Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 18

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Total Collapse Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL In the livestream, it was clear that Morrison’s eyes were fixed on the door.

Only by looking at the door not far away could he give himself a little desire to live.

The pain in his legs made him wish he had died with Alice.

He was afraid that if he stopped staring at the door, he would not be able to help but look at his charred legs.

He was afraid that if he does, he might completely collapse in an instant.

There was also that damned timer, which was still ticking non-stop, reminding him that there was not much time left.

His charred leg was already very difficult to control.

Morrison gritted his teeth and directly put down his other leg! “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…” The sound of the flames burning his skin was very audible.

Morrison’s strange, muffled screams could be heard through the screens of thousands and millions of viewers.

At this moment, the camera zoomed in on Morrison’s charred leg.

The flames had burned his skin black and split it open.

Then, his skin started to melt, and before the blood could flow out, it had already dried up.




“Damn! It’s so disgusting!” “The judge is too funny.

Let’s get a close-up of this scene!” “This person’s screams are worse than the cries of ghosts!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “My legs are starting to hurt, but this bastard deserves it.

Let him burn for a little longer!” At that moment, Morrison’s head was already starting to feel a little dizzy.

He was getting less and less oxygen.

He looked at the timer and realized he only had about ten seconds left.

In order to keep himself from fainting, Morrison took a deep breath and slapped himself twice.

Then, he used his two legs to move forward again.

Every step he took tormented him.

He felt unbearable pain.

Morrison’s heart was screaming crazily again.

“I’m going to get out soon!” “Wait for me.

I will kill you when I get out!” He couldn’t think of anything else at the moment.

All these lines popped up in his head.

He was trying to console himself.

Only these simple words and curses inspired a bit of will to survive in his gradually fading consciousness.

At this moment, Morrison was only three meters away from the door, but his legs were becoming more difficult to control.

Even if he took another step, it would be very difficult.

His entire body began to tremble, and then it turned into violent shaking.

At this moment, a cold and hoarse voice sounded again.

Hearing the countdown, Morrison struggled with all his might, wanting to walk towards the door.

However, he had already lost control of his legs.

He could only struggle physically, shaking on the spot.

Morrison was already unable to stand, and he fell directly to the ground because of the shaking.

The surging flames engulfed Morrison in an instant.

In the next second, Morrison stopped struggling and only twitched twice.

As Jack’s countdown ended, the burning flames were extinguished at this time.

Smoke was seen wafting out of Morrison’s charred and black corpse on the ground.

Compared to the other corpses that had been executed, Morrison’s corpse was not as disgusting.

It was just lying quietly on the ground like a piece of charcoal.

However, because his body had been burned for too short a time, there was still blood flowing out of the cracked wound.

Because of the large amount of water loss, it was no longer recognizable as Morrison’s body.

Instead, it looked more like the body of a monkey.

“It turns out that the body of a person who has been burned to death can really shrink!” “Such a strong person actually looks like a monkey after being burned to death!” “If he and Alice had worked with each other from the beginning, would they really have survived?” “There are no ifs, and there are no ifs for such people.

This is their nature.

The judge must have investigated them before this!” “That’s true.

No matter what, the two scumbags are finally dead.

We can have a good night’s sleep tonight!” “Can you still sleep after watching this? I can’t sleep.

The way Alice died tonight was too disgusting!” “If you can’t sleep, you can find someone to sleep with you.

” “Didn’t you notice that the fire suddenly went out?” “The fire was put out by the judge himself!” “I don’t think it was turned off.

Morrison just fell down.

What if it was turned off directly and he didn’t burn to death?” “Oh, I know! The oxygen is exhausted.

When the countdown ends and the oxygen in the room is exhausted, the fire will naturally stop burning!” “Doesn’t that mean that if Morrison didn’t try to go out and simply waited for a minute more, he could have easily gotten out alive and waited for the police to save him?” “F*ck! The judge set another trap?” “Morrison is too stupid.

He doesn’t know that burning requires oxygen, right?” “It’s not that he’s too stupid.

It’s just that it’s hard to think of so many things at such a moment.

Everyone knows that burning requires oxygen, so who would have thought of that? Besides, he was being executed, so he definitely wouldn’t have thought of all this!” The audience in the live broadcast room was once again shocked.

Finally, Jack spoke.

  “Today’s death trial ends here.

Let’s meet again next time.

Thank you for watching.

” After saying that, he closed the live broadcast room.

What Jack did not know was that after he ended his painstaking execution, another group of people started to get busy.

The chief editors of major media outlets had already started writing news.

It was a media frenzy, and a new public opinion sensation was brewing.

This death trial has ended.

The verdict has been successful.

The difficulty level of this death trial is being reviewed.

The review has been completed.

The difficulty level of this death trial is…good.

Reward obtained: 500 judgment points Unlocked scenario: Fatal Joke Fatal Joke: suitable for multi-target sanction scenarios.

Participants’ jokes can become reality.

Say “go to hell,” and he will really die.

“This scenario is a little interesting.

” Jack nodded slightly and counted the spoils of war.

He was quite satisfied, but when he looked at the random reward this time, it was only 85 US dollars.

“A reward of hundreds of thousands, and you don’t even give me a hundred dollars?” Jack didn’t know what to say, but he knew very well that there were too few clues left for the police.

They must have been desperately investigating, and the small commission might have been for his own safety.

After thinking through this, Jack didn’t care about the commission.

Now, Bowen, Morrison, and Alice were all dead, and they didn’t have any suitable targets in their hands.

They were ready to rest for a few days, so they went downstairs to eat supper.

Jack was at ease, but meanwhile, on the other side, in the NYPD conference room… Sheriff Ross grabbed the glass, smashed it against the wall, and shattered it.

Ross wasn’t the only one who was furious.

The entire Zero Task Force felt duped.

First was Sheriff Ross.

Earlier, Willie and Monica had sent back news that they had found the Porsche and the crime scene, but the crime scene wasn’t in the suburbs but in an abandoned building that was less than two kilometers away from their police station.

It was completely different from what he had imagined.

Choosing such a close place to commit a crime was simply deliberately provoking the police.

Hart and Bowman were also furious.

They ran to the suburbs in the middle of the night and searched more than a dozen factories, visiting them one by one.

They did not even find a shadow.

In the end, they received a call that the crime scene was in the city! Finally, Judy herself felt furious.

Not only did the ten super hackers fail to break through the other party’s firewall, but there were also several whose computers were infected by the virus and were directly paralyzed.

It could be said that the entire Zero Task Force was completely defeated!