The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 142

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Raymond Was So Mad That He Wanted To Unplug! The underground air was actually very turbid.

But for the sake of the health of these scientists, the second research institute spent a lot of money installing several air purifiers for the entire research institute.

These air purifiers were on a completely different level from the civilian ones.

Even viruses could not pass through them.

It was custom-made, courtesy of the other research institutes in area 53.

The cost would be a few hundred million.

It seemed expensive, but this money was nothing to the second research institute.

There were other industries outside the research institute.

Otherwise, with the aid of the United States, if they wanted to do research… No Way! In the lounge, Nelson and Patrick sat together again.

“Nelson, didn’t you say that your weapon needs some high energy just to start up? Look at Raymond’s nuclear fusion.

” .



Looking at the energy output of nuclear fusion, Patrick subconsciously thought of Nelson’s topic.

“Activating it has never been an issue! Just needs more supercapacitors.

The key is getting a continuous output, that’s the key!” Patrick said, “The energy output of this nuclear fusion is so strong, it has already reached tens of thousands of kWh, isn’t it enough? Moreover, from the looks of it, the energy output of this thing would only continue climbing!” “It’s definitely enough, but can you bring the nuclear fusion over?” Nelson asked unhappily.

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COM “This… I don’t think the higher-ups will approve it.

After all, your research and energy utilization are definitely valued by them.

If they can approve it, that would be great!” “So what if they approve it? Don’t tell me they can steal it from under his robots’ noses?” As Nelson spoke, Patrick could only smile awkwardly.

Their research far exceeded the technology of Earth.

However, Raymond’s technology was not to be trifled with either.

Just Raymond’s laser cutter alone could cause them heavy casualties.

Unless they could drive the ‘droplet’ out.

With that, nothing on Earth would ever elude them.

However… the ‘droplet’ could not be opened now! The crux of the problem was Patrick’s research topic.





Riven drove the Gundam some distance away and stuffed Raymond into the cockpit.

Although it was his first time in the cockpit, Raymond was very familiar with it.

After all, he had designed this thing himself.

How could he not be familiar with it! However, he didn’t intend to give it a try at the moment.

His focus was still on the nuclear fusion reactor.

“Riven, keep me up to date with the situation there!” “Yes, Master!” Before he could finish his sentence, Raymond saw the situation in the laboratory on the left screen of the cockpit.

The nuclear fusion was still running, and the electric current was still being released.

“Tuesday, can the electrical appliances on the island completely use up all this electricity?” “No, sir.

However, I used the excess electricity to prepare heavy water and extract tritium!” “That’s fine!” The preparation of heavy water was undoubtedly an extremely energy-consuming task.

In comparison, extracting tritium did not consume as much electricity.

Undoubtedly, Tuesday never had any good news to offer.

Having ensured the worst was over, Raymond’s attention flew to his body.

He felt some pain.

Obviously, it was caused when the Gundam had picked him up like a doll.

“Riven, have you not gotten fully acquainted with the Gundam?” “Master, is there a problem?” “You pinched me so hard just now!” “Master ~ ~” Riven suddenly dragged her voice out for a very long time.

Coupled with her sweet and sultry voice, it immediately gave Raymond goosebumps.

“Stop, stop, Stop! Don’t talk like that, a mistake is a mistake! Just improve on it…” “Master, actually, you can’t completely blame me for this!” “Alright, let’s hear your reasons!” Riven said, “Master, look, you were already in a hurry back then, so I focused on speed and stability.

I did not have time to watch the strength.

” “That’s not an excuse.

I installed your server myself.

Do you think I wouldn’t know just how much computing power you have at your disposal?” Raymond directly shot her down.

“Look here, Master.

This Gundam doesn’t have any feedback sensors.

I can only estimate so much without any feedback…” Raymond had not thought about it when he asked this question.

Riven was not to be blamed the slightest.

If there was no feedback, it was naturally impossible to find the correct force.

Like a drunk, she could not control her strength.

She had protested because the accusation had been most unfounded.

Riven could not get any feedback from the Gundam.

It was already a miracle she had not crushed him to death.

“Alright! When I’m free, I’ll make some arrangements…” “Hey! Hey! Master!” Riven immediately interrupted Raymond before he could finish.

“I’d rather fly than feel! Besides, now that nuclear fusion has been developed, do you think I can install one here…” Raymond didn’t need to think twice.

“A plasma engine could be installed!” It still had its uses.

Just like the situation just now, if he could install a plasma engine on a Gundam, who knew how far he would have gone by now.

As for the nuclear fusion reactor… it was too dangerous for now.

This was already the most compact version he was capable of cooking up.

With such a massive energy output, how could a single Gundam make use of it? Wouldn’t it turn into a big fireball if it was installed? “Don’t even think about going nuclear.

It’s not large and would definitely fit, but there’s no way you can use all its energy at once!” “Oh, Alright!” “If it’s a plasma engine, make one yourself.

I don’t have time to be sidetracked like that…” “Master, please help me!” Riven started to act coquettishly again.

Instantly, Raymond felt that the goosebumps on his skin threatening to drown his legs.

“If you keep this up, I’m going to say a few words to Tuesday and that would be it!” Raymond threatened her.

“Alright, alright! If you don’t want to help, then don’t help.

Why are you being so fierce?!” Raymond covered his eyes and fell a little speechless.

Riven, this artificial retard, was not completely useless.

It was just that.


She was sometimes truly infuriating! At that moment, Raymond wanted to unplug her power cord!