The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 188

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 188

Chapter 188: c Although McLean had nothing good to say, they still made small talk.

“Chief, I have nothing to say when you analyze Tuesday’s behavior.

” “But!” McLean changed the topic.

“What do you mean you analyzed 77? You observed her?” “Also, look at the chat now!” As McLean spoke, he pointed at the screen.

Many of them were guessing which country was preparing to stir up trouble by creating this giant egg.

Moreover, from the bullet screens, one could see that.

Everyone’s analysis was reasonable and reasonable.

“What would the chatroom know?! McLean, don’t look at me like that.

My observations are very detailed.

You’re not as good as 77!” The director’s tone and voice became more serious with his last sentence.




“You…” Shrugging his shoulders and spreading his hands, McLean had nothing else to say.

He was indeed inferior to 77.

Even Shepherd, the National Treasure Scientist of China, was inferior to 77.

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COM Shepherd looked at the chat and had a rough idea of what was going on.

“Actually, I think they’re right.

This giant egg might be something that was secretly developed by some country.

It is not some alien spaceship.

” Shepherd said this as if he was speaking up for McLean.

The director could not outrightly disagree.

After all, Madam Caroline had set the direction of the chat.

It was reasonable and had no flaws.

Seeing that the director had nothing to say, Shepherd suggested, “McLean, let’s go back and study the plasma engine!” McLean nodded.

The two of them took two steps forward when 77 suddenly spoke.

“That droplet’s an alien spaceship!” Shepherd:????? Mcclane:???? Director:????? Actually, the Director had deduced it from the beginning.

He had judged it based on Tuesday’s abilities.

As for 77, he had simply used her as an excuse.

But now, 77 had actually spoken up.

Most importantly, 77 had called it a droplet.

What did that mean? There was no need to think about the rest.

77 must know something about this.

Shepherd asked, “You called this thing a droplet?” Mcclaren: “A water droplet? Did you name it yourself?” She did not turn her head.

She was still watching the live broadcast.

“I have studied the weapons on that droplet.

” 77’s words were always so concise.

These few words were almost more than the total number of words she had said over the past few days.

77’s words were always very short.

However, every time she spoke, she was always on point.

Therefore, the few of them did not doubt her words at all.

However, it was difficult to not doubt her in this case.

This was an alien spaceship.

It was not a toy that could be made by any Research Institute.

McLean was understandably curious.

He asked several questions.

But 77 did not speak.

But they had heard her first two lines.

Then, the giant egg must be an alien spaceship.

77, who had no sense of humor, would not make such a joke.

The two people who had planned to leave didn’t leave either.

As boring as they found the current live broadcast.

However, they didn’t want to miss out on any crucial things.



As Riven’s proficiency increased, she became more and more adept at controlling the energy angel.

She reached the fastest running speed of the Gundam – 210 kilometers per hour.

A huge amount of kinetic energy converged toward the Greatswords in her hand.

Speed, weight, swing.


This strike had at least 500 tons of impact force.

Although the water droplet was more than 40 meters tall, it wasn’t short either.

She raised the greatsword and was able to strike the middle of the water droplet.

“Thump…” With a muffled sound, Raven’s greatsword struck the immobile water droplet.

But unfortunately, the greatsword didn’t cause any damage.

Instead, the sword bent.

The Gundam’s body rammed into the droplet, unable to stop its own massive inertia.

Fortunately, the server that Raymond had designed could absorb a certain amount of impact.

Otherwise, Riven would have literally smashed her own brains.

“Enough, Riven.

That barely even counts as a cannonball.

Come back!” Seeing that there wasn’t a single mark on the droplet’s armor, Raymond had a mocking look on his face.

Although they were far apart, Riven could still see Raymond’s expression.

Unfortunately, the Gundam did not have facial muscles.

Otherwise, Riven would have pouted on the spot.

Feeling that things weren’t going smoothly, Riven wanted that body even more.

She could imagine that body coming to life… Raymond would definitely do something irrational.

“Fire!” Without any hesitation, Raymond gave the order.

The next moment, the weapons brought over by Tuesday began their performance.

“Boom Boom Boom…” “Piu Piu Piu…” “Dang dang dang…” A volley of shots was fired, and the derivation of the attack cluster was within a radius of one meter.

Along with the explosion of various shells and missiles, a huge shockwave was set off.

Even though Raymond was hundreds of meters away, he could feel that the shockwave moving his internal organs.

The shockwave from these hot-blooded weapons was very powerful.

However, the actual effect was not satisfactory.

With a wave of his hand, a robot came in front of Raymond.

The back cover was opened and a screen was displayed.

The image kept on zooming in.

Other than getting a little black with burnt gunpowder, its surface was unblemished.

However, some spots were not black in odd ways.

Those were the places that had just been repaired.

“Tuesday, report the repair data.

” “Yes, sir.

From the data just obtained, when the impact force reached 5.

3 million tons per square centimeter, the target’s armor was damaged.

The target’s repair speed was 0.

2 seconds, and the total volume of the repair was 53 cubic centimeters.

” “Hmm, it seems that physical impact won’t work! Let’s use the energy weapons!” Raymond didn’t even think about it and directly gave the next order.

This was all for the audience to see.

So, Raymond didn’t need to say too much.

However, from the data reported on Tuesday.

This was no longer something from Earth.

[Could Tuesday be terrible at maths!? 5.

3 million tons per square centimeter of pressure, but it didn’t break through the defense?] [Ohoho, this is too terrifying! Which country created this?] [I feel that this is no longer something from Earth.

Even if I don’t understand technology or algorithms, could Earth ever produce such armor? Why do we even try?!] [If any country could ever produce such a material, why hasn’t it taken over the world?] [No point tip-toeing about.

Just say it.

It’s alien.

] [Mam Carol made perfect sense just now, but this has got to be an alien spaceship!]