Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 36

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Choosing the Target Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL Anthony gritted his teeth.

He did not blame the chief.

He only blamed himself.

He had made a wrong step.

He did not expect that a small school bullying case would end his career.

His nose was sore, and he felt a trace of sadness.

“Go!” Terrence waved his hand.

There was also a trace of sadness and heartache in the depths of his heart.

Anthony and Ross were his right-hand men, but the negative impact of this matter was too great.

The media and the public were watching.

Someone had to take the blame.

Someone had to be the victim of this incident.

Sighing, Terrence got up and headed to Task Force Zero.

He had placed all his hopes on them.

Seeing Terrence arrive, Ross and the others who were discussing the case got up.

Terrence looked at everyone with a tired face and said, “All right.

Sit down.

I only want the results now.

Tell me, how is it going?” This was the first time Ross had seen Terrence look so haggard and exhausted.

He looked as if he had suddenly aged by more than ten years.

He deeply understood that the death broadcast case had already weighed down the entire situation.

“We found out that one of the sentenced persons was found in the classroom this morning with a death notice.

From the live broadcasts, we know that the Death Judge will send a death notice to all the sentenced people before the live broadcast.

This is the first point! The second point is that the Death Judge is a super hacker.

We have organized two attacks on the death broadcast room by the top hackers in the country, but both of them failed.

We think that we can start again with the top hackers from the past few years.

The third point, which we still haven’t completely figured out, is the live broadcast itself.

The Death Judge seems to have a very superb live broadcast method.

He can switch between different angles and cameras to achieve a perfect live broadcast.

Such a method is rare in the industry, and it is also a breakthrough.

The fourth point is the scene of death.

There are many suspicious points.

According to our investigation, there is a certain difference between the scene of death last time and the scene in the last live broadcast.

I once thought that the scene of death we found was not the first scene of death, but the clues from the trace detection at the scene do not support this claim.

Therefore, I have a bold assumption.

The Death Judge made a set for the livestreams, but he would remove and clean up the set after killing the suspects.

If this is the case, then there must have been a truck passing by the scene of the crime during that period of time.

This is also a breakthrough.

Fifth, the money sent to him after the broadcast could not have evaporated.

At first, we traced the funds that matched the amount of the money during this period, but there was no result.

We suspected that it was transferred in batches, so we expanded the scope.

During this period, those with funds were included in the scope of the investigation.

In addition to those, we were thinking that if we continue to passively investigate, we might as well take the initiative to attack.

The police will provide protection to those who receive death notices and seize the opportunity to capture the Death Inquisitor!” After Terrence heard this, he nodded his head in satisfaction.

He had a feeling that the Death Inquisitor was about to expose himself.




The Empire State Building became less noisy in the second half of the night.

Only a few tall women with heavy makeup were left walking in and out.

Needless to say, these women were all working in the nearby hotel.

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COM According to his colleagues, he needed 800 RMB for fast food and 5,000 RMB for an overnight stay.

Jack remembered that at their place, fast food was only 100 RMB, and an overnight stay was only 700-800 RMB.

Jack didn’t think much about it.

At this time, his phone rang, and two push messages were sent to his phone.

“Four victims’ families have raised tens of millions of dollars, and a bounty has been placed on the Death Judge’s head!” “The police have reminded us that the Death Judge will still commit crimes.

Anyone who receives a death notice must contact the police in a timely manner.

” After opening the messages one by one, Jack’s lips curled into a deep sneer.

He could already smell the scent of his prey.

“You want me to crawl into my pocket? Then you guys should give it a try,” Jack murmured.

Jack snapped his fingers and brought up the system page.

Then, he clicked on the live broadcast scenarios.

After searching for a while, Jack’s gaze fell on something: “Death is coming.

” Death is coming: predict the actions of the tortured person for a period of time, and through filtering the details, modify the details to complete the process of death.

The difficulty level is high.

Jack smiled coldly.

If he used this scene, it would be a devastating blow to the police! However, wasn’t this the effect he wanted? The next second, an arrogant expression bloomed on Jack’s face.

Meanwhile, in a private villa in Manhattan, New York, a few people were smoking.

Their faces were extremely solemn.

Smoke floated in the large living room, and the ashtrays were filled with cigarette butts.

“Big Brother Marcellus, Chapman, and Chris are all dead.

The Death Inquisitor won’t come after us, right?” A bald man said as he put out his cigarette and looked at the man in front of him with a worried and terrified expression.

Marcellus was not very old.

He looked to be in his thirties.

His skin was a little dark, but he looked very strong.

His eyes were very sharp.

At this moment, he held a cigarette in his hand and narrowed his eyes slightly, his gloomy gaze made everyone present feel a chill.

“Are you afraid?” Marcellus said coldly as he glanced at the bald man from the corner of his eyes.

The bald man’s body trembled slightly and cold sweat dripped down his back.

He suddenly remembered that last month, the police had carried out a fierce surprise inspection.

One of his underlings was a little afraid, so Marcellus asked the same question.

That underling nodded, and the next second, Marcellus directly cut that underling’s throat.

Marcellus knew that such underlings would betray them sooner or later.

Later, that person’s body was sunk to the bottom of the river.

“I’m not afraid! I’m just worried about Big Brother Marcellus!” Marcellus was silent for three seconds, and then he coldly snorted, “Death Judge? Just a coward hiding behind the scenes.

I, Marcellus, am not a coward like him.

It’s fine if he doesn’t come, but if he dares to come, I won’t let him go back alive!” “Big Brother Marcellus is right.

Why are we afraid of him! However, the police have already re-opened the case to investigate Chapman and the others.

I am afraid that we will be exposed.

Do you want to hide for a few days first?” “Aren’t you overestimating the police? Moreover, they are now attracted by the Death Inquisitor’s full attention.

How would they have the energy to investigate us? Just wait it out and see.

They will definitely not open an investigation.

They will only investigate students if they bully or kill their classmates.

” Marcellus smiled and said, “You are right.

Now they are thinking about how to regain their dignity.


These stupid guys!” “Then Marcellus, after losing Chapman and the others, are we going to develop a new trade offline?” “There is no hurry.

Focus on pushing blue ice.

That thing has high profits, is highly toxic, and is highly addictive.

Once they become addicted to it, push it hard, especially to those high school and university students.

They don’t know fear and have a lot of money.

Do you understand?” Marcellus said coldly.

At this moment, his cell phone rang.

“Are you here to pick up the goods?” Marcellus asked when he heard the voice.

“Big Brother…Big Brother Marcellus, there’s a death notice!”