The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 159

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 159

Chapter 159: THE STRUGGLE FOR POWER! Angelo also knew that he was the only one who could handle this matter.

He had taken Raymond to see the water droplet for several reasons.

His men had attacked Raymond’s Gundam.

This was an attempt to make amends.

Since Raymond made a request that was within his power to fulfill, he gave it to him.

Let the man satiate his curiosity.

The droplet was already in the midst of being researched, but a large part of it still remained a mystery.

Raymond could single-handedly propel their progress.

Most importantly, they had yet to discover the source of its powers.

If Raymond dived into the research, then the work in the future would be much easier to carry out.

    Let Raymond see just how much power he wielded.

    Then exchange some reasonable resources.




    A deal was the best way to build a relationship.

    Moreover, Raymond couldn’t refuse.

    Faced with a few old scientists, Angelo’s way of dealing with them was a bit like how the Director of the Education Department taught elementary school students.

    “What are you guys doing out here? Have you done your own research?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

    COM “You guys are still trying to stop Raymond? If you have the ability, then climb up to the position of Director!” “You guys slack around day by day, and on top of that, you try to take advantage of the situation!” “Is Raymond’s stuff something that you can study just because you want to?” Angelo transformed into a verbal machine gun and made the few old men speechless.

    However, he could act like this precisely because these few old men had made great contributions to Area 53 in the past.

    Otherwise, he wouldn’t be this casual.

    As a minister, if Angelo claimed to not have any tricks, no one would believe him.

    The elders had nothing to say, but someone else had something to say.

    After a short while, an old man with a shaved head walked out.

    Although he carried himself like an old man, he wasn’t too old.

    He looked to be in his fifties.

    His bald head made him look a little fiercer.

    “Minister Angelo, you have such a great authority! You actually dare to scold the pillars of our First Research institute? What? We are all getting old, so are you planning to seize power?” Obviously, this bald man was the Director of the First Research Institute.

    If one didn’t know the situation, they would probably think that a big battle was slowly being stirred up.

    However, Raymond was very clear about the situation.

    The bald head was called Alpha.

    He was 59 years old and was the director of the First Research institute.

    He was also something else — he was Angelo’s uncle.

    This guy was obviously pulling seniority rank.

    Sure enough, Angelo immediately took the bait.

    “Director Alpha, what are you talking about!” Angelo had a fawning look on his face, “Members of your First Research institute may be getting older, but they are only getting more and more capable! How would I dare to seize power!? It’s just that Raymond helped to complete an experiment, so I brought him to see the droplets.

    ” “Hmph!” Alpha snorted coldly, “Angelo, you’re bringing him to the core of my institute without going through me.

    If you’re not seizing power, what is the meaning of this? Do you really think that as the Head of the History Department, you can do whatever you want within the jurisdiction?” “No, no, no, I didn’t mean that! I thought you already knew, so I didn’t tell you!” Angelo had been greatly humbled.

    The few old scientists on the other side had smiles on their faces.

    It was as if Angelo was apologizing to them at this moment.

    But Raymond was still unmoved.

    Keep up the show, you two.

    I want to see what you are planning.

    “Hmph! The elevator is under maintenance.

    Come back next month!” The bald Alpha was about to leave after he finished speaking.

    The elevator was under maintenance.

    This was something that Alpha could do with a single sentence.

    If he didn’t let them in, then they definitely wouldn’t be able to get in.

    Angelo glanced at Raymond only to see him as aloof as ever.

    ‘This calm?’ “Director Alpha, you… What do you want?” Angelo asked.

    “What do I want? What do you mean, what do I want? Good sir, I should be asking you that!” Alpha fired back at him.

    They still had not reached the crux of the exchange.

    These two were still unwilling to reveal all their cards.

    Raymond watched quietly.

    Camilla, who was at the side, frowned and seemed to be a little puzzled.

    What was going on with these two people? Although there both held power, they had always been cordial with one another! Alpha was Angelo’s uncle, and several directors knew about it.

    Now that they were at each other’s throats, were they up to something? Hmm… Got It! Camilla understood! At the beginning, the key to the problem had already been revealed! The older scientists had already revealed the key! They wanted to study Raymond’s Gundam, as well as his artificial intelligence and the nano-neutrino battery.

    So greedy? But based on Raymond’s personality… They would not gain anything from him.

    This wouldn’t work.

    Camilla thought for a moment and walked out of the group.

    She walked towards the old scientist who had asked for Raymond’s batteries.

    “Senior, didn’t you just say that if Raymond shares his nano-neutrino battery with you, you’d let him in?!” After Camilla said that, Angelo and Alpha immediately fell silent.

    They quickly caught on.

    The two of them listened attentively.

    Neither of them liked the other.

    When Camilla saw them like this, she secretly broke out in cold sweat.

    The two of you couldn’t get to the point even after arguing for such a long time.

    You’re really stupid.

    Moreover, Raymond isn’t a fool.

    Do you think he would be caught up in your little show? “No, I said that Raymond wanted me to learn how to make nano batteries before I let him in!” The old scientist replied.

    It seemed like Camilla wanted to help Raymond.

    But how could Raymond not see that this bunch of people were in cahoots? They wanted to scam him of his technology together.

    Although Raymond didn’t care if his technology fell into their hands, using such underhanded methods… It seemed like he had to teach them a lesson! “Senior! With your intelligence, you can understand his stuff as long as you look at the original design! Don’t you agree?” Camilla guided him step by step.

    This scene had been completely planned by Alpha and Angelo.

    Camilla had joined in Midway.

    She knew that if she dragged it out for too long, Raymond might leave decisively.

    Moreover, the live broadcast on the island was still ongoing, so Raymond couldn’t leave for too long.

    However, this old scientist didn’t have Camilla’s awareness.

    “Director Camilla, you think too highly of me! Long gone are the days of my naive and arrogant youth, I only wish that…” Before the old scientist could finish his sentence, Alpha shot him a piercing glare.

    D*mn it, taking an inch and asking for a mile! The original blueprint would already be a major win for them! The old scientist finally caught on and changed mid-stride.

    “I’m old and have long since been surpassed, but my students would be able to work with the original blueprint!”