The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 155

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 155

Chapter 155: It Only Took A Few Glances For Him To Understand Everything! Raymond wasn’t being particularly fast.

This was unlike him.

He would have been done long ago if he could actually communicate with 100 directly.

After all, Tuesday was taking some time to decipher the data.

He did not seem as confident of himself.

No, Tuesday was not that emotional.

He only acted according to his calculations.

But even so, he had already conquered everyone present.

Patrick, who had previously looked down on Raymond, now wished he could keep Raymond in his laboratory.

After all, Raymond was a living genius.

He alone was worth a few dozen teams.

Patrick could see just how capable Raymond was, and naturally, Nelson also saw it.

It was impossible for Nelson’s bio-energy weapon to not have encountered problems.




It was just that he didn’t encounter that much difficulty.

He was still having problems finding a continuous energy supply.

It was the one place his team was struggling with.

If anything, they were slowly losing ground.

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COM One step forwards, two steps back.

The current energy supply was a step back from where they had started By over-complicating things, they had lost more efficiency and extended the startup process.

“Chief, looks like he’s done here.

Can you ask him to go over to my side to take a look?” Nelson took the initiative to mention it to Camilla.

“Hm…” Camilla looked at Nelson, her eyes looking mischievous.

“Nelson, weren’t you hesitant before? Why… did you change your mind?” Nelson smiled sheepishly.

“Director, I was blind before.

Now that he’s working right here before my eyes, I’m thoroughly convinced.

” “Hmm, Nelson, you’ve always acted like an approachable man, you have always been arrogant, deep down in your bones.

I’m actually impressed you’re asking for his help!” “Yes, yes, yes! Director, you’ve taught me well!” In order to achieve his goal, Nelson went against his conscience and quickly licked Camilla’s boots.

“Hahaha! When the time comes, I will discuss it with Raymond.

After all, he is here to help, and I can’t make any decisions for him!” “Okay! As long as you put some words in!” Having heard her answer, Nelson turned into a dog and kept giving Camilla his paw.

However, this atmosphere did not last long.

The Head of the Department of History had arrived.

Angelo’s arrival had been expected.

Originally, Angelo should have arrived a long time ago.

Because of the deputy minister’s matter, he had been delayed for some time.

But now, he needed to come over and form good relations with Raymond.

The Gundam was already under attack.

The Gundam did not even get a single scratch, but that was not the problem.

They had acted rudely.

If Angelo came over in person, Raymond might be appeased.

But if Raymond went up to the ground and Riven started complaining to him… Then the result would be different! Moreover, Raymond had to be given a reasonable explanation.

Angelo and the rest entered the observation room under the guidance of a researcher.

Camilla and the rest immediately stood up.

“Minister!” “Hello, Minister!” “Hello, Minister!” “Alright, Alright, Alright, settle down!” Angelo called out and immediately looked into the laboratory.

At that moment, Raymond was still busy.

“Camilla, what is Raymond doing?” His men brought over chairs and Angelo took the opportunity to sit down.

“Minister, Raymond is currently installing probes into the frozen neural brain…” “Oh, what is he planning?!” “I’m not sure, previously…” “What? You don’t even know what he’s planning, and you’re letting him into the laboratory?” Angelo raised his voice.

“Minister, please hear me out!” Camilla was not afraid in the slightest.

“Alright, continue.

” “This was a long-standing problem.

The cloned neural brain would collapse in less than 10 minutes the moment it thaws out.

We have been unable to prevent that for the longest time.

” “Oh! And then?” “As you can see, Raymond is testing the feasibility of his idea!” “Huh?” Angelo turned to look at Camilla.

“Do you really believe in Raymond’s ability that much?” “To be honest, I didn’t believe in Raymond’s ability in the beginning either.

“But, he’s proven himself time and again.

” Camilla organized her words.

“Previously, our team spent two years in order to understand the location and depth of the probe.

It only took him a few glances.

” “Patrick, you’re up!” With the last sentence, Camilla looked at Patrick.

“I… Minister…” Patrick had never been good with words, and it was the same this time.

“Alright, I believe you, Camilla!” Angelo looked into the laboratory.

Actually, Angelo was testing him.

Although he knew that Raymond was capable, it was impossible for him not to question him.

Now that he had been proven to be the real deal, Angelo felt much more at ease.

At least, he was one step closer to his goal.

However! Angelo never thought that Raymond would take the initiative to help.

“Camilla, what’s your bargaining chip?” “Minister, what are you talking about?” Camilla knew what Angelo meant, but she couldn’t say for sure.

Angelo was well aware of the price of cloning a neural brain.

One of these things would cost about a billion dollars.

Giving Raymond three brains would be three billion dollars.

So expensive! “Do I have to explain?” “If Raymond can stop the nervous brain from collapsing, I promised to give him three!” Camilla’s voice almost disappeared by the end.

“Huh???” After Angelo heard that, he bolted up.

“Camilla, your Second Research Institute is already a guzzler! Three billion is…” “Minister, you… Listen to me!” Looking at Angelo on the verge of exploding, Camilla tugged at his sleeve.

“Speak!” “It’s not that simple.

Right now, Patrick has almost no clue on how to solve it.

If and when he breaks through this difficult problem is completely up to God’s will.

Even if Patrick’s team comes up with a solution in half a year, the funds they would have consumed during this period would be far more than three billion… so…” Angelo said, “So you agreed to Raymond’s request?” “Yes!” Camilla agreed in a low voice.

“I’ll leave it at that.

” After Angelo said that, he looked at Patrick.

“I want to know this next, if Raymond takes away the three neural brains, can he quickly replicate them?”