The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 123

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 123

Chapter 123: An Artificial Intelligence Controlled Gundam! As a newer generation artificial intelligence, Riven’s out-of-the-box thinking was something that ordinary people could never keep up with.

Moreover, Riven never narrated or drew out any plans as she worked.

So no one knew what she was trying to do.

After finding her bearings, Riven picked up a few robots and started running.

“What is Riven trying to do?” “Trying the Gundam’s power? Is she trying to see how far she can chuck those robots?” “I don’t understand!” “I suddenly wish Riven could continue beeping…” “She seems to be heading towards the forge!” “No way! No way!” “That’s more or less what she meant!” .



“Riven isn’t planning to make a greatsword, is she?” In fact, it was more or less what the netizens were thinking.

Riven moved around for a while, and she believed that the Gundam was missing something.

A weapon! Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM That’s right, it was a weapon! Although Raymond made no such plans, Riven begged to differ.

Since you’ve already made a Gundam, is it not appropriate to make a weapon? She may not be able to build particle cannons, but what’s stopping her from building a huge sword? A Gundam without a weapon was a Gundam without a soul.

Therefore, Riven went directly to the forge.

Tuesday felt that it was necessary to report this to Raymond.

“Sir, Riven plans to make a pair of greatswords for the Gundam.

” “Oh?” Raymond was suddenly interested.

“She told you so?” “No, I judged it based on her behavior.

Should I stop her?” “Can you stop her?” “I can’t control the Gundam, but I can control the laser cutter.

” “Forget it then!” It would have been great if Tuesday could completely hijack the controls of the Gundam.

He had put a lot of effort and time into this thing.

He couldn’t risk it like this.

However, Tuesday could not do as he wished.

Then shouldn’t he have had a backup plan? Although Riven was hardwired to never cause harm to herself, with her current ditzy personality, accidents may happen.

It was necessary to have a backup plan.

“It’s about time.

I’ll send Kim Hee-sun back to check on Gundam’s condition…” “It also looks like I’m famished!” On one side, Raymond brought Kim Hee-sun to the industrial park.

On the other side, Riven had already started forging.

If not for the presence of a Gundam, it wouldn’t have been easy to forge two gigantic swords.

After all, the Gundam was 21.

25 meters tall.

To look like swords in proportion to that imposing pink figure, they had to be at a minimum of 10 meters each.

And such a long sword wasn’t easy to forge, even with the robots.



They didn’t have lunch until four o’clock in the afternoon.

If it wasn’t for Kim Hee-sun, Gayle Gadot might have said that Raymond didn’t care about his body anymore.

Under such special circumstances, Gayle Gadot deigned to remain silent.

At that moment, Gayle Gadot had completely revealed her true nature.

She wasn’t pretentious about it either.

Be it giving Raymond hot dishes or adding soup to his bowl.

Without having to adhere to the strict guidelines of her mission, she had let herself go without realizing it.

However, Raymond noticed the difference.

He looked at her intently, but he did not say anything.

“What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?” Gayle Gadot was a little puzzled by Raymond’s gaze.

“It’s nothing…” “No, there must be something wrong with you!” When Gayle Gadot said this, she didn’t think much of it.

But Raymond could clearly feel it.

The current Gayle Gadot should be her natural state.

She was as aloof as ever, but she seemed to be less practical about doing things.

She seemed more spontaneous and casual.

“I just think that the current you is very good-looking…” “Only the current me? What are you saying?” Gayle Gadot put her hands on her waist.

“You really don’t know how to talk!” “Hahaha, I’m just a silly kid who came out of the slums.

I can learn to talk… eventually…” When Raymond brought up this topic, Gayle Gadot couldn’t take it anymore.

She knew what was going on.

“Is the food I cooked today to your liking?” “Your culinary skills are completely on the tip of my tongue.

Even if it’s hot, it’s still delicious.

” “It’s good that you like it.

” With that, Gayle Gadot went to Ray’s kitchen again.

It seemed like she was planning to make more for Raymond.

However, her ears were slightly red.

It was clear that Raymond was not as bad a talker as she claimed.



Riven’s two greatswords were forged.

Although they were temporary, they were made of a special alloy, so they were still very strong.

However, even Riven was unable to forge two greatswords with complete accuracy.

One was 9.

61 meters, and the other was 9.

62 meters.

Although there was only a one-centimeter difference, Riven was most dissatisfied.

Neither did she expect forging swords to be this difficult.

However, she had basically built replica swords for cosplay purposes, so she was not too bothered.

Then… She went back to the laboratory.

Since she was already pink, her swords had to be pink as well.

The two big swords that once gleamed with terrifying, cold steel were now painted pink.

It was a jump from heaven to hot pink hell.

“Oh my God, this, this, this… I’ve been enlightened!” “What is Riven even thinking, where is her brain?” “She doesn’t have a brain, she only has a server!” “Alright! Artificial Retards are on an entirely different level!” “Damn retard! When I saw these two swords, I thought she had good taste.

I could still accept a pink Gundam, but… I’m so angry I can feel my heart bursting!” “Death + 1” “Death + 1,000,000,000!” “No, my Gundam can’t be ruined like this!” “Let’s team up and make a 1/10th scale Gundam, show her how it’s done.

” “Applying to join the team!” “I want to go too, I’m going to die from anger!” “Good luck trying to steal that sword from her, I’m going to steal some chicken feathers!” “Let’s team up to steal up to 1/1000th of Raven’s server” Of course, there were also those who liked pure pink, but these comments were quickly buried.

They easily went unnoticed.

With two greatswords in hand, Riven’s posture instantly changed.

No, the Gundam’s posture had changed.

Her left hand was in an attacking posture, while her right hand was in a defensive posture.

If there were enemies in front of Riven, she would’ve immediately charge forward.

Many netizens quickly spammed their screenshot buttons as she moved through her poses.

The Gundam was completely pink.

But, they still liked it very much.

After randomly waving them about for a while, Riven put away her fightning stance.

But the netizens weren’t satisfied yet.

At that moment, the Gundam spoke in Riven’s voice.

“These weapons look cool, but they aren’t powerful enough!” With just this sentence, the netizens in the live broadcast room immediately understood what Riven meant.

She was definitely going to do something big.