The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 182

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Turn It Off.

It exploded! The broadcast room completely exploded! They had heard it very clearly.

Tuesday had said that traces of aliens had been found! What did this mean? So, the broadcast room exploded! [Did I hear wrongly?!] [What did I hear?] [Impossible!] [Hehe! Aliens… is this possible?] [For an AI to jump to such wild conclusions, hahaha.

] [What the f*ck is happening?] .



[It’s the middle of the night, and now I can’t get to bed.

] [I’ve had enough with alien conspiracies.

If this one turns out to be true, I’ll eat shit on livestream.

] [Quick, quick, quick! Big news!] [I’ve always believed in aliens, whether you believe it or not!] Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM [I’m not going to sleep after this!] [Didn’t some people say that there were aliens? Please come out!] [Come on, I’m going to Mam Carol’s!] [Piss and shit!] [Madam Carol, pleaseee explain the meaning of this!] As the chat flew into a frenzy, a huge influx of people stormed into Jelly Media’s stream.

They all hoped to get reliable information from Caroline.

Nana suddenly became spirited.

Her eyes were full of curiosity.

She hoped to find out from Caroline whether this matter was true or not.

As for this matter, Caroline did not immediately begin speaking.

She kept writing and scribbling in her notebook, as if she was going to make a draft.

Looking at her actions, the netizens knew that Mam Carol was planning to make it sound reasonable.

Hence, they did not rush her.

After waiting for about three minutes, Caroline’s hands stopped.

She picked up the microphone and stood up.

The chatter was reduced by 90%.

It was as if they were waiting for Caroline’s answer.

Caroline stood up and immediately used her ultimate move.

“I know, you guys might not be able to wait anymore!” Madam Carol smiled slightly.

She didn’t intend to keep them in suspense and went straight to the point.

“If it’s from a probability perspective, I can tell you with certainty that there will definitely be aliens in our universe!” Caroline’s words were undoubtedly a deep-water bomb.

The bullet comments in Ma Dou’s live broadcast room immediately went crazy! The curious babies seemed to be unable to accept this fact.

[No way! Mam Carol, you must be lying to me.

] [Madam Carol, don’t joke around, this isn’t funny at all!] [I’m scared, have you seen the shit Giger came up with! I’m so scared!] [Will there really be aliens?] [Hehe! Probability! I don’t believe in probability! If probability was useful, I would have won the lottery a long time ago, to hell with probability!] [Turn it off, Caroline, you actually said such a thing!] Caroline was not even reading the chat.

She continued.

“Perhaps, many people only know that our universe is very big, but they don’t know how big it is!” “They don’t know either, the probability of producing intelligent life!” “Let me lay it out for you!” “What is the probability of aliens appearing!” After saying that, Mam Carol immediately picked up her draft.

“Many people probably know that our planet has already been born for 4.

6 billion years.

” “And our planet didn’t appear just after the universe exploded, but 9 billion years after its birth.

” “This is our timeline.

” “In our observable outer-ear universe, there are already over 100 planets known to be suitable for life.

” “In the Milky Way, there are over a trillion planets, and on average, one out of every 10,000 planets is suitable for life.

” “This means that one out of every 500,000 habitable planets will give birth to life.

” “In the Milky Way alone, there will be at least 500 planets with life.

” “Moreover, out of these 500 planets, more than half of them were born earlier than ours.

” “This can all be deduced from within the Milky Way.

” “What of other galaxies?” “Compared to humans, cells are incomparably tiny existences.

” “Similarly, the Milky Way is also extremely tiny compared to the universe.

” “If there are 200 planets with life in the Milky Way, then how many planets with life are there in the Universe?” “This deduction is based on the conditions for the formation of carbon-based life forms.

” “In this vast universe, would only carbon-based life forms appear?” “No! Carbon-based life is only one of the many life forms.

” “So, think about it carefully, what are the chances of aliens appearing?” “From my own deduction, I think there are aliens.

” “As for what Tuesday said about discovering aliens on Earth… I can’t guarantee that!” “After all, the sea area around the island has been mostly developed.

If there were any alien remains there, they would have been discovered long ago!” Caroline spoke her mind.

She believed that there were aliens.

But she did not believe what Tuesday found was of alien origin.

She couldn’t guarantee it.

After hearing Caroline’s words, the bullet screen was idle for a period of time.

However, it soon caused a heated discussion.

[Did you guys understand? I did!] [Mam Carol is spot-on! It’s completely normal for aliens to exist.

We humans are not unique!] [So what if there are aliens? I guess I won’t be able to see them in my lifetime!] [She’s quite clear on that.

There are aliens in the universe, but on earth… probably none!] [Mam Carol: Aliens, yes.

On Earth, no.

] [I do hope that aliens will appear.

After all, we humans are so lonely!] [Humans, this strange group, just need the stimulation of external objects.

Otherwise, there will always be internal strife.

] [Mam Carol is quite pertinent.

After all, she is an old-timer scientist!] [I don’t know if the aliens are good-looking.

If they are big-headed babies, it’s better not to appear!] Madam Carol’s words had been very vague, but everyone could understand what she meant.

She did not think that there were aliens on Earth.

The point was that it was almost impossible for them to appear near the island.

Any resources in a place where humans were active were money.

Even the bottom of the sea would have been carefully scrounged.

Therefore! Everyone agreed.

There were no aliens on Earth.

However, many people did not expect Raymond to actually believe Tuesday’s story.

He actually followed Tuesday to the beach.

It was late at night, and he followed Tuesday to the beach.

Was Raymond that energetic? [He is confused!] [If it were me, I would let Tuesday check it out carefully first!] [I think he just looks energetic.

Lack of sleep is probably causing his brain to break down!]