The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 202

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Self-building Weapon Generation Technology! Raymond did not spend much time compiling the code.

But Tuesday’s tardiness had wasted half an hour of Raymond’s time.

During that half an hour, Raymond was putting together an inexplicable machine.

Even so, the audience never lost interest.

On the contrary, they increased severalfold.

At this moment, they were all waiting for Raymond to give them an answer.

That answer possibly meant that the future of mankind could not resist the attacks of aliens.



Los Angeles.

77 Lipper Avenue.

Masonic building, 13th floor, 1308.





You’re our best man.

Can you make anything out of his code?” A ridiculously buxom woman walked up to Howard’s back and wrapped Howard’s arm in several layers of mammaries.

“Thunder God’s code… is that something meant for humans to understand?” Howard drawled almost lazily.

Previously, when Raymond was writing Tuesday, Howard had gotten in touch with his friends.

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COM None of them could understand what was going on.

So what if he was the best in the world! Raymond was in a different world.

Even if he was the best, it was useless.

When Raymond had started coding a little this time around, Howard could understand a little.

He had felt a sense of excitement.

But, after a few seconds, he was stunned.

He could understand the letters Raymond had typed.

But! What did those letters mean when they were linked together? Was this a code? I’ve never seen this before! Forget it, I’ll just be an audience! Howard’s understanding was very clear.

“Howard, didn’t you say that you were very good? Why aren’t you confident now?” The buxom woman moved slightly away from Howard.

Howard did not care about the woman’s actions.

He only cared about the code! Women were all trash.

They only got in the way of his coding! “I know my limits!” Howard looked at Raymond’s live broadcast.

His tone was very calm.

But at that moment, the woman suddenly lowered her head and whispered into Howard’s ear, “Quickly turn off the live broadcast.

The supervisor is here!” “If he’s here, then so be it.

I’ve finished my work for today.

What’s wrong with watching the live broadcast?” Just as Howard finished speaking, the supervisor had already walked to his workstation.

“Howard! You’re watching the live broadcast again! Hurry up and turn it off!” “Supervisor, I’ve finished my work for today.

I’m just watching for a while and taking a break!” “Can’t you help other colleagues after you’ve finished your work? If you watch Raymond every day, can he pay you?” “Director, that’s where you’re wrong! Raymond is the hope of humanity!” “Hope? I think your brains are full of sh*t.

Of all places you had to go and weeb yourself out over that Thunder God nonsense!” “Fine!” Howard spread his hands.

“I’m going home!” “Home? Sure! But there won’t be any results this month!” The director held Howard’s lifeline.

Howard’s programming was top-notch in the world.

But so what? He still had to work.

He still had to swallow his pride for the sake of performance.

“You…” Howard stood up immediately.

“What, are you still going home?” The supervisor smiled disdainfully.

He liked how high-level talents like him cowed before him.

“It’s just performance! It’s just shares! It’s just salary! I don’t want it anymore.

I want to see how you guys complete this project without me!” Howard laughed out loud.

He had been squeezed by the management time and time again for that so-called salary.

And now, the world could be destroyed at any time.

This d*mn supervisor was still in denial.

“I quit!” Howard flipped the chair over.

He didn’t take anything and strode out.

The supervisor had never expected this quiet, weak man to suddenly explode like that.

He actually planned to give up everything! Well, I’ll take credit for all his work then! The supervisor looked at Howard’s computer and immediately turned off Raymond’s live broadcast.

“Ell, export all of Howard’s programs and lead your team in the future!” When the programmer named Ell heard the supervisor’s words, he immediately shook his head.

“Supervisor, Howard’s main framework hasn’t been completed yet.

I can’t accept it!” “Main framework? What’s That?” “When Howard was watching Raymond’s live broadcast, he invented an easy way to do it.

We’re all relying on his main framework to do it now!” “Why didn’t you say so earlier?” The supervisor roared.

He knew very well that if that was the case.

As soon as Howard left, they would be blind and deaf in the dark waters.

But this project involved a great sum of money.

If it caused a big loss to the company, he would be the first to bear the responsibility.

“You didn’t ask!” Ell answered weakly.

As an ordinary programmer, Ell didn’t possess Howard’s temper.

“Hey!” The supervisor slapped his head hard and immediately rushed out.

From afar, everyone could hear the supervisor’s voice.

“Howard, don’t go…” “I’m done.


Hope we don’t meet again!” “Can I double your performance this month? !” “It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault!” “Don’t worry, there won’t be a next time!” “Hey, hey, hey, don’t go!” .


In the whole world, many more Howards were surfacing.

Ever since the public learned about the alien spaceship, many people’s way of thinking had changed.

In peacetime, they would lower their heads for the sake of living.

However, the appearance of the alien spaceship drew many inner demons out of their caves.

If Raymond fully mastered the alien technology, that would be good.

Many people had hope.

If Raymond couldn’t fully master the technology… Judgment day would come! Such a thing was actually a good thing for Raymond.

However, Raymond didn’t want Tuesday to watch such insignificant squabbles.

Right now, he needed all of Tuesday’s bandwidth.

After eating tiger meat, his Ultimate Learning Mode could last longer.

After drinking the anti-fatigue nutrient solution, his brain had grown vastly more intelligent.

He did not even want the system to get in his way.

He wanted to see if he had the ability to do what he wanted to do, with his own hands.

Right now, what he was busy with seemed very simple.

But Raymond knew how difficult it was.

Even if the world’s top biologists worked together for 50 years, they wouldn’t be able to figure it out.

Raymond already had a name in mind – Self-building weapon generation technology.

This technology would be most aptly named.

The weapon would build itself.

It was a bit like the popular 3D printing technology.

But it was much more sophisticated.

The weapon would grow on its own, like an embryo.