The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 161

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Is This Thing Alive? On the underground elevator, Raymond and Angelo stood in front.

The people behind them were utterly confused.

What did Angelo see? What got him so agitated? He stomped on his own phone and ripped its chip out.

What did Raymond show him? Moreover, Angelo seemed to be fine.

However, everyone knew that Angelo was simply pretending.

If one were to watch closely, his legs were trembling slightly.

For several minutes, he still couldn’t suppress the shock.

What did he know? .



The questions made this group of people restless.

However, the more severe it looked, the more afraid they were to ask.

At that moment, Angelo’s lips would clearly be sealed.

If anyone were to ask him, they would only get their ears blasted off.

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COM “Alpha…” Camilla whispered in Alpha’s ear, “He’s your nephew, go ask him!” Alpha was not as headstrong as Raymond and quickly shook his head.

He may hold a high position here, but it wasn’t like he hadn’t been reprimanded by Angelo before.

Moreover, him being his uncle only led to Angelo’s words being more blunt.

Alpha had always thought highly of Angelo.

He was flexible and could see the situation clearly.

He did not get the position of Minister just because of his connections.

Nowadays, many times, Alpha could not understand what he was thinking.

423 meters underground.

It wasn’t as deep as the Second Research institute, but it was much more fortified.

Area 53’s entire existence was centered around the droplets! Raymond was shocked when he saw the droplet for the first time.

The whole thing truly looked like a water droplet.

It was very streamlined.

It did not even look like it belonged in space.

Instead, it looked like a fancy aircraft.

Its length was about 100 meters.

Its height was about 40 meters.

It was hard to imagine how they got this thing underground.

“Director Alpha, how was this thing transported underground?” Raymond took the initiative to ask.

Actually, Raymond didn’t have much dislike for Alpha.

It was natural for a man in his position to think of ways to seek more benefits for his people.

“Actually, the key to the establishment of our Area 53 is this droplet…” Alpha seemed to be recalling the past.

However, Raymond read something else besides this sentence.

There was more than one droplet.

“Many people thought that we were conducting tests deep underground.

In fact, there was no such test!” “This droplet had crash-landed in such a manner that it simply ended up this deep!” “We simply dug around it and built our first research institute!” Raymond immediately understood.

In fact, many things on earth were built according to where they were first discovered.

If it was decades ago, it wouldn’t have been easy to get this thing out from a depth of more than 400 meters.

Moreover, according to Raymond’s deduction, this thing slid into the Earth at an angle.

Due to varying layers of different toughness in the soil, it wouldn’t have been a direct path.

This meant that the route of this droplet wasn’t a straight line — it was a curve.

This only made things more difficult! Seeing that Raymond didn’t hate Alpha that much, Angelo gave Alpha a look.

Alfa immediately understood.

He took the initiative to stand beside Raymond.

“Raymond, come with me.

I’ll show you how it opens up!” Alpha did not immediately open the door of the droplet.

Instead, he picked up something that looked like a gun on the shelf at the side.

A small laser beam was produced.

On the surface of the water droplet, a wave was created.

“This is the droplet’s protective shield.

It can withstand the attack of energy weapons!” “To open the droplet, a sound frequency is needed!” “It could technically be produced with our vocal cords!” “Of course, I suspect that there are other ways to open the droplet.

We simply have not discovered them yet!” As Alpha spoke, he picked up a small speaker.

He pressed it, and the sound similar to a goose’s call rang out.

A circular gap appeared on the surface of the droplet.

Then, the circular door slowly protruded out and rolled into the side of the armor plate.

This door looked quite sci-fi, but Raymond knew very well that it was just a very ordinary storage structure.

Many bullet trains nowadays used similar door-opening and door-closing designs.

It was just that the door of this thing was round.

However! Although the door was an ordinary design, the ladder… Was a little out of Raymond’s expectations.

A gray stick quickly extended out from the side of the round door.

But the way it extended was a little strange, like a tape measure being pulled straight.

The gray stick extended all the way to the ground.

Then, the stick slowly spread out on both sides.

Finally, it formed a slope.

Raymond looked at it very carefully.

The material was not stretching out of unfolding, it seemed to be growing before his eyes.

“The length of this ladder actually changes with the depth of the ground.

Our researchers have tested it.

“This stick can be extended up to 80 meters long.

“Moreover, after reaching 9.

25 meters, the slope will lose its smooth texture, turning into something like non-reflective matte paint and handrails will grow on both sides of the ladder.

” “This design is a little interesting.

” Raymond nodded.

“Let’s go! I’ll take you up to take a look!” Alpha walked in front.

Because the door was near the droplet’s underbelly, they did not need to walk far to get up.

After walking into the droplet’s interior, Raymond discovered that it was basically gray.

However, after observing carefully, Raymond discovered that the color was not painted by aliens.

It was originally this color.

The surface wasn’t very smooth, giving people an odd feeling.

Vaguely, Raymond seemed to have discovered a key point.

He reached out and swiped his hand across the cabin wall.

Raymond suddenly had a bold idea.

“Chief Alpha, is this thing alive?” When Raymond said this, Camilla and the others were shocked.

Alive? How was that possible! If it was alive, wouldn’t it run away? On the other hand, Angelo and Alpha remained calm.

They seemed to have already known about this.

“That’s right, this droplet is alive!” Alpha confirmed Raymond’s statement.

Camilla was stunned.

She had been here a few times, how could she not know that this thing was alive?