The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 146

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Raymond Is Driving A Gundam Towards Us! The guards in Area 53 were the best of the best.

This place was even more important than the National Treasury.

Not only were there rare resources, but there were also technologies that were not available on earth.

Therefore, the radar and weapons here were the best in the world.

The Gundam was not equipped with any special cloaking device.

It did not even have the basic stealth coating.

It would have to fly at an extremely low altitude to escape the vision of the radar.

However, even at such a low altitude, it was impossible not to be heard.

After all, Area 53 was heavily guarded.

Even a blind person could see a 21-meter-tall humanoid.

These elites were eagle-eyed.




“Report!” “Speak!” “Unidentified flying object found in the southwest.

According to the readings, we have a preliminary estimate that it is Thunder God’s Gundam!” “Gundam? Our intel says that thing is not even capable of flight!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “We need you to make a decision, sir!” “I’ll go and see!” Their mission was to ensure absolute security in Area 53.

But with Raymond standing on the world-stage podium, they had to be more conservative with their ammo.

At the very least, they could be court-martialed for shooting him down.

The radar started beeping more frantically.

“Switch to the satellite.

I need the satellite’s remote sensing image!” “Report, we’ve already tried! The satellite couldn’t get an image!” “Then just use your common sense and use radio to establish some contact with him or something!” “Understood!” .




After reaching a certain height, Riven handed over the controls.

Raymond excitedly grabbed the joystick.

He knew what this thing was capable of.

He had designed it himself.

But Raymond was still very excited.

He could revisit his childhood.

However, muscle memory was not something his knowledge could compensate for.

As soon as he took over, the Gundam veered left and rotated 1,260 degrees.

The massive G-force almost knocked Raymond unconscious.

Raymond quickly let go.

Riven caught them in the air.

“Was it meant to be this sensitive?” “Master, I didn’t touch any of those settings…” Riven said aggrievedly.

“Alright!” When he had built this behemoth, Raymond never got around to testing its controls.

So, even the slightest movement of his hand would lead to violent, sudden movements.

The joystick was basically as sensitive as a pro-gamer’s mouse.

The slightest twitch of the mouse would send the cursor flying over the screen.

Raymond needed to find the right settings for himself.

With experience, Raymond decisively lowered the sensitivity.

After a few tries, he found the setting that was just right.

“Alright, you can leave it to me now!” “Yes, Master!” After gaining control of the Gundam, Raymond’s spirit and energy soared.

The dream of many people had now been realized by Raymond.

In the open space, he could drive recklessly.

A flying Gundam was awesome.

Being able to let loose and recklessly flail about also felt good.

He kept changing his movements in the air.

Raymond never got tired of it.

Having eaten tiger meat every day, Raymond’s body could handle it.

He was not prone to fainting, so he could handle the G-force.

As long as it didn’t go over the top.

The plasma engine was ridiculously powerful.

Therefore, the Gundam tore through the air.

It didn’t take long to cover a few thousand kilometers.

Just as Raymond was about to take another dive, Riven spoke.

“Master, someone sent a message through the radio.

” “Which unit is it from?” “It’s the security team from Area 53.

” “Oh, put it through!” Raymond released the joystick and turned autopilot back on “Hello, I am the commander of the US 737 Unit, Mandel.

You have not been authorized by the Air Traffic Control Bureau, please land at the nearest airport immediately!” “I repeat, because your flight has not been authorized by the Air Traffic Control Bureau, please land at the nearest airport immediately!” Raymond smiled at the stern warning.

He had Riven run through “Mandel’s” information.

His smile widened.

This guy had actually used a fake name.

Moreover, the other party had already deduced his flight route, but he did not say anything about area 53.

He merely gave him a generic warning about unauthorized flight.

“Ramanda! That’s a unique name!” “You… how do you know?” “How do I know? Don’t you know who I am?” “Alright! I am indeed Ramanda! May I ask, where is your destination?” “The destination… There is nothing to hide, it is near your location!” “Sir, that is simply out of the question, if you enter, we will shoot you down!” “Ramanda, go talk to your commander.

I believe they will agree!” Raymond said this with confidence.

At that moment, Tuesday had activated several nukes in the U.



Tuesday would being launching them if they continued threatening Raymond.

“Alright, give me two minutes.

During these two minutes, please do not come within 80 kilometers of the base!” “Alright! I hope you can hurry up, I’m not a very patient man!” Their exchange had been rather vague, only those in on it would understand.

After all, it had been an open channel.

If this were to be leaked, it would be of no benefit to anyone.

As soon as Raymond finished speaking, Ramanda immediately dialed a secret number.

After the voice and password were identified, the call was picked up in less than three seconds.

“Minister, this is Ramanda.

” “Speak!” “Raymond is driving the Gundam towards us!” “He left the island?” “Yes, he’s less than 200 kilometers away from our base.

He hopes to land near our base.

It seems like his goal is related to that matter.

” “Hmm… let him land! Be ready for my call at any time, don’t act Rashly!” “Understood, I will definitely take care of it!” After saying that, Ramanda hung up the phone.

It was not difficult to guess that Raymond knew about Area 53.

After all, Tuesday was tremendously ridiculous! But who really had the wheel? Tuesday or Raymond? That was the question!