The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 113

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Like A Sci-fi Movie! After Caroline finished speaking, Raymond had already started to move.

The top of the laboratory was connected to a movable iron chain.

The iron chain connected to the muscle fiber, and under the fiber was the ten-ton Rolls-Royce.

Using the pulley, a robot tugged the car up.

The director looked at the situation and immediately split the screen.

On the left was Raymond on the console, and on the right was the image of the Rolls-Royce leaving the ground.

It would almost be an understatement to say that Tuesday was well-versed in physics.

The Rolls-Royce was gently placed back down.

It had been strung up so evenly that all four wheels came back down at the exact same time.

As the robot moved, the Rolls-Royce was almost one meter above the ground.

This thing weighed ten tons… Yet the roof structure of the laboratory held up fine.




It did not show any signs of straining.

“It’s done!” As Raymond gave the order, the robots stopped moving.

“Let me see if we meet the expectations!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Raymond stood on the console.

The two robots at the side immediately walked to his side.

They had been placed there in the event of any accidents.

The main switch was flipped on.

Electricity was turned on.

Unlike human muscle fibers, Ramon had designed this thing to rely entirely on electricity.

Human muscles, on the other hand, were powered by blood.

Nerve sent electrical signals.

Nerve: Harder.

Muscle: Okay.

Muscle contracts a little.

Nerve: Harder.

Muscle: Okay.

Muscle contracts a little more.

Nerve: All of your strength.

Muscle: Okay! Muscle contracts with everything it has.

Nerve: A little more… Muscle: Out of energy, quicky, have the blood send me some food.

Then the muscle softened up… Raymond had designed like this, like a man’s penis.

With blood supply, it starts to harden.

With a little more blood supply, it gets harder.

When there simply isn’t any more room for blood – it starts some hard banging! As for how hard it can be, it completely depended on the ability of the spongy body.

Anyway, the power supply would not be much of an issue.

If anything, too much power could burn up his circuits.

Like a balloon, blowing too much air would pop it.

So, Raymond was out to see just how much power it took to pop his fibers.

He started to work the lever.

Power was endlessly poured in.

The netizens who were paying attention started to get nervous.

The netizens on Caroline’s side were left looking puzzled.

Even the netizens who knew nothing about technology had a grasp of what he was attempting.

When Raymond pushed it to about one-eighth, a few muscle fibers began to operate.

Unsurprisingly, the contraption began to contract.

But it wasn’t easy to pull up ten tons.

Although the muscle fibers started twisting about, the car did not budge.

“See! I knew it wouldn’t work…” McLean pursed his lips.

Shepherd did not say anything, as if it was to be expected.

77 did not even look at the live broadcast.

She continued to chew on her book.

It seemed like her book was more interesting than Raymond’s live broadcast.



Raymond continued to push.


A quarter.

The Rolls-Royce suddenly moved.

With the tension of a bowstring, it abruptly floated ten centimeters off the ground.

The short ten centimeters shocked everyone’s jaws.

In the international live stream room! “Wow! It’s up! It’s up!” “It’s getting hard!” “Awesome! Thunder God could do it.

He actually made that thing hard!” “It’s getting thicker and bigger.

Do you see that?” “I see it, but it’s also getting shorter!” “What the f*ck are you guys on about?” “Motherf*cker, I want the wheels of that car to sit on my face!” “Don’t look, kids.

You can’t see this!” .


The live broadcast room’s mood changed.

Meanwhile, Caroline’s live broadcast exploded.

“Ahahaha, Mam Carol was slapped in the face by the Thunder God again!” “Caroline: I’ll say it now, it’s impossible!” “Look, Madam Carol’s face is red!” “Sigh, Mam Carol is used to getting slapped in the face every day.

She’s used to it!” “Isn’t that just how intellectual are? Sit down, sit down!” “Hey, Hey, Hey, is this how you treat Mam Carol? If it wasn’t for her, you guys wouldn’t even understand the Thunder God’s intentions by now! Seriously… he never explained a single thing since the beginning, hahaha…” “Forget it, forget it.

Common sense just never works on that guy.

I hope Mam Carol reads my comment!” Caroline’s embarrassment only lasted for a moment.

She recovered quickly.

After all, scientists encountered new discoveries that went against common sense every single day.

Was there not a single leading researcher who had never tasted a slap across the face before? This was science! It was normal to be slapped in the face.

It wasn’t shameful.

Shouldn’t we be cheering for Thunder God? Look, Thunder God has invented something new.

No, he had grabbed hold of human civilization by the feet and moved it forward.

After all, muscle fibers were not something new.

His version of it just happened to be much better.


77’s book lay on the ground.

She had dropped it at some point.

McLean and Shepherd were staring at the screen.

They couldn’t wait to see how this would develop.

Their mouths had dropped open, and they didn’t know what to say.

The more they knew, the more questions they had.

10 centimeters did not seem like much.

But to them, this could have been a nuclear explosion.

This had to be a half-century leap in technological advancement.

If Raymond never reveals the manufacturing method, scientists would need at least 50 years to achieve it.

“I feel like I’m dreaming!” Shepherd was still watching the live broadcast.

His jaw clenched shut.

“Maybe we’re watching a sci-fi movie…” “Yeah… He never provided any blueprints or technical parameters.

It does look like a sci-fi movie…” “Could this be a scam?” “I almost wish it was…” Most of what Raymond came up with could be verified and reverse-engineered.

But without the intricate details… Just like this muscle fiber… Without the blueprints, they would be completely dumbfounded.



Things weren’t over yet.

Raymond did not seem surprised to see the Rolls Royce move.

He wanted to see how far the fibers could go without popping.

10 centimeters would be completely useless for him.

After all, a Gundam’s range of movement was rather massive.

As Raymond shoved more power into the fibers, the car went higher off the ground.

20 centimeters 50 centimeters 100 centimeters 140 centimeters 200 centimeters 240 centimeters The limit.

Ramon calculated that the fibers were fully capable of meeting the requirements.

Perhaps the grouping patterns could be optimized further.

If he were to power a Gundam with this, the fibers needed to be adjusted.

However, the layout of the muscle fiber and the layout of the circuit needed careful thought.

Perhaps he could also refer to the distribution of human muscles strands.

If he referred to humans, then how should the distribution of wires be arranged? Having them return to the same position each time they relaxed was another problem.

Forget it, all this could be considered later.


Now, let’s try its other limits! The following movements of the muscle fibers could stupefy these viewers.