Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 12

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Live Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL At 8:00 PM, Task Force Zero had a breakthrough.

According to the investigation, Queens Hospital in New York had recently lost a bottle of muscle-dissolving medicine.

That night, the pharmacy where the medicine was stored suddenly had a power failure.

After the power was restored, the medical staff counted the medicine and found that a bottle of muscle-dissolving medicine was missing.

In addition, Queens Hospital in New York had a complex relationship with Bowen.

The director of the Queen’s Hospital of New York was Alice’s relative, and Alice was one of Bowen’s lovers.

Monica, the ice beauty, spun the pen in her hand and pondered on this most recent discovery.

“Queen’s Hospital is not the only hospital that has this kind of muscle-dissolving drug.

Moreover, Queen’s Hospital of New York is superior compared to other hospitals in this area, whether in facilities or in security measures.

The death judge chose this hospital.

Psychologically, it’s a show-off.

However, if he chose to reveal the mind trap, it would be more of a show-off of his killing skills.

However, he didn’t.

Therefore, I think that he chose Queen’s Hospital of New York on purpose.

There’s another reason.

Perhaps it has something to do with Alice.

I suggest that we interrogate Alice!” “I agree with Monica’s analysis.

” Hart glanced at Monica as he spoke.

He was very interested in this ice-cold beauty, but it was a pity that she did not seem to notice him at all.

“I’m only interested in corpses.

I’m not interested in the matters of the living.

It’s up to you guys,” Bowman said nonchalantly.

Ross did not know what to say.

If it were up to him, these people were more like psychopathic murderers.

However, he felt that Monica’s words made sense.

He also had the same guess, but he did not go too deep into it.

He felt that this might be a breakthrough.




“Willie, send people to find Alice.

” Ross looked at the muscular man beside him.

His name was Willie.

He was 1.

9 meters tall and was a famous attacker in the 77th precinct.

He was a shooter and had won the championship of the New York police fighting ring.

However, he was impulsive and hot-tempered.

He had once beaten the criminal suspect into dementia with one punch.

Otherwise, he would have long been a sheriff at the age of 30.

“Yes, sir! I’ll bring someone over right away!” Willie responded.

“There’s no need to go,” Judy said as she ate a doughnut.

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COM “Why?” Willie asked with a glare.

Judy rolled her eyes and explained, “She has been taken away by the Death Inquisitor.

See for yourself.

” Then, she turned on the big screen in the meeting room and connected the laptop screen to the big screen.

Everyone turned to look at the big screen.

The screen was pitch black, and they could only vaguely see a man and a woman tied to a chair.

They both seemed unconscious.

It was none other than Morrison and Alice.

“F*ck! He still dares to broadcast live!” Willie punched the table, and with a bang, Judy’s laptop jumped up.

Another case had been created before the investigation on Bowen’s death was completed! Ross gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

The others in the meeting room were in the same state.

At this moment, the live broadcast room was popping up on the homepage of many other websites, just like the previous night.

However, after a day of news and media bombarding, most people already knew about the Death Inquisitor’s live broadcast room.

“The Death Inquisitor’s live broadcast room has started! Everyone, come and take a look!” “It looks like someone is going to die again tonight.

I wonder who it will be?” “Who are these two people? Do they know each other? If they know each other, introduce them.

” “It’s too dark to see clearly, and I can’t even see their entire faces.

What is the Inquisitor going to do now?” “Holy sh*t! Isn’t that the owner of Wednesday’s Bar? She just went to drink yesterday, and she’s actually quite affluent!” “It’s only been a day, and someone’s going to be sentenced again? It’s not even 24 hours! Is the judge working too hard, or are there too many bad guys?” During Bowen’s broadcast, which was the first livestream of the Death Inquisitor, the people were speechless when it was starting because they had no idea what was happening.

This second broadcast was different.

Unlike the first, people were already busy sending comments and discussing the matter even before the live broadcast officially started.

The death judge hadn’t even spoken yet.

Moreover, the news of the death judge’s live broadcast quickly spread on the Internet, and a large group of viewers immediately swarmed over to watch the broadcast.

Somewhere on the Internet, a beautiful streamer was wondering why she suddenly lost a lot of viewers.

Her popularity quickly dropped to only a few thousand.

She had no idea what was happening.

“Don’t go.

I just changed and I’m already preparing to dance!” For that night’s live broadcast, she had spent three hours just putting on her makeup.

She was wearing her favorite low-cut top and a short skirt.

Coupled with her silky black hair, her figure and face could totally be compared to many female celebrities.

One of the commenters replied: “Haha! We don’t have a choice.

The Death Inquisitor has started broadcasting again.

Why don’t you go and watch it too? But I have to warn you that the live broadcast is very scary and bloody.

” “Let’s not talk about it anymore.

Let’s hurry and watch the execution.

” She finally understood what was happening when she read the comments.

The beautiful live streamer sat back in her chair and frowned.

She had read the news and heard about the Death Inquisitor’s live broadcast room.

She knew there was going to be a broadcast that day, but she did not quite believe it.

‘Is there really someone out there who would dare to broadcast a murder? If I don’t see it with my own eyes, I won’t believe it.

I’ll go and take a look too!’ she thought.

Therefore, she brought with her the rest of her viewers, which were about a few thousand, and they all went straight to the live broadcast of the Death Inquisitor.

It had only been three minutes since it started, but the live broadcast was already very popular and was trending again.

Its number of viewers had already exceeded three million.

Because of this, many website managers felt extremely flustered.

“Why does this guy also want our website to broadcast? So many other websites are broadcasting it.

Isn’t it enough? If this continues, our website will be destroyed,” said Jeff, the YouTube manager, with an innocent expression.

Meanwhile, the technical staff was tapping on the computer, stealing privileges, sending node attacks, setting up Trojans, and finding loopholes.

They were using all kinds of methods to block the live broadcast room.

“No! This live broadcast room seems to have been upgraded again.

There’s no way to break in!” “F*ck! Do they have to destroy us?”Jeff scolded.

At this time, Eve, who was in charge of the operation at the side, smoothed her long hair and said, “I think, Jeff, that you don’t have to be so worried.

This live broadcast is not something we want to do.

The police can’t do anything about it too.

They can’t shut down our server without a reason.

We can just watch.

” Jeff sighed and watched what was happening in the live broadcast room.

“Ah! It hurts! where is this place?”  Morrison screamed.

Alice, who was tied up next to him, was also startled and woke up.

When she opened her eyes, she found that her hands and feet were tied up.

It was as if something was stuffed into her mouth.

A wave of fear rushed into her mind.

“Help! Is anyone there?”  Alice started to cry for help in fear.

When the viewers in the live broadcast room saw this, they started to send bullet comments again.

“They’re awake, they’re awake! Both of them are awake! The live broadcast is about to begin!” “Yeah, I don’t know what crimes these two have committed, but since they are already there and are already in this live broadcast room, I’m afraid it’ll be very difficult for them to leave alive.

” “Really? The host is so terrifying! He dares to kill people?” “Who are these cavemen up there? Haven’t you listened to the news yesterday?” “I think there’s a sound!” It was the static sound coming from an old-fashioned radio.

And then, a hoarse, low, and cold voice spoke.

“Hello, everyone.

I’m your host, the death judge.

Welcome to today’s execution live broadcast.