Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 21

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Police Tricks Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL At a glance, Jack saw through her little trick.

She was clearly bluffing.

Although he didn’t know why such a little girl would use such a trick, Jack knew how to deal with it because he was a psychological master.

It was clear she wasn’t really sure what she was doing.

“Huh?” Aisha frowned.

It was too dark in the alley just now.

She only saw the figure.

She wasn’t really sure.

She didn’t clearly see the face, so she didn’t pursue it any further.

‘Is it really not him? Am I mistaken? But he is really handsome! What should I do? What should I do? Ayesha, think of a way!’ Ayesha thought.

Ayesha blinked her big eyes and said, “To tell you the truth, I actually don’t have any money to take a bus home.

Why don’t you send me back? The sky is too dark, and I’m afraid!” “Little friend, I’ll give you some money.

Just take a bus home.

Don’t stay out so late in the future.

” Jack took out 50 dollars and stuffed it into her hands.

Jack then left with a blank expression.

Meanwhile, the elites of Task Force Zero had a major breakthrough after they had collected evidence from the crime scene! Chief Ross walked to the window of the abandoned building and looked downstairs.

There was a night market just one road away, and it was very lively.

“This might not be the first crime scene!” Ross said.

“That’s impossible!”! Morrison’s body looked exactly as it did in the live broadcast.

There were no signs of movement.

The surroundings and burn marks in the room were also the same as what was shown in the live broadcast.

Moreover, there were remnants of his body tissue on the road that he had walked on.

These pieces had dried up and stuck to the ground.

Unless he was killed again, it was impossible to fake the scene!”  Bowman thought out loud and analyzed the situation as a forensic scientist.




Actually, Hart, Judy, and Monica also felt that Ross’s suspicion was completely wrong.

Even Willie, who had been following Ross around since they had started investigating the case, thought so too.

Ross looked around and felt that everyone was still suspicious and not convinced by his theory.

He said, “My suspicion is not unreasonable.

First, there is a night market across the road.

Alice and Morrison’s screams before their tongues were cut off were like pigs being slaughtered.

There are so many people outside, how could they not have heard it?” Ross shook his head and continued, “Okay.

Let’s pretend that no one had heard their cries.

But why was it especially quiet in the live broadcast room? It was as if there was nothing outside.

How would you explain that? See? We’re standing here, and there are so many people outside, right? The sound from outside is so loud.

Why was there no such thing during the live broadcast? Why was the live broadcast room so quiet?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Willie scratched his head and said, “Then there’s only one possibility.

This time, he was not broadcasting live.

Instead, he could have been recording! The Death Judge’s first crime was a live broadcast.

Naturally, we assumed that this second one was also a live broadcast, but it’s actually a recording.

This is probably another trap!” “Impossible! The muscles in the deepest part of the dead body were relaxed and fresh, and the body was not stiff.

Moreover, the temperature in the room was still very hot, and the body was still very hot.

Judging by the state of the body, it didn’t look like it had been heated a second time, so the time of death should have been around an hour prior to being found.

The margin should not be more than fifteen minutes! That’s why it couldn’t have been a recording!”  Bowman argued.

“Then it shouldn’t be, right? Could it be post-production? Did he use some kind of radio device? Did he remove the background sound?” “Impossible! Any software that manipulates the background sounds of a video cannot be completed.

Unless Alice and Morrison used a microphone, their voices would have been treated as a mix, but obviously, they didn’t,” Judy said.

“Since that’s impossible, then how did this guy do it?” Willie felt that his IQ could not keep up, and his head was starting to ache.

Seeing that no one noticed, Chief Ross said, “I don’t know if you noticed, but when Morrison died, there were many close-up shots and angles of the live broadcast room.

” “At that time, the flames here were as high as 1,500 degrees Celsius.

What kind of camera could get close to such a high temperature? Those shots weren’t done by zooming in.

Those shots were definitely taken directly by the camera.

” When everyone heard Ross’s analysis, they were all shocked.

Only then did they realize that they had overlooked such an important point.

That’s right! What kind of lens could get so close to a flame of 1,500 degrees Celsius! Ross’s analysis was very accurate.

A few of them were very impressed, but at the same time, there was too much incredulity and too many mysteries.

They felt that the whole thing was too strange.

It was as if the Death Inquisitor’s IQ and methods were beyond their imagination! “What do we do now? The investigation seems to have reached a stalemate again.

Do we have to let this guy continue?” Willie stared with his eyes wide open, his face full of anger.

At this moment, Monica, who had been silent all this while, spoke.

  “There are four types of serial killers in terms of geographical behavior patterns—the domain type, wandering type, fixed location type, and intrusion type.

The Death Judge is a typical fixed location type.

He would lure or kidnap the victim into a prepared place to commit a crime.

This type of serial killer has a very strong sense of planning and is very meticulous in his actions.

Moreover, the Death Judge is a confident and calm person.

I believe this will not be the last one.

He will commit another crime!” Monica looked at Ross as she spoke.

“I suggest that we announce to the public that this trial broadcast is a recording.

I think the Death Judge will do something during the next live broadcast to prove that it’s not true, that it’s being done live.

By then, we will have to be extra vigilant and keep our eyes peeled for any flaws that we could use to move further into the investigation!” Ross felt that it was a very good idea.

He nodded and said, “Apart from that, we have to take away all the surveillance data in the surroundings!” At 10 PM that night, the media got wind of the news and immediately reported it.

“Big News! the Police Have Already Grasped Important Characteristics of the Death Judge!” “Exclusive! the Death Judge’s Live Broadcast Is a Recorded Broadcast!” “High IQ Crimes! Everyone Has Been Deceived! This Time, It’s a Recorded Broadcast!” Jack had just finished washing up at home.

The moment he came out of the bathroom, he checked his phone.

His news feed was filled with news about his live broadcast.

His live broadcast videos had become popular.

Any news concerning the “Live Broadcast of Death” would become a hot topic, and people all over the Internet would talk about it until it became a hot, trending topic.

Jack browsed through his news feed and opened an article that claims that the live broadcast was a recorded broadcast.

“It can’t be a recorded broadcast!” “It’s hard to say.

There’s no interaction.

It might really be a recorded broadcast!” “Looks like the Death Inquisitor is going to get caught.

What a pity! In the end, it didn’t last for too long!” “With such advanced technology and cameras everywhere, how is it possible to keep escaping from the police? It’s very impressive that he was able to broadcast two episodes in a row!” “Who said that we can’t keep escaping from the police? Didn’t the police not catch the three people who were sentenced by the Inquisitor? Not to mention catching them, they didn’t even have any clues.

” Jack glanced at the netizens’ comments and frowned slightly.

Then, a cold sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth.


It seems that my opponents finally remembered how to use their brains,” he muttered maliciously.