The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 245

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 245

Chapter 245: Neural Material Faced with the system’s question, Raymond smiled.

‘Do you care what I think?’ Raymond asked back.

Would the system care what he thought? If it did, why didn’t it take the initiative to ask questions every time? Yet now, when he was about to check the real evidence, he asked a question.

What did he mean? […] ‘Do you think it’s a good thing for me to believe you 100%?’ Raymond continued to ask.

[You’re right!] In the past, Raymond never had a true job.




But now, Raymond was already a professional scientist.

He had to question everything! This was the basic quality of a scientist.

This wasn’t a question of trust.

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COM Such a low-level question would only appear on ordinary people.

Raymond had no need to deceive the system.

However, Raymond still took a detour, giving the system a way out.

As Raymond opened his eyes, he questioned more and more things.

Even if Raymond suddenly found out that he was just a program, he wouldn’t be surprised! After all, he had seen too many things.

The Ultimate Learning Mode not only made his learning ability stronger.

At the same time, it also brought a huge change in his train of thought.

His intelligence was only constantly increasing.

When Raymond had just only started using the Ultimate Learning Mode, his physical fitness could only support him to think in this mode for 4 hours.

But now, Raymond could think like this for 10 hours.

Although it was only ten days, the changes in his body were undoubtedly huge.

It was not only his brain.

His body had also changed.

If there was time, Raymond did not mind improving his system.

After all, in order to keep studying, physical fitness was essential.

The system did not probe him any further.

Meanwhile, Raymond and Kim Hee-sun arrived in front of the droplet.

The two of them soon arrived at the bridge.

“Alice, show me the data!” “Yes, Master!” Alice was ridiculously efficient.

The largest screen on the bridge immediately showed the specific data.

Actually, Alice could have shown the star map.

But, she didn’t.

Whatever Raymond said.

Moreover, the specific data was better than the intuitive star map for Raymond.

After all, Raymond could directly generate models in his brain.

“Did you calculate the impact time?” “Yes, Master!” “Good! Since we have already detected it, then we will continue to monitor it! Even if it doesn’t make much sense anymore!” “Yes, Master!” Looking at Raymond’s solemn face, Kim Hee-sun tilted her head and frowned, “Brother, are we completely helpless against this meteorite? Should we test the alien’s weapon?” “It won’t work.

Unless we have a weapon like the Death Star, there’s nothing we can do against this meteorite!” Raymond replied casually.

“Oh! Then when do we leave Earth?” Raymond knew what she meant.

She was implying something! “Hm… It’s time for Tuesday to fetch your mother!” Raymond smiled and said, “But before that, we have to make another hibernation chamber!” After saying that, Raymond gave an order.

“Tuesday, bring the matter of the hibernation chamber to priority one.

Gather the materials and start making it immediately!” “Yes, Sir!” Tuesday’s voice came from Raymond’s earpiece.

“Oh right, Tuesday, take some time to gather the materials for the neural brain.

If you can’t do it, ask Angelo and the others to prepare it.

I believe he will cooperate with you!” Raymond’s next step was Tuesday’s neural brain.

It was another major priority.

“Yes sir, I’ll start collecting the items immediately!” Tuesday’s mechanical voice was filled with excitement.

If it wasn’t for the privacy of Raymond’s earpiece, Kim Hee-sun could have probably heard his excitement.

Raymond and Alice chatted for a while longer before they got into the car with Kim Hee-sun.

Not long after the Audi started, the robot in the driver’s seat opened its mouth.

“Sir, the materials on the neural brain have been collected!” Raymond laughed heartily.

“Tuesday, you’re especially quick this time!” “Yes, Sir!” Tuesday did not hide anything and answered honestly.

“Alright then! I’ll go back and work on your neural brain first! Turn off the scene simulation on your first opportunity!” “Yes, Sir!” There was only one car driving, and the main road was like the living room of Raymond’s house.

In the past, Tuesday usually drove around 100 kilometers per hour.

But now, the speed had soared to 160 kilometers per hour.

Looking at the scenery that kept raced past them outside the window, Kim Hee-sun hugged Raymond’s arm tightly.

“Brother, Tuesday is driving so fast.

There won’t be any problems, right?” “There won’t be!” Raymond rubbed Kim Hee-sun’s head.

“He won’t do anything stupid! After all, he’s a perfect machine.

There won’t be any problems!” Although she heard him, Kim Hee-sun did not let go.

Instead, he hugged Raymond even tighter.

Raymond’s arms were in the ravine between the two mountains, and they did not reach the bottom.

Raymond turned to look at Kim.

Her face was a little red.

Obviously, Raymond had seen through her intentions.

She lowered her head shyly, and then Kim raised her head again.

She looked straight into Raymond’s eyes.

Her face seemed to turn even redder! However, her eyes were filled with courage.

Tuesday seemed to have noticed the abnormality in the backseat, so he took the initiative to bend the rearview mirror.

As if he had used too much strength, the rearview mirror suddenly fell off.

Hearing the sound, Raymond saw Tuesday’s action.

“It seems Audis have rather shoddy handwork!” Tuesday did not reply.

Kim Hee-sun, on the other hand, pulled Raymond’s chin.

She kissed him! Although Tuesday knew what was going on behind him… His speed did not slow down! At worst, he could just leave when he reached the place.

Soon, Audi arrived at the laboratory.

Since they were making a neural brain… there was no need to change the laboratory.

It was just that Raymond needed a clone of the neural brain.

Tuesday was particularly concerned about this matter.

The three neural brains had already been sent to the laboratory.

The car stopped! Tuesday did not urge him.

But Raymond did not covet Kim Hee-sun.

He immediately got out of the car.

“Sir, did you get out of the car because of me?” Tuesday asked.

“If a man can not resist the stimulation of chemical signals, then this man’s achievements probably won’t be much higher!” Ramon smiled and said something that Tuesday didn’t quite understand.