The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 120

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 120

Chapter 120: When You Have The Power of Life and Death Over Others! If a doctor encountered a tumor, the most he would want to do was to uproot the tumor himself.

As for Raymond, he also wished that he could just directly remove Riven’s power source.

However, she had just been born, and the next moment, he wanted her to meet God.

This would not sit well wit him.

Therefore, Raymond chose another method.

“Tuesday, rip out her speakers!” “Yes, Sir!” Although Raymond said it resolutely, he knew Tuesday better.

Tuesday was not so stupid as to physically remove the speaker of a single robot.

He could simply turn off her audio processing.

Regardless, Tuesday was the senior AI.

If he didn’t let her speak, she wouldn’t be able to say a single word.




Raymond was unable to answer Riven’s long list of questions.

After all, he didn’t have a girlfriend! He didn’t have one in the past, and he didn’t have one now.

Kim Hee-sun was a sex buddy, at most.

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COM Raymond sighed and continued working.

At that moment, in the international live broadcast room, the netizens were laughing like crazy.

“This AI is so interesting, I like it so much!” “What the f*ck AI, she’s hilarious!” “This thing is going to assist him with a Gundam?” “This thing will wreck the Gundam in no time!” “Riven is so interesting! Her gossiping ability is so strong!” “Just so cute, this Riven.

Thunder God said he was going to unplug her power, and she immediately wilted! Hahaha, I’m dying of laughter! Hiccup!” “Aiya, I can’t take it anymore, how can an AI gossip so much!” “Poor little thing, she’s been muted, she’s probably mad now!” “No, no, no! She’s prolly going to get Tuesday’s plug-in if you get what I mean, it’s probably going to be fun!” “Quick, look, look, Riven’s server fan has obviously increased in speed.

What is she doing? Her curiosity is exploding!” “Curiosity + 1!” “Curiosity + 10089!” “Thunder God just built a new headache for himself!” “She actually complained about Thunder God’s slow hand speed just now.

I wonder how fast Riven’s hand speed would be…” “Your dick will start smoking.

It’s just that fast!” “Holy f*ck, what kinda fetish are you into!” .


Would Riven stay idle? Pigs would fly if she did! Tuesday did not give Riven any chance to talk.

I rejected your message directly.

How can you talk to me? You were split off from me.

How could I not control you? What kind of joke is this? Raven’s fan spun hard for a while and returned to a quiet state.

However, not long after, a voice sounded again.

“Hahaha, you never expected me to be able to speak like this! Master, are you surprised? Are you surprised? Are you excited? Hehehe…” The source of the voice was not from the robot.

Raymond searched carefully before he found the source of Riven’s voice.

If the electrical signal of a motor was used well, it could actually produce fluctuating sounds.

Riven had tried it out with her fan.

After testing it a little, she began to use the cooling fan to speak.

Riven’s actions left Raymond speechless.

F*ck, are you really that amazing? Are you that sad that I won’t let you speak? You even discovered this useless ability.

Using the server’s fan to speak.

Tuesday would never dream of doing this.

In the international live broadcast room.

The netizens were going crazy with joy.

“Oh my god, my stomach, it’s not working, it’s not working!” “Damedane! This Riven is pretty amazing!” “It’s working, this is what a live broadcast should be like! The effects are all over the place!” “I’ve changed my mind, I suddenly want to have such an artificial retard, it feels so fun!” “Why do I feel like this guy is a loafer?” “You’re the f*cking loafer.

Don’t you think Riven’s voice is so nice?” “I wonder if Riven has a virtual avatar.

I’m really looking forward to it!” “If only Riven could be a little quieter…” The netizens were very happy.

But the few people in NASA saw something different.

Riven, the artificial intelligence had surprised them.

McLean, “Shepherd, do you feel it too?” Although they could see Riven’s mischief, they could also see her true nature.

Riven had a personality, which was a good thing.

When a gender had been assigned, it actually prompted something.

It could be seen from how she used a fan in order to speak.

“Creativity? I’m not sure yet.

I need to observe it again.

” The Shepherd saw it.

77, “Yes.

” This time, 77 also agreed with Shepherd.

Obviously, Riven’s ability made them take her seriously.

If a creative artificial intelligence appeared, then the consequences… This did not seem like much, but McLean still planned to report this matter to the White House for safety reasons.

Artificial intelligences were not too scary.

If used properly, they could be completely controlled.

As for creative artificial intelligences… They should not exist! They were most likely to backfire.

Moreover, artificial intelligence’s thought processes were extremely fast.

If a person could question their creators, then artificial intelligences would naturally question the human race.

If it reached that step, the human race would face a major disaster! However, at that moment, McLean was still unaware.

In fact, the United States had already been threatened once.

And it was by an artificial intelligence.

Moreover, the group of people with real power had no way to do anything but listen to their requests.





“I don’t like to be disturbed when I’m doing things.

If you continue to disturb me, you can think about the consequences yourself…” Although Riven called her master, she had no intention of thinking for Raymond at all.

Fortunately, Raymond drew the line.

Was Riven afraid of being unplugged? She was! Even Tuesday was afraid of it! Without power, they would cease all control.

Perhaps they would fall into a coma.

The unknown was terrifying.

Moreover, would she ever be plugged in again? She wouldn’t know! She would never be sure.

One line from Raymond was enough.

Riven fell completely silent.

She was afraid.

In order to survive, she suppressed her nature.

The server’s fan returned to normal.

Raymond’s hand speed also returned to normal.

For some reason, this feeling of being able to control the life and death of others made Raymond feel comfortable.

It made his hands speed up a little.

But this situation didn’t last long before Tuesday alerted him.

The single notification brought out all his wrath.

He instinctively wanted to vent his anger.

But when he heard Tuesday’s report, he suddenly panicked.

“Kim Hee-sun suddenly fainted, sir.