The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 164

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 164

Chapter 164: He’ll Show Us The Droplet’s Password! Walking in front of the scientist, 100 stopped in his tracks.

Then, he heard the scientist mumble.

“What’s going on here? Why are there four robots instead of the usual trio?” As the scientist spoke, he pressed a button on 100’s chest.

With this press, a small touch screen immediately popped up on 100’s chest.

“Eh, why is there dust on this robot?” The scientist flicked his finger.

100 was certain that if he continued to investigate, he would definitely be exposed.

After carefully looking at the situation around him, 100 made a decision.

With a light wave of his hand, the scientist fainted.

However, the next moment, the alarm went off.




[Warning warning, abnormality detected!] [Warning warning, abnormality detected!] [Warning warning, abnormality detected!] An ear-piercing sound was heard, and the red light kept flashing.

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COM Without any hesitation, 100 immediately ran towards the spaceship.

As long as he got on the spaceship, nothing could stop him! 120 meters, under the full power of the robot, would only take a few seconds.

However! Things were not that simple.

The scientists had fled to cover.

They did not participate in the battle.

The robots opened fire.

“Boom!” An energy cannonball flew at him.

He could only dive and hope the earthling’s machines were not as precise.

The two mechanical legs immediately turned into nothingness.

However, his upper body was still flying in the air.

“Clang!” 100’s upper body landed on the ground! At that moment, he was only more than ten meters away from the spaceship’s cabin door.

100 did not give up.

The robot’s arms were powerful.

Like the butterfly swimming style, 100 was propelled more than five meters away.

Only a few more jumps.

“Boom!” The energy cannonball was fired again.

100 moved but kept his left arm on the ground.

The cannonball missed him this time.

There was still 8 meters left! 100 exerted all his strength on the ground and the mechanical body suddenly jumped up.

Through the ramp of the cabin door, he could already see the familiar deck.

“Boom!” “Boom!” The energy cannonballs came again! However, this time, it was two shots.

Almost all of his paths were blocked.

However, after some precise calculation, the 100 found an option.

It was the cost of his two mechanical arms.

While in the air, the mechanical arms suddenly exerted force.

100 that was flying horizontally suddenly changed direction.

He entered the deck.

However, his two mechanical arms were already gone.

However, once he entered the spaceship, those robots could no longer fire on him.

The spaceship’s shield was automatically activated.

Sure enough.

The shield repelled the shots.

100 was without limbs.

However, the difference between a robot and a living creature was revealed.

As long as his energy core remained intact, he could waddle his waist like a worm.

More importantly, 100’s neck and mouth were still functional.

He tried his best to bounce up and managed to land on a desk.

The entire body of the mech exerted force, and 100 jumped up.

With this jump, he triggered a switch.

The round cabin door quickly closed.

“It’s safe!” He let his guard down, but 100 didn’t stop.

He jumped up and down.

The target, the bridge.

Finally, he arrived at the bridge.

He saw the fish tank.

It was where he used to live.

But now, it was empty.

“Mica mica, a nakuha…” 100 used a specific frequency to send an order.

However, the spaceship did not respond at all.

“Mica mica, a nakuha…” 100 repeated the order.

The spaceship still did not respond.

After thinking for a while, 100 changed the order.

“Mica mica, oozy dasak…” This time, 100’s frequency changed again.

The spaceship still did not respond… 100 was dumbfounded! Were the people from Earth this capable? Even the lowest level of technology had been cracked? “Mica mica, oozy dasak…” “Mica mica, oozy dasak…” .




“Enough! Tuesday, disengage from 100.

” Raymond looked at the struggle of 100 on the screen and gave the order.

“Yes, Sir!” Tuesday replied.

Then, a group of people immediately gathered around.

“Raymond, you’re really amazing! Now, the password at the bottom level has been cracked!” “Wahahaha, it’s finally cracked!” “Director Alpha, all the doors of the droplets have been opened!” “Damn, this is really great!” “Oh my God! I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time!” “Raymond, I have two daughters.

They’re twins and they’re both very beautiful.

I’ve decided to let them marry you together!” “Oh, f*ck you! Those two daughters of yours would terrify Raymond to death!” “F*ck you, Williard, would it hurt to keep your mouth shut?!” “Raymond, to be honest, I have a granddaughter who’s very beautiful.

She works in the Fifth Research Institute.

She’s a person with high standards, but she really likes you…” “Simon, don’t you treasure your granddaughter very much? Why…” “It’s none of your business.

I just don’t think those people are good enough for my granddaughter!” The bunch of old men were so thick-skinned that they gave Raymond no room to protest.

Anyway, Raymond had been a great help.

Other than their wives, they could give anything else away.

However, Raymond didn’t like their wives either.

“Let’s Go! Let’s go and see what’s on the droplets!” Raymond waved his hand, and the group immediately walked out of Patrick’s laboratory.

On the way, Camilla took the initiative to ask, “Raymond, how did you do that?” “A hundred things that he came into contact with were all transmitted through the outside world.

” “Whether it was the nutrient solution in the droplet or the probe, he could only passively receive the signal.

” “The signal he received gave him a feedback.

” “And, by using multiple neural brains to work at the same time at Tuesday’s direction, it was equivalent to building a huge virtual space.

” “Moreover, this virtual space was only open to 100, so only eight neural brains were needed to work at the same time.

” “If we add another body of consciousness, then we would’ve needed at least 64 neural brains “Perhaps what we saw onscreen are simple, but in order to simulate the physical feedback, the transmission of sound, and the operation of the machine, a lot of computing power was needed.

“As long as 100 people believe that this was a real world, then everything would be reasonable.

“Moreover, he had driven the plot of his story in that virtual world.

“Therefore, he was able to reach where he desired and blurt out the passwords.