The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 199

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 199

Chapter 199: Great Power Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Raymond almost did not feel any recoil! He did not even find it odd.

After all, what this thing emitted was a stream of energy.

Moreover, this energy was very subtle.

It did not seem to have much power.

As expected, that stream of energy disappeared after it met the sea surface.

However, Raymond quickly dismissed this idea.

The smart technology of this weapon was already very high-level.




If it was matched with high-level technology, it would definitely be a very powerful weapon.

Just as Raymond finished thinking, an abnormality immediately appeared on the calm surface of the sea.

At that moment, the rising sun was suffused with a golden light.

The sparkling waves were extremely beautiful.

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COM However, at that moment, the sea surface suddenly started to swell.

It was as if a huge whale was about to rush out of the sea surface.

However, the ‘whale’ inside was too massive to even be called one.

According to Raymond’s estimation, the radius of the swell was at least 800 meters.

Such a huge whale did not exist on Earth.

A moment later, the rising sea surface immediately broke open.

A huge shockwave rushed out from the sea surface! It was mixed with seawater and wreaked havoc on the sea surface! The sound assaulted Raymond’s ears.

His internal organs felt the heat from the impact of the infrasonic wave.

Fortunately, it was quite far away.

If it had been within three kilometers, Raymond would quickly have suffered internal injuries.

The shockwave had passed! However, the energy from the shot had not been fully released.

The seawater that was stirred up quickly rose.

A small tsunami was about to arrive.

The current wave was more than 20 meters high.

Moreover, the energy over there had not been fully released.

The wave would definitely continue to rise.

At that moment, if Raymond did not leave, he would definitely be swept away by the huge wave.

“Sir!” Tuesday warned him.

“Don’t worry, Tuesday.

” Raymond saw the huge wave quickly approaching and raised the weapon in his hand.

The target of this shot was no longer the bottom of the sea.

Almost without any sound, the energy of the long water droplet was already released.

However, this time, the energy was clearly smaller.

“Bang… Puff Puff Puff…” This time, when this energy came into contact with the waves, it immediately exploded.

The rising waves slowly became gentle.

This was the reason why Raymond didn’t retreat.

Although the energy had been synthesized, there was still energy leaking out.

The waves were still very high.

However, they were no longer large enough to reach him.

Look at the power of this weapon.

[Is this the power of alien weapons? I’m in love!] [Holy shit, a tsunami generator, that’s awesome.

] [If it did that to the sea, wouldn’t it split our land open?] [That’s what aliens are for.

] [Do you think the Thunder God can replicate such a weapon?] [Why should he? Think about it, if this hand-held weapon is so powerful, then how powerful would mounted weapons on the spaceship be?] [We won’t be fighting those aliens in battlefields or in close combat.

It’ll be ships against ships again!] [A battle with aliens is possible anywhere! Perhaps, aliens are already walking among the Americans!] Raymond had not even thought about replicating this weapon.

However, he was very curious about the principle behind this weapon.

Therefore, at that moment, he immediately wanted to take this thing apart.

“Tuesday, keep searching.

If there’s anything, report it to me!” After putting on a show, Raymond explained everything to Tuesday.

Then, a robot drove over.

Right then, Raymond had a lot of things to do.

The space battleship’s keel, The research of alien weapons, The plans for the ten biggest corporations, As for the keel itself, Riven would handle it.

After all, it did not require that much precision.

Riven was a wildcard, but when she was serious, she could be competent.

He was almost ready to transfer her consciousness.

He just needed to perfect the last step.

But he still had much to do.

Raymond had already succeeded once in converting a program into a form of consciousness.

Even though the body was slightly different from the neural brain, it was not a big problem.

But he was planning a mass storage system for consciousnesses.

If his ship did not have room for many humans, he had to consider storing their minds digitally.

Raymond left to do this work.

For the top ten corporations.


It didn’t matter.

They would wage war whenever they had the time.

If they didn’t have the time, they would blast their way through.

This was the easiest method.

Once Raymond left, the robot that acted as Raymond’s monitor returned to normal.

The people in the broadcast room could only watch Raymond.

Soon, Raymond arrived at his nearest laboratory.

This laboratory belonged to a battery factory.

Although it wasn’t big, there were still a lot of tools inside.

He took out the weapon from the black box and placed it on the laboratory table.

“Tuesday, go and dismantle a set of X-ray machine fluoroscopy equipment for me! If you can’t find one, go get one from the hospital!” After giving the order, Raymond began to observe carefully.

“Biological technology that can emit energy and read brain waves.

Hmm… there should be a logical system in here, or else it wouldn’t be able to understand my intentions…” He seemed to be analyzing the way this weapon had been constructed.

But because of Raymond’s words, the international live broadcast room blew up again.

[What, what, what? He actually said that this thing is biological? Why does it look so metallic?] [Look carefully, the lines on this thing, don’t they look like cuticles… biotechnology, there’s something! ] [No! No! Didn’t I see those lines on the spaceship too?!] [No way, biotechnology that can travel through space?] [Calm down.

You’re not seeing it.

In fact, biology and physical chemistry are the same, they are both subjects that can be explored endlessly.

Let’s not even talk about interstellar travel.

I wouldn’t put past the thought of bioengineered creatures being capable of destroying the sun] [Superstition is not advisable! Believe in science!] [Biological technology, isn’t that what our great Japan is best at! Oh my, this is interesting!] The chat’s response was simple.

They had only paid attention to the word ‘biological technology’ in Raymond’s sentence.

Joseph and the others were paying attention to Raymond’s entire sentence.

“Biological technology, energy, reading brainwaves, logical systems… There’s actually so much technology in this small weapon!” Su Chen who was opposite him looked at the monitor.

He was expecting the ship in their hands to be opened!