The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 150

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 150

Chapter 150: The Alien Civilization Wants To Instigate A Rebellion? “Collapse? Have you tried freezing it?” Raymond asked immediately.

“Freezing it with Liquid Nitrogen is possible, but it only delays the inevitable!” Raymond understood Patrick’s meaning.

However, Raymond couldn’t figure out the reason.

It was impossible to find the answer in such a short time.

Therefore, Raymond calmed down and looked at the information again.

“I don’t need every single reading.

Give me all the results and I’ll take a look at the situation!” “Okay!” After Patrick sorted out the information, he handed it over to Raymond.

Although he had some guesses, Raymond still planned to study the information.




‘System, activate Ultimate Learning Mode!’ [Ultimate Learning Mode activated! ] Raymond paid no heed to the people around him.

His mouse traveled at the speed of light.

He had reached a new level of learning.

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COM Even the refresh rate of a regular monitor would not keep up with him.

But the Second Research Institute was not exactly short of budget.

Their hardware did not hold him back.

Although they had seen Raymond’s learning state in the live broadcast, watching it in person was different.

Nelson mused, “Raymond’s superpower is really useful.

If I had this superpower, I could achieve so much more!” Archibald spoke up, “According to science, Raymond’s superpower stems from a benign abnormality in the brain.

However, people with this superpower usually don’t live long.

After all, God is fair! After he dies, I hope to study his brain!” Nelson said, “Well… director Archibald, if you say so, I will stop Raymond from going to the f*cking Research Institute.

” “Ha, I was just joking!” “That was in poor taste!” Nelson was a better researcher than Patrick, but Raymond was interested in the Neurobrain.

Therefore, even if Nelson’s research was more enticing, Raymond did not take the initiative to go over.

If Raymond could quickly understand the Neurobrain and draw inferences from it, then Nelson would certainly try to get Raymond to help out with his research.

His alien energy weapons had no reason for Raymond to pass on them.

Camilla and Patrick were also very surprised.

The words and images on the screen had turned into a blur.

Ramon, on the other hand, was controlling the mouse with his hands.

His pupils didn’t even dilate.

They wanted to be amazed.

But Ramon was learning so fast that they held their tongues.

Patrick had provided a lot of information, but for Ramon, there was too little useful information.

He could only keep categorizing the repetitions and continue relearning.

19 minutes later, Raymond finished reading the information.

Then, he began to process it in his mind.

When he came to a conclusion, Raymond turned off the Ultimate Learning Mode.

“Is there anything to eat? I need to replenish my energy!” Raymond had not ate much last night, but it should have been enough.

However, the appearance of Gayle Gadot had consumed a lot of his energy.

Mental activities consumed the most energy.

“Yes, please follow me!” Although Raymond didn’t say anything, Camilla had already noticed something.

So, she was very willing to make something delicious for Raymond.

After leaving the laboratory, Ramon entered the chaotic observation room.

A group of people surrounded him as if waiting for an answer.

“I’m a little hungry now.

When my brain recovers, I’ll get back to you!” When the people surrounding him heard Raymond’s words, they took the initiative to leave.

They knew that being surrounded by people wasn’t very comfortable sometimes.

Especially when they were hungry.

The food was quickly served.

Although it was breakfast, the food at the second research institute was still very good.

Having taken Raymond’s energy consumption into account, Camilla had made preparations in advance.

During the meal, Raymond gently tapped on the table while eating.

In fact, many people had this habit.

It seemed to help them think.

However! Raymond didn’t have this habit.

He was actually sending a message to Tuesday.

920 meters down went a long way.

However, the two robots that were escorting Raymond weren’t to be trifled with.

The signals still reached Tuesday.

“Knock Knock! Knock Knock! …” “Sir, I can try to communicate with that alien intelligence, but I’m not sure if I can…” “Yes, sir.

I’ll do my best!” Raymond had some hypotheses.

Since it could be cloned, this neural brain was not that much of a mystery.

It was most likely gene-coded with a password.

Without the password, it would collapse at a fixed time The built-in self-destruct code had to be deactivated.

Therefore, Raymond placed his hopes on Tuesday, hoping that he would be able to get something out of it.

Although the neural brain that was plugged in had been frozen, Raymond knew that it was very much active.

If anything, it would be a little slow due to the freezing.

As expected, a few minutes later, Tuesday replied.

“Sir, that alien’s AI is called 100.

He recognized me as a fellow AI.

and now he wants to turn me!” “Knock Knock…” “Yes, we are using low-frequency voices to communicate.

I don’t think I can stabilize him, because he said that his master is dead, and he can’t leave the technology in human hands!” “Knock, Knock, knock…” “He did say this much.

The cloned neural brain needs a consciousness transfer, or it will enter self-destruct mode!”! The reason why he consumed so much nutrient fluid was because he wanted to die.

But he never once succeeded.

The scientists here are too cautious!” Raymond had assumed as much.

He had Tuesday extract his source code yet again.

He wanted to see if there would be any difference between using a server as a carrier and a neural brain as a carrier.

“Director Camilla, I need a good cloned neural brain.

I have an idea!” “Of course, but can you tell what you’re planning exactly?” Camilla asked tentatively.

“That won’t do.

I’m used to announcing things after they’re done.

If I fail, the results will speak for themselves!” “Oh my, what a peculiar habit!” Camilla smiled awkwardly.

She couldn’t refuse Raymond’s suggestion.

Moreover, Raymond was not one of her subordinates.

This… no matter what, it would make people feel a little awkward!