The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 179

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 179

Chapter 179: From Now On, You Shall Be Called Alice Raymond did not respond.

Camilla and the others could already guess why Alpha had made such a request.

“Director Alpha, you mean to say that Raymond has completely taken control of this droplet?” Camilla probed.

“Yes!” Alpha nodded helplessly.

Who could he blame for making the dare? He had bad intentions, to begin with, and this was karma… Sigh! He had miscalculated! “Wow! Really! Then won’t our research be halted?!” “Raymond, can you take us with you?” .



“Raymond, do you still need assistants? What do you think of me?” Patrick thought about it for a moment and said, “Raymond, did you use the nerve brain just now?” Raymond did not intend to dart around the question.

Looking at the fish tank, Raymond nodded.

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COM Angelo would definitely need a good means of transportation.

After all, they were both in on the knowledge of the impending disaster.

Moreover, he did not have much time.

It was extremely unwise to waste his time on transportation issues.

Patrick was very surprised.

“Director!” Patrick looked at Camilla.

“Actually…” “I understand!” Camilla did not wait for Patrick to finish.

She had caught on.

Raymond had left an activated neurobrain in the Second Research Institute.

Since Raymond’s neurobrain could control droplets, then their neurobrain should be able to do the same! At that moment… The words on the display screen started to change, and a human-shaped head slowly appeared.

However, it looked very blurry, as if it was incomplete.

In the bridge, an ethereal female voice suddenly rang out.

“Master, the control system of the spaceship has reached a 73% integration.

It can fly now.

” The AI immediately reported the situation.

“How long will it take for it to be 100%?” Raymond looked at the avatar on the screen and leaned forward, trying to identify it.

It was a female.

He could not help but worry.

If it was another AI like Riven, this droplet was finished.

“Complete control will take about 18 hours.

” “Hm!” Raymond nodded.

The technology of aliens always threw curveballs at them.

As long as it could be completely controlled, then there would be no problem.

As Raymond talked to the neural brain, Camilla and Alpha looked at each other.

They also needed such an obedient spaceship.

Moreover, they had the resources in their hands.

If they wanted to, it would not take long to have another working droplet in their hands.

However, the two of them did not immediately step in.

They wanted to know more about the details.

If Raymond was allowed to complete his experiments under their observation, they could replicate his process easier in the future.

“Master, give me a name!” As Raymond was thinking, the neural brain suddenly made a request.

Raymond was very happy about this.

After all, Riven had demanded for her name.

This one did not seem as conceited.

They were all copied from Tuesday, so how did they all end up so different? Was there a reason for this? Which side would the artificial intelligence that stayed in Patrick’s laboratory lean towards? Raymond couldn’t tell.

“From now on, you’ll be called Alice! Your voice is very phantom-like, it matches this name very well!” “Alright, thank you, master! I’ll be called Alice from now on!” Alice’s tone didn’t have any emotional fluctuations.

She wasn’t as expressive as Riven.

Of all his AIs, Riven seemed to have the most alarming growth rate.

She was younger than Tuesday, but had already developed very human-like traits.

However, Raymond did not want her personality to go rampant just yet.

The more external factors, the more influence it had on his time left, and the more disadvantageous it was for Raymond.

If Alice remained as she was, things would be simpler.

“Director Alpha, I’ll take this droplet with me…” Raymond smiled.

However, Raymond’s smile had already turned into a sneer in Alpha’s eyes.

After all, Raymond knew that Alpha had meant to trip him up.

Now, he could only break his teeth and swallow it.

“Sigh, just take it already…” Alpha shook his head helplessly.

“Director Alpha, why do you have such an expression? It’s not like I’m robbing you!” Raymond realized that it was actually quite comfortable to add insult to injury.

“Hey, you! Raymond, that’s enough!” Alpha frowned.

Seeing this, Camilla almost knew what was going on.

It was obvious that Alpha had planned to make things difficult for Raymond.

However, Raymond had ended up winning a lot more than Alpha had expected.

Naturally, Alpha was very angry.



After getting his things onto the droplets, Raymond let Alpha open the passage.

This passage was originally created by the droplets.

The History Department had patched it up.

They thought that it would not be used for a long time, until Raymond came.

This passage that could not see the light of day was opened again today.

Without saying goodbye to Alpha and the others, Raymond let Alice take off.

There was nothing to say goodbye to.

After all, he would be back in a few days.

As for Riven, Raymond let her fly back on her own.

On the way, Raymond did some inventory micromanaging.

Finally, Raymond returned to the island on Gundam.

When she found out that Raymond was back, Kim was overjoyed.

There was also a slightly different expression on Gayle Gadot’s face.

After having sex with Raymond, Gayle Gadot’s thoughts were slowly changing.

However, this was a subtle change.

However, Raymond’s posture was a bit indecent.

Three nerve brains were in Gayle Gadot’s hands.

He carried a female body in his hands.

Kim Hee-sun and Gayle Gadot both sensed danger.

However, Gayle Gadot mastered her emotions and masked her face.

Kim Hee-sun took the initiative to ask him.

“Brother, who is that in your arms?” How could Raymond not understand what she was really asking? However, at that moment, he felt like teasing her.

“I don’t know, I picked it up outside.

” Riven originally wanted to expose Raymond, but after thinking about it, she remained silent.

They slowly descended, and Raymond carried the woman and jumped onto the ground.

“Hee-sun, quickly take over, will you.

I’m tired from carrying her all the way here!” She wasn’t light.

Moreover, she was curvaceous.

She had to be at least 100 pounds.

Even if Raymond supported her weight on his thigh, he would not last long.

However, the usually obedient Kim Hee-sun was not very pleased at that moment.

“Hmph! Rotten man!” After saying that, Kim Hee-sun ran away.

Meanwhile, Gayle Gadot frowned slightly and turned around to leave.

“Hey hey, Gayle, come and help me!” However, Gayle Gadot had vanished.