Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 31

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Easy Stage 4 Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL Accomplishing the five tasks took eight minutes.

This was beyond Jack’s expectations.

In order to survive, these people were crazy.

He had to admit that he underestimated the degree of their perversion.

He couldn’t believe that at their age, they were already that perverted.

But it didn’t matter.

No one could escape the Death Inquisitor’s sentence.

Time continued and the mission continued.

It was time for the sixth task.

Nail extraction: Use a pair of pliers to pull out any of Chapman’s fingernails.

Chapman’s face instantly tensed up.

On the other hand, Chris’s face was gloomy.

When she spoke, her face was breathless.




“Are you going to do it yourself, or do you want us to help you?” Chapman did not speak.

His pair of eyes were extremely cold.

He exuded a murderous aura.

Grant did not speak or move.

He stood at the side with a dull expression.

“I didn’t see you being so timid when you carved the words on my body and hit my face with a steel wire rod.


My face is ruined anyway.

I don’t want to live anymore.

If you don’t want to do this mission, then don’t.

This is what you should do.

It’s not bad to die here,” Chris spoke with a mocking tone.

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COM “F*ck your mother.

You can shut up now! I’ll do it myself!” Chapman said as he walked over and picked up the pliers.

He chose the little finger of his right hand.

After all, the fingernail of the little finger was smaller, and his right hand was already crippled.

However, when he clamped on the fingernail, a chill made his entire body tremble.

He did not want to experience the pain of his palm being skinned again.

Ten fingers were very sensitive.

That pain was probably even worse than what he had just experienced! Cold sweat instantly flowed down his back.

Grant saw that Chapman was not making a move, but time was slipping by second by second.

He was a little anxious.

“Chapman, why don’t I help you?” Grant said.

Chapman looked at him with a look of trust and then handed the pliers to him.

“Come on!” Chapman stretched out his right hand.

Grant bit the front end of his fingernail with the mouth of the pliers, grabbed Chapman’s arms from left and right, and held the pliers with his right hand.

A heavy force was emitted from his arm.

Chapman immediately cried out like a pig in a slaughterhouse, and tears kept falling down his face.

Grant completely ignored him and continued to exert force.

The area under the fingernail was already stained with blood, and one could vaguely hear the sizzling sound of flesh and blood breaking and peeling off.

Hearing it made one’s skin crawl.


This is ruthless enough.

It’s like f*cking a bottle of vodka!” “These two people seem to have a special rapport ever since they finished their tongue kiss.

They are especially considerate and caring towards each other!” “So, these two people have discovered their true love!” “Indeed, there are psychological studies that show that when their lives are in danger, two people are most likely to fall in love!” Chapman howled, and his bloody fingernails slowly separated from his flesh.

Thick blood dripped from his fingernails.

“F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! I won’t let you off! I’ll make you pay for this!” Chapman roared.

His entire face was distorted from the pain, and he was trembling as he wept.

Then, the three of them looked at the big screen nervously.

There were only two left.

They nodded their heads and pressed the pushpins.

No one wanted their names to appear.

The seventh task appeared.

Pressing the pushpins: Press thirty pushpins on Grant’s face to form the word ‘bastard.

’ Grant’s heart trembled, and the pincers in his hands slid to the ground.

Chapman grinned bitterly and said, “Grant, there’s no need for me to say anything more, right? Everyone is equally miserable.

Accept your fate!” “Come on Chapman, I can hold it in.

We’ve endured through the most difficult moment, haven’t we?” Grant’s gaze became a little strange and excited.

“F*ck! The two of them really have a spark of love!” “Are you saying sweet words? I’m about to be f*cking disgusted to death by you two! You two perverts! Go to hell!” Hundreds of thousands of netizens were extremely disgusted.

Even Chris, who was at the side, had a disgusted look on her face.

‘The two of them have been turned gay?’ Chris shook her head and felt like vomiting.

Actually, compared to pulling out nails and slapping people, pressing pushpins on Grant’s face would be child’s play.

However, pressing them in one by one would still be very painful.

“Ah! Ah!” Grant grimaced in pain.

His face twitched.

Thirty thumbtacks formed a single word—bastard.

“There’s only one left!” Chapman exhaled and looked at the big screen.

Hair nod: Ignite Chris’s hair and burn it naturally.

Do not burn it after cutting it off.

Women loved two things: their face and their hair.

Chris was the type of person whose hair was more important than her own life.

If anyone touched her hair, she would risk her life just to save it! “None of you should come over.

You have already ruined my face.

I forbid you to ruin my long hair!” Chris grabbed the fruit knife and waved it at Grant and Chapman.

Chapman snorted and said, “Chris, as long as we can get out of here alive, your face won’t be a problem at all.

It will definitely be cured, not to mention the hair.

It can grow even longer after it’s burned.

But what if we die? Will we be able to come back to life?” “But…” Chis’s heart had actually collapsed a long time ago.

When Chapman said that, she became even more confused.

Chapman walked forward and said, “If you do as I say, you won’t be hurt.

Your hair will just be burned.

If you don’t cooperate, you might even burn your face.

So, for everyone’s sake, you know what to do, right?” “Wow.

” Chris put down her fruit knife and burst into tears again.

Chapman immediately walked towards her.

Grant also came over with a lighter.

Chapman then let Chris lie on the table and let her long hair fall down.

Flames shot out, and her long hair was instantly ignited.

In an instant, it turned into a huge fireball and directly swallowed Chris’s head.

“Ah!” Chris screamed.

It felt like wax was dripping on her scalp.

It felt like her entire head was being roasted and cooked.

In the blink of an eye, her beautiful long hair was burnt to a crisp by the fire, turning into a black bald head.

Applause rang out, and Jack’s cold teasing voice rang out.

“Your questions were well done.

Congratulations on passing the test.

The third key number has been displayed!” The three of them looked at the big screen.

They watched as the number “6” was flashed on the screen.

It was another 6, so they immediately filled it in.

“What about the fourth number?” Chapman hurriedly asked.

Jack laughed at this time, and then coldly said, “The last step is very simple.

I have already typed the correct answer into the live broadcast room.

At this moment, all the people watching the live broadcast know the answer.

” As Jack spoke, a line of words appeared in the live broadcast room: The Fourth Key Number is 6.

“The fourth number is also 6.

There are so many sixes.

is the judge a devil?” “And then? What does the judge want to do?” “Yeah, what does the judge want to do? Have we been captured and sentenced to death? What are you telling us?” Even the viewers were very confused.

Jack continued, “The television screen will soon be connected to the live broadcast.

You can plead with all the people watching the live broadcast to tell you the correct answer.

You have five minutes left.

Let’s begin now!”