

Marcellus cursed angrily and then fiercely said, “Even if I’m caught by the police, I still beat you.

Death Judge, you’re a f*cking coward.

I won!” After cursing, Marcellus lit a cigarette, took two deep puffs, and threw it on the ground.

Marcellus walked out of the factory.

As soon as he appeared, the light shone on him.

The police saw that Marcellus was holding a gun in his hand and immediately became nervous.

They all aimed their guns at him.

Using a megaphone, Ross shouted, “Put down your weapon! Raise your hands!” “Don’t shoot! I surrender!” Marcellus took a step forward, and his left foot just landed on the ground.

In the silent night, there was a sudden sound! “F*ck your mother!” Marcellus was about to throw the gun, but he suddenly tightened his grip and aimed at Ross.

The sound of the gun was heard everywhere, and the bullet bounced into the flesh.

Marcellus’s body was splashed with blood, and in the silent night, it bloomed wantonly.

“Stop! Who told you to shoot? ! Who shot him?!” Ross roared.

“Wasn’t he the one who shot first?” “I only shot after I heard the gunshots!” “What the hell is going on?” Willie was also anxious.

He rushed forward to check on Marcellus.

Marcellus was shot several times, and his chest was full of blood.

One bullet even pierced through his neck, causing a terrible wound.

His entire neck was almost broken.

Marcellus kept coughing blood, and his vision was suddenly becoming hazy and blurry.

He realized that the sound he had heard was that of a firecracker.

He suddenly understood something, and his face suddenly became ferocious.

He used his last bit of strength.

Before he could say the last sentence, Marcellus died.

“He’s dead!” Willie said as he put on his gloves and took the gun in Marcellus’s hand.

He withdrew the magazine to check, and not a single bullet was missing.

“He didn’t shoot!” Willie shouted.

“I know who shot!” Anthony, who was squatting on the ground, said, “It was the Death Inquisitor who fired!” As he said that, he picked up a firecracker on the ground that had not exploded yet.

Then, he let go of the firecracker.

The firecracker fell freely.

The firecracker landed with an explosion.

The sound was like a gunshot.

After Ross saw it, he closed his eyes in despair.

He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

“Death Judge! We’ve been fooled again!” The audience suddenly understood and were extremely shocked.

“F*ck! Judge, you’re amazing!” “I really didn’t expect it this time.

The judge’s IQ is simply unrivaled!” “I’m completely convinced! I don’t doubt the judge’s decision anymore!” “It’s simply a godly turn of events.

The game is over.

Marcellus’s tensed nerves relaxed, but he forgot that life is full of dangers.

” “Let’s not talk about it anymore.

Not only is the ending perfect, but there is also such a huge turn of events.

This is a top-notch suspense movie.

Let’s not talk about gifts anymore!” “Yes, yes, yes! We must give gifts!” The bullet screen was filled with comments again.

Gifts were continuously sent out, and the entire screen was covered.

Jack glanced at it and smiled coldly.

“Thank you for watching this episode’s death broadcast.

See you next time!” The live broadcast was closed.

[ Ding! This death trial has ended.

Verdict successful.

] [ Ding! This live broadcast has a cut of 2,170 yuan.

] [ Ding! The difficulty level of this death trial is being reviewed.

] [ The review has been completed.

The difficulty level of this death trial is good + 6.

Obtained 1,100 trial points.

Obtained “Ultimate punishment”scenario.

] Ultimate punishment: suitable for multi-target punishment scenarios.

Multiple punishments can be set for in-game punishment.

Jack did a quick check.

He was a little disappointed that although the rewards were quite good, the difficulty level was only graded as good.

“Next time, I want to be graded excellent!”