The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 108

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Breaking Through The Limitations Of Materials! Today, Raymond did not wake up naturally.

He woke up because he had a nightmare.

He dreamed that a huge meteorite had smashed into his heart, making it almost impossible for him to breathe.

As if he was about to die, he suddenly woke up.

The sudden awakening allowed him to quickly regain his bearings.

He didn’t scream.

Even if he wanted to scream, he couldn’t.

Because Kim Hee-sun was lying on his chest.

And Kim Hee-sun’s massive meteorites were pressing on his lungs.

It was said that reality and dreams were related.

Raymond once again confirmed the correctness of this statement.




Although Kim Hee-sun’s massive meteorites were very soft, Raymond’s ribcage couldn’t withstand the pressure for a long time.

So, a nightmare took form.

Girls who liked to sleep on their stomachs were usually the same as Kim Hee-sun.

The growth of their bodies had forced them to adapt.

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COM Sleeping on one’s side was burdensome, and breathing was labored.

Although sleeping on one’s side would be more comfortable, it strained the spine.

Naturally, they liked to sleep on their stomach.

Although it would squash some meteorites, they were already so big that it did not matter.

Raymond woke up with a start, feeling most annoyed, but upon looking at Kim Hee-sun, his temper died down.

After all, last night had been really tiring.

He gently turned her over.

In the morning light, Raymond saw Kim Hee-sun’s clothes.

Oh, no! She was not dressed.

After all, she was too tired last night.

She fell asleep not long after she was done.

She had no time to put on her clothes at all.

Raymond vented his anger and pinched the two meteorites hard, changing their shape, structure, and dimensions a few times before he was satisfied.

Seeing that it was almost time, Raymond stood up.

He put on his clothes and washed up in one breath.

Although Raymond’s voice was not loud, Kim Hee-sun still noticed it.

He mumbled, “Brother… brother, i… I Can’t…” “Next time… it’ll be you… up there…” With a smile, Raymond left his room.

The houses in Darwin’s industrial park weren’t big.

They were incomparable to those villas.

However, for the sake of convenience, Raymond couldn’t care less.

If he could quickly finish the spaceship, then it wouldn’t be too late to enjoy it.

When he opened the door, there was already movement in the living room.

Gayle Gadot was placing food on the table, one plate at a time.

It seemed that Gaergado woke up at least an hour earlier than him.

“She’s up? Is she awake?” After placing the last two breakfast items, Gadot handed the incubator to a robot.

The robot went out and came back with a fresh incubator.

“She’s still sleeping.

” Looking at the breakfast on the table, Raymond not only asked, “How much did you cook? Did you feed the pigs?” “Not much.

I just wanted to see if my skills had deteriorated.

The rain last night was a little heavy, so I couldn’t sleep…” Raymond did not stand on ceremony and went straight to the table.

He did not think about too much when he saw the faint dark circles under Gayle Gadot’s eyes.

Then, he shifted his attention to Gayle Gadot’s clothes.

Her dressing wasn’t as exaggerated as yesterday… It should be said that she was dressed very casually today.

She wore a long metallic gray dress and a pair of flat shoes.

Her hair was tied up in a practical tail.

Her makeup was also minimal.

Yes, Gayle Gadot did not put any makeup on purpose today.

But, her foundation was good! Even if she did not put on makeup on purpose, she was still so eye-catching.

The netizens watching the live broadcast were all driven crazy by her outfit.

She was definitely dressed like a young woman! She had never dressed like this in the past.

But this sudden change actually had a very prominent effect.

Did many men like young women? Many of them indeed! And Raymond… He also liked them.

Because he had just woken up in the morning, Raymond’s morning wood was still there.

More wood seemed to be added to the pile! His heart began to pump blood very consciously, and his spongy body was almost at its limit.

‘When did I get this virile?’ The exercise these few days did not leave Raymond feeling tired the next day.

Moreover, his body was becoming stronger… Even though Raymond had gained a lot of knowledge, he could not explain it at the moment.

‘Maybe I should read some books on medicine!’ He suppressed his thoughts and lowered his head to eat.

He held his breath, and his spongy body was relieved after more than ten seconds.

He had learned this trick from a book.

The main reason some stuff grew bigger was due to sufficient blood supply.

Holding his breath could slow down his heartbeat.

So, as long as he didn’t breathe for more than ten seconds, the awkwardness could be solved immediately.

Seeing Raymond lowering his head unnaturally, Gayle Gadot already had a plan in her heart.

Her assets could still cause damage to Raymond.

It was just that she had been a little too hasty.

She would have to approach this the way people gradually boiled frogs in water.

After making up her mind, Gayle Gadot also began to eat.



The live broadcast never stopped.

But today, Raymond didn’t do anything about nuclear fusion.

He still needed some time for sufficient nuclear fusion materials.

Tritium! This was the core material of nuclear fusion.

The collection of this thing needed time.

The heavy water that was previously extracted had already been used by Tuesday.

Its function was to extract tritium.

But Raymond did not intend to stay idle.

The construction of a spaceship required a lot of prerequisites.

A very important piece was the installation of large equipment.

The keel was a given.

According to Raymond’s preliminary estimates, it was at least 460 meters long.

For the sake of the overall strength, Raymond didn’t plan to use a split structure.

Therefore, the weight of the keel had already reached an astonishing weight.

And such a big thing could only be continuously controlled when it was forged… And it also needed to be completed in a very short time.

A Gundam seemed to be the best choice.

The Gundam in the animation was about 20 meters high.

Raymond thought about it for a moment, and this height seemed appropriate.

However, Gundam at this height could not use the same type of mechanisms, servos and motors that his robots did.

Gundams would be ridiculously heavy.

A new source of strength was urgently needed.

Hydraulic cylinders and cylinders… Hydraulic cylinders required too much time, and they were ridiculously slow.

Cylinders required too much pressure, so there was no need to install a large air pump on Gundam.

As for gearboxes, Raymond did not consider it at all.

That thing was too big to be suitable for delicate work.

When forging keel, Gundam only needed to move a little.

However, a new idea appeared in Raymond’s mind.

Ramon was once again on the shoulders of civilization.

But this time he needed to break through the limits of materials.