The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 248

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 248

Chapter 248: Identity What Patrick thought was impossible wasn’t simple in Raymond’s eyes.

However, Raymond was not bound by the rigidity and discipline of a conventional scientist.

He activated the Ultimate Learning Mode.

His brain turned into an organic computer.

Many new ideas and pathways appeared in his mind.

Then, models appeared in his mind.

The programs of the models were evolving.

After more than ten minutes, Raymond decided on three plans.

Many more deductions later, Raymond finally decided on one plan.

Then, Raymond began to edit the programming of the neural brain.

Genetic programming, the final form of cellular programming.




As he worked on the programming of the neural brain, Raymond had also determined the programming direction of the spaceship’s armor.

If there were aliens around to witness Raymond’s progress at this moment, they would probably be shocked too! Raymond was too fast, even for their standards.

It involved genetic programming, so Raymond still had to modify his instruments.

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COM Such precise work slowed him down considerably.

Two hours passed quickly.

Raymond was still fiddling with his equipment.

At this moment, in the international live broadcast room, a bunch of bullet screens started questioning Nelson.

[I really believed Professor Nelson’s words before, thinking that Thunder God would be much faster this time.

What a pity!] [It seems that Nelson overestimated him instead of the other way this time!] [It’s a good thing that Nelson was so sure at that time, but… forget it, I’ll go play a game!] [I’m not going to play games, I’ll just do something far more traditional.

Far more carnal!] [F*ck you.

You’re a teenager, aren’t you? I don’t even have the mood to get it up right now!] [I think I know why Nelson made a mistake!] [Stop, just stop.

Disgusting shits!] [Okay! I’ll say! Something that involves biological brains must be very meticulous! Moreover, Thunder God has to match Tuesday’s consciousness, so the speed would inevitably slow down.

He had gained the ability to program cells and transfer consciousness, so Nelson was counting on his momentum!] [Shrug! Oh well!] [… …] Precision was a big problem.

In terms of ordinary things.

If one grounded a knife to the point that it could cut fruit, it could easily be overdone.

To achieve the effect of cutting loose-hanging hair, it would have to be finely sharpened.

So, this could not be rushed.

Even Raymond was bound to the laws of physics.

However, Raymond was certain of his movements.

If he spent more time now, then he would save a lot of time later.

In theory, Raymond would make long-term gains in the future.

But even so, Raymond was not slow.

Less than an hour after eating, Raymond had finished setting up the equipment.

When the audience saw Raymond let out a sigh of relief, they knew that Raymond’s work was almost done.

They all sat up straight and watched Raymond’s next move.

“Tuesday, turn on the energy supply and start injecting the nutrient solution into the equipment…” “Yes, Sir!” Tuesday worked quickly.

“Get me a biological brain!” “Yes, Sir!” Not long after, a robot walked into the laboratory.

In the hands of the robot was a square box.

When it walked in front of Raymond, the robot opened the box.

Without any protective equipment, Raymond directly took out the neural brain with his hands.

He immediately put it into the device.

When they saw the neural brain, the bullet screen in the live broadcast room immediately increased.

[See? This seems to be what Nelson said!] [Gray, spherical.

How did he already get his hands on one?] [This… who is Professor Nelson? How does he know what a biological brain looks like!] [That’s a biological brain? Are you sure?] [Can’t you see it? This biological brain is obviously used to collect cells! So, it must be a biological brain!] [No, where did he even get it from?! When did we miss it?] [I think Tuesday got it from the spaceship.

After all, Thunder God sometimes talks to Tuesday via his earpiece.

Of course we’ll miss it! Moreover, the cameras failed to follow him in!] [Since we already have a biological brain, why not just transfer Tuesday’s consciousness into it? Why try to make one himself?] [Maybe it’s a matter of personal pride.

Then again, learning it is akin to reverse engineering, and who knows what else he can make from this!] […] As the netizens debated, in the live broadcast room of Jelly Media.

Many netizens immediately began to praise Nelson.

After all, Nelson was right! However, soon, some people began to guess Nelson’s identity.

Nelson quickly became an alien in many people’s eyes.

However, Nelson didn’t care.

Because he could see that these netizens were just trolling.

They were deliberately provoking him to get information from him.

Caroline, on the other hand, cared a lot about the opinions of the netizens.

Taking the microphone, Caroline looked at Nelson with a smile.

“Professor Nelson, you still owe me two requests, right?” Seeing Caroline’s expression, Nelson immediately guessed her thoughts.

“Caroline, I know what you want to ask.

I can tell you with certainty that I won’t say it!” Nelson didn’t take the microphone, so the netizens couldn’t hear what he said.

Moreover, when he said this, Nelson’s expression was very serious, directly expressing his attitude.

“Even if the alternative is to take off your pants, you won’t tell me?” Caroline frowned and said.

“I can tell you in person, but you must use that information wisely! After receiving such information, your freedom in the future may not be up to you to decide!” Nelson grinned, looking as if he could do whatever he wanted.

“This…” Caroline thought for a moment and did not continue to ask.

She was sure of it.

Since Nelson was able to understand so much in detail, then the things he was involved in had to be of a very high level of confidentiality.

Of course, Nelson might be an alien.

However, Caroline didn’t think that aliens would have such good intentions to explain their technology to the public.

If Nelson was really an alien, then would he be so indulgent with Thunder God’s actions? No way! So, Nelson was definitely not an alien!