Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 24

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Arousing Public Anger Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL The live broadcast room, which had disappeared for a few days, started broadcasting on all major online platforms once again.

“Hello, everyone.

I’m your live streamer, the Death Judge.

Welcome to today’s execution live broadcast.

” As soon as the live broadcast started, the bullet comments in the live broadcast room instantly piled up.

“The judge has finally started broadcasting!” “I thought that the judge had been caught by the police! When I saw that the streamer was fine, I was relieved!” “Judge, you’re finally here.

If you hadn’t come, I would have stayed up all night and died.

I haven’t been able to sleep for the past few days without watching your live broadcast!” “I know, right? If I can’t see the scum die, I feel terrible all over! I don’t even have the interest to play games anymore!” “Fortunately, Judge, you started the broadcast.

Otherwise, I would have thought that you were caught by the police!” “Do you believe in the New York police or the court judge too much? They are just a bunch of good-for-nothings who can’t even catch criminals.

How could they catch the Death Judge!” .



Almost a million people flooded into the live broadcast room the moment the broadcast started.

Everyone was crazily posting bullet comments.

Those days, everyone was really anxious and crazy.

Every night, they would stand guard on the major live broadcast platforms, waiting for the death broadcast, however, after being disappointed for several nights, when everyone was about to give up, the live broadcast suddenly started.

It was the kind of excitement that could not be expressed in words.

Rows of incandescent lamps lit up in the pitch-black live broadcast screen.

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COM Four people were lying in the middle of the room.

Behind the four people was a very large mechanical device, like a vertical wheat harvester drum.

On top of it, there were rows of very sharp steel blades.

It looked a little terrifying.

Looking at the layout of the room, there was a podium, a blackboard, and a few students’ desks scattered in the corner.

It looked like a classroom.

Seeing this, the netizens were at a loss.

They were confused why there were four people lying in the middle.

They didn’t even look like adults.

“Are those children? The judge won’t kill children, right?” “They seem to be young adults.

They look like high school students, and the scene is in a classroom.

” “What’s with the chatterbox upstairs? Why are those students there? Aren’t they human? If a child commits a crime and kills someone, shouldn’t he escape justice? What a bunch of hypocrites!” “Right, right, right.

Some children nowadays are really evil.

They do things worse than adults.

Just because a child in their own family is kind doesn’t mean that a child in another family is the same.

Maybe your child was bullied by his classmates at school and didn’t even dare to say it back home!” “The person above is right.

We have a student here who was forced by his classmates to lick a dog’s genitals at school.

Later, when his father found out about it, he was so angry that he took a knife and chopped up all the students.

Now, he’s still in jail.

” As the audience began to discuss among themselves, Jack’s voice rang out again.

“Today, we’re going to broadcast a vicious school bullying murder case.

I believe that everyone has seen the news of Linda jumping to her death at Winston High School a few days ago.

Today, I have the honor to invite the four famous bosses of Winston High School to the live broadcast room.

” Jack’s voice was very cold, and he sounded very sarcastic.

It sounded like he was toying with these people, as if they were monkeys.

“What do you mean? Could it be that Linda didn’t commit suicide? But didn’t the police hold a press conference about it?” “Why do I have a feeling that the lies of the New York police is about to be exposed? Today’s death broadcast will be exceptionally crazy and explosive!” “These little bastards! If they’re the bosses, then I’ll be the boss of New York City!” “All right! You’re the best.

You’re the President of the United States.

All right!” “So what exactly did these four students do to get caught here?” “Could it be a mistake? These four are still in high school, right? What bad things could they have done?” “You’re the one who’s mistaken.

How could the Death Judge be mistaken? Which one of them doesn’t deserve to die?” “Exactly! How could the judge be mistaken? I believe they definitely deserve to die.

The judge will introduce their crimes before sentencing them.

We just have to wait and see what their crimes are.

Don’t worry about anything else.

” “That’s right! Everyone, don’t worry.

Judging by the past livestreams, we know that these little brats can’t possibly be innocent.

Anyway, since the judge was able to capture them, it definitely means that they are guilty.

” Just as the bullet comments were discussing crazily, the four of them woke up and opened their eyes slightly.

The blinding light made them squint.

Their faces were muddled and their faces were blank.

The four of them were Chapman, Chris, Bronte, and Grant.

Their sin and force values were 70 (27), 68 (25)  65 (23), and 69 (26) respectively.

Their sin values exceeded the standard of execution.

“Where are we?”  Chapman was the first to speak up.

When he looked around and saw the terrifying machine filled with steel knives behind him, as well as the collar and rope around his neck, his mind went blank.

Jack saw that the four of them had woken up and began to count their crimes.

“In 2019, the four of you threatened and coerced Nora, Jamie, Winnie, and Rosa, who were still in elementary school, to have sex with you.

To this day, you have coerced and beaten twenty-four girls to have sex with you.

Some of them contracted sexually transmitted diseases, some of them got pregnant and miscarried, and some of them attempted suicide due to depression.

In 2020, the four of you bullied Barney, Picker, Peck, and Marley, who didn’t pay their protection fees on time.

You even urinated on them, sexually assaulted them, and even made them touch each other’s genitals.

What you did was outrageous!  In 2021, you found Linda and asked her to help you, but Linda was unwilling, so you called her up to the rooftop and pushed her down from the rooftop.

She fell to her death on the spot!” Hearing this, the four of them were completely awake.

Cold sweat broke out on their foreheads.

Hundreds of thousands of viewers were also completely furious.

“F*ck! This is not something that humans can do.

These are four animals!” “Don’t insult animals, okay? Animals can’t do such shameless and despicable things!” “I just want to f*cking chop all four of them into meat paste and feed them to the dogs now! When they grow up, they will be everyone’s nightmare!” “I’m so angry.

Ahhh, I’m so angry that I’m about to have a heart attack.

Do such perverted and cruel persons really exist? And they’re high school students? I also have children.

I won’t even dare to let my children go to school tomorrow!” “Where is Winston High School located? Fortunately, my child doesn’t go to that school.

To parents whose children go there, I suggest you quickly ask your children if they’re okay.

If you discover something alarming, tackle it as soon as possible.

The child is too young.

You can’t let them grow up with psychological scars!” “Where are the people who questioned the judge just now? Now you know.

The people the judge arrested are all damnable people!” “I support the judge! Sentence these little bastards!” It was too shocking, too terrifying.

Everyone was stunned by these crimes.