The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 211

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Live Without Raymond’s Broadcast Is Meaningless Wang did not think it was a good idea to take on Joseph’s proposal.

But Su Chen’s eyes lit up.

“We can really consider that!” “Actually, our country is too conservative.

If it were up to me, I would have done it!” “After all, this is no longer a matter of international interests, but the threat of aliens!” “What if aliens come and we can’t stop them?” “The United States does have Raymond, but what about our country? We can’t pin our hopes on Raymond!” As Su Chen spoke, his voice grew louder.

It seemed like he had confirmed his thoughts.

Wang quickly shook his head.

“Vice Dean, what you said makes sense, but we have to consider a problem.

The aliens have been absent.

since the beginning.

There’s no reason for them to suddenly show up now.

Moreover, that island is protected by the US Army.

Even the top ten consortia are unable to get close to it! We’ll only be sending valuable, highly-trained soldiers to their deaths!” .



Su Chen thought about it carefully and felt that Wang had a point.

However, this was for the greater good.

Raymond was now protected.

If three months passed, would he stand with the United States? The probability was very high.

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COM Even if he came from the slums, his relatives and friends were all Americans.

Even if a conflict arose, there would not be too big of a gap.

However, the international conflicts between the United States and China were on a scale the world could witness.

If the United States ever decided to take control of the entire planet, they would start with China first.

Against United States soldiers armed with alien energy weapons, what could they do? If scientists could imagine this happening, what of the military authority? Science did not know national boundaries.

However, scientists were divided! This matter had to be reported! Seeing Su Chen in deep thought, Wang added, “Moreover, now that Raymond has alien weapons in his hands, it would be suicide for an average person to go to the island! Moreover, he has his army of robots.

This won’t be so easily executed!” As Wang piled more and more layers to the issue, Su Chen started to back out.

His goal was to kidnap Raymond so that he could open the droplet.

Sending in troops would not work.

The robots were nothing to laugh at.

The robots were Raymond’s eyes and ears.

If he armed his troops with heavy weapons to deal with the robots, they could not guarantee Raymond’s safety.

This would defeat the purpose of extracting Raymond.

“Fine, I get it!” Su Chen waved his hand to stop Wang from rambling any further.

Things were complicated, and it was not his place to incite such thoughts.

Su Chen realized his own shortcomings.

But he was a scientist, so he did not need to worry about such things.



The programming of cells naturally required a process, and even Raymond was no exception.

However, the amount of time spent was not predetermined.

After all, Raymond could activate the system.

“System, activate Ultimate Learning Mode!” Raymond immediately began his research.

Although he could see the internal structure of the weapon through the X-ray, Raymond was not clear about the specific purposes of the items inside.

Next, Raymond needed to completely dismantle this weapon.

And after disassembling it, reassembling it was not as much of a certainty… Naturally, it was impossible to restore it.

After all, this thing did not have the self-repair ability of the water droplet armor.

Once it was disassembled, that was it.

This was equivalent to an anti-theft function.

It could not allow itself to fall into enemy hands.

But now, Raymond had already mastered the technology of cell programming.

Therefore, he was no longer afraid of not being able to put it back.

As long as he could make another one, would that not be just as good? Although this weapon was very powerful, it was not particularly durable.

It was equivalent to a layer of stainless steel plate.

Raymond easily removed the outer cuticle layer with some tools.

Its components were presented in front of Raymond’s eyes.

“Tuesday, start a full scan, build two separate 3D models, keep it to scale…” Raymond gave the order.

A robot quickly walked over.

A dedicated ray scanner worked on the weapon.

Soon, a 3D model appeared on the computer.

But that was just the beginning.

After scanning the data, Tuesday began running the numbers on his server.

Meanwhile, Raymond began to build models in his mind.

He needed to do something about weapons.

If one focused, one grew highly efficient.

He retrieved cell samples from the device and placed it under an electron microscope.

Much thought and care had been taken during the programming of its DNA.

However, these cells could not be reused in his weapon.

They had already begun decaying.

Raymond needed to digitize the data from the DNA and reverse engineer them.

He needed to store the data in a non-decaying state before he could start working.

Time passed by, little by little.

The international live broadcast room became quiet again.

Many viewers had grown used to it.

They knew how Raymond worked by then.

He would have long bouts of inactivity before shattering their worldview with a great showing, and then return to inactivity.

It was like a man’s sage time.

However, this also had benefits.

If Raymond brought surprise after surprise, they probably wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

[I think the director’s a dead fish in bed.

He changes positions and switches it up like he changes camera angles.

] [Oh god.

It’s like watching the feed of a single CCTV camera.

] [I want to see Kim Hee-sun!] [I think it’ll be interesting to watch Riven and her Gundam with those ant-worker robots around her, working on the keel!] [I still like Gayle Gadot.

I’ll like her forever!] [Would you like watching her get raped by Raymond?] [No way.

Gadot won’t ever let it come to that.

Haven’t you seen her in action?] The director decisively split the screen into two.

One was the boring scene of Raymond doing his work.

The other was of Riven forging the keel.

Raymond may be boring at the moment, but he was the main attraction.

If there was no Raymond in the live broadcast, then the live broadcast would be meaningless.

However, after cutting the screen, the number of people in the live broadcast room obviously increased.

There was nothing boring about Riven’s work.

And of course, she was basically a Gundam hustling and bustling about like a blacksmith.

Many humans liked large machines.

It was just like excavators on construction sites.

As long as it was within the reach of the public, someone would always stop to watch.