The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 213

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 213

Chapter 213: Preliminary Mastery Of Alien Technology! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation As an expert in nuclear fusion, Caroline had established herself a high position in the hearts of the audience these days.

Furthermore, Caroline was kind enough to guide everyone to study science and speak out her thoughts unreservedly.

Her personality and charm were admired by many people.

Even though she mispredicted Raymond’s actions every time, the audience was happy to see her sheepish, embarrassed look.

She had even earned herself an affectionate nickname — Madam Carol.

On the other hand, Nelson had come stomping in, acting like he owned the room! He directly used his strength to prove his ability.

The key was that this was an alien weapon.

He was actually able to point out the key.

Some people had thought that he was bluffing.




However, he was so certain with himself that it allowed many people to see that he was truly talented.

Scientists who could study aliens were naturally worthy of the title of professor.

Now, these two people with extremely high statuses were acting like children, making bets.

This was undoubtedly something sensational for the internet.

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COM The chatroom exploded yet again.

[Look at these two old scientists.

aren’t they being very petty and cute right now?] [Mam Carol is adorable.

As for Nelson… I wanna smack him.

Just no respect for anyone but himself!] [Like it or not, whatever he said made sense.

He may likely win this bet!] [Oh well! I really like Mam Carol, but she’s never been right about Thunder God, not even once.

She’s done for this time.

] [What do you think their stakes will be?] [I’ll take the professor’s side this time! Even though I don’t like him!] [Even if his theory is sound, I’m siding Mam!] Neither of them paid heed to the bullet screens.

They had locked gazes, as if each were trying to consume the other.

However, Caroline was on shaky ground.

After all, her theory was completely untenable.

She had based it on her faith in Raymond! “Since it’s a bet, then there must be stakes set!” Looking at Caroline, Nelson said.

“Okay, you set the terms!” Caroline wasn’t willing to be outdone.

“If I win, you leave this stage.

If you win, I’ll give you ten million dollars!” Niels quickly told her his bet.

It was impossible to come back after leaving the stage.

Jelly Media was not the largest company out there.

However, at that moment, Jelly Media’s live broadcast room was undoubtedly the second most popular live broadcast room in the world.

In order to make things difficult for Raymond, Helson needed this stage.

“I don’t care about your ten million dollars…” Caroline said disdainfully.

Yes, Caroline had never seen so much money.

However, she did not care about money in the first place.

With the subsidy from the state, even if she did not contribute anything in the rest of her life, she could still live comfortably.

Moreover, she still had several million in funds.

“If you want me to leave this stage, I will leave.

Do you have any input on the current subject matter?” Nelson said arrogantly.

“No, no, no! How can I let you leave! After all, you were invited by the director himself! Moreover, I won’t let the audience lose the opportunity to gain knowledge.

” “Then what do you want?” Nelson looked at Caroline, unable to see through her.

“If I win, you’ll take off your pants and continue broadcast inglive.

Of course, I’ll allow you to leave your innerwear on…” Caroline said.

But before she could finish, she laughed.

It was as if she had already seen Nelson livestream without pants.

Nelson was a little angry.

But after a moment, he calmed down.

Even Raymond could not break the law of nature.

Therefore, Nelson was very confident.

“Alright, we’ll do as you say and place our bet!” After Nelson said that, he continued to add, “However, I have to make it clear.

I bet that Raymond can’t make the weapon on his first test.

The shape alone doesn’t count.

It has to be able to emit the exact same form of energy.

” “Sure!” Caroline agreed.

“And if it produces a detonation, then Raymond would have succeeded.

Under such circumstances, then I’ll have won!” After thinking about Caroline’s words, Nelson realized that there were no loopholes, so he nodded.

“Sure!” “We’ll wait and see!” After Carolyn finished speaking, she immediately returned to her sofa.

This was originally a two-seater sofa, and it was very comfortable to sit alone before.

However, Nana had been chased off hers, so she could only sit on the two-seater sofa.

This made Caroline somewhat dissatisfied.

She was the mascot and flower vase, nothing much more.

Showing her figure was her task.

As for Maggie… The host of Raymond’s livestream.

Raymond had slipped completely out of the program team’s control.

She hadn’t been able to speak for a long time.

Maggie wasn’t even comparable to a mascot.

After all, she no longer had any screentime.

Programming cells was not an easy task.

There were so many variables.

At the most basic level, cells stored energy and gathered energy, two completely different concepts.

Moreover, when they gathered energy, they had to keep the energy stable.

Premature detonation, especially when it is still in the weapon, could cause some issues.

However, Raymond had already thought all this through.

The model in his brain had been completely constructed.

He only needed to take the data from his brain and turn it into reality.

Soon, Raymond completed his programming.

However, this time, he didn’t plan to experiment on his own.

Previously, he had already ensured that he could experiment on his own abilities.

However, the weapon now involved his own safety.

Therefore, Raymond still planned to let the system take a look.

‘System, integrity check!’ Raymond called for the system in his heart.

‘Congratulations, host, you have grasped the basics of extraterrestrial technology.

However, there are still some problems with this program, on lines 1056 and 1238!’ The system actually sounded a little happy.

Raymond thought about it and roughly understood why the system was happy.

Because when he had experimented with cell programming, he had not depended on the system.

The system was happy to find that he was taking the initiative to be independent.