The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 101

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Gayle Gadot Makes An Offer! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation The goal of Jelly media was very simple.

They wanted traffic.

They did not care if their news was even accurate.

Regardless, they only invited two scientists.

As for what they said, it was completely up to them.

So Jelly media was not afraid at all.

On the contrary, Caroline and Sidney would be left alone to handle the anger of the netizens.

However, Sidney had been basically sidelined by then.

He did have something.

His fanbase was also in the 1 million range.

But the netizens who were influenced by Raymond did not look at his fans.




They looked at his professional counterparts.

Caroline studied nuclear fusion.

She also participated in China’s nuclear fusion experiment.

Moreover, the radiation-proof lead plate he mentioned before seemed to be useless now.

After all, Raymond’s directional magnetic field generator could even turn off the laser, so couldn’t it turn off the radiation? Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Therefore, he was marginalized as well.

The director of Jelly media even considered distancing his company from Sidney.

They might get dragged into this fire.

The host looked at the comments one after another and also selected some statements from Raymond’s fans.


Carolyn, a netizen says that Thunder God is totally capable of developing new fields of science.

What do you think about nuclear fusion now?” Carolyn never saw Raymond’s directional magnetic field generator coming.

However, she did not appear disappointed.

On the contrary, she was extremely happy.

“Dear netizens, everything I said about Thunder God was based on my conventional wisdom and experience.

” “I did not see this directional magnetic field generator coming, so naturally, I was wrong.

” “However, I’m still not optimistic about this approach to nuclear fusion.

After all, his directional magnetic field generator only provides a useful sealing effect, but it can’t produce any pressure.

You have to know that nuclear fusion requires high temperature and high pressure.

He has covered the containment issues.

To put it bluntly, one of the key points has yet to be completed, so there are still many problems to be solved.

“Of course, I also very much hope that Thunder God achieves his goals.

That way, our civilization level can make a huge leap forward.

“The Sea of stars may not remain a dream in the future!” After Caroline said that, Nana continued to pick questions.


Carolyn, a netizen asks: If nuclear fusion reactors can be used, how would this impact the world?” “This question, most people can think of it.

” Carolyn smiled slightly, adjusted her skirt, and crossed her legs.

“We rely on nuclear energy mainly to generate electricity, and with additional technology, our electricity price will naturally fall in the future.

” “So, if you have oil stocks, electricity stocks, and various energy stocks, quickly sell them.

After all, they will probably fall immediately.

” “Even if Thunder God’s nuclear fusion reactor isn’t made, you’d still have to sell it.

After all, this entails a chain reaction.

” “Of course, the stocks of electric cars will almost certainly be sold.

The batteries Thunder God made would quickly hit the streets…” “The space industry can be bought.

Although the plasma engine is out, it will definitely be followed by a large capital investment…” “The price of electricity will definitely fall.

In the future, we won’t have to be too thrifty when it comes to electricity consumption.

” “However, for the sake of the greenhouse effect of the earth, I suggest that we not get too extravagant on our spending either.

After all, it’s not something that science and technology can do in a short period of time…” Caroline no longer held back and basically said whatever came to her mind.

In fact, the passing mention of a few stocks from Caroline had very ridiculous impacts.

The comments to Jelly media were originally all about Raymond, technology, and the future of the starry sky.

But now, all sorts of silly questions started popping up.

Mam Carol, what stocks should I buy? I’m so confused! Mam Carol, thank goodness you mentioned that.

I just saw Tesla’s stocks, and it actually fell.

If it weren’t for you, I would probably go to the rooftop! Madam Carol, are you a senior stockholder? Why would you mention stocks all of a sudden? Tell me about your group! Madam Carol, I’m so green, and I still can’t sell it.

My heart is so tired, and the wind on the rooftop is so strong.

Mam Carol, I heard that you have a daughter.

Is she married? A series of questions left the host, Nana speechless.

However, Nana was a veteran hostess.

She did not talk about these things.

Instead, she picked a comment about Raymond and picked up on it.

“Hee-sun, go out for a while.

I have something to say to your brother.

” Not long after they finished eating, Gayle Gadot went out.

When she came back, she went to look for Kim Hee-sun.

At that moment, Gayle Gadot was clearly fully armed.

Her carefully washed hair was glossy and her wavy hair had been carefully treated.

The appropriate makeup matched perfectly with her temperament.

A pair of shiny earrings were hidden in her hair, appearing and disappearing at times.

She was dressed in a purple backless gown.

The plunging neckline made people’s mouths dry.

Her healthy back was completely exposed, and there wasn’t a single flaw on it.

It seemed that God had specially custom-made her.

It made her so beautiful.

The skirt wasn’t long, but it wasn’t short either.

The slanted opening revealed an asymmetrical beauty.

Gayle Gadot’s legs were already extremely beautiful.

When juxtaposed with the dark skirt, they seemed even more extraordinary.

Obviously, Gadot had put a lot of effort into this! The originally boring live broadcast suddenly stirred to life.

“No! My Gadot, what are you doing? He already has someone!” “Are you giving it to him directly? This will be a good show to watch!” “F*ck, don’t go to Raymond’s room.

We can’t see anything there!” “Tonight will be a glorious night!” “I’m so envious of the Thunder God! Having one drop-dead bombshell is already bad enough, but two?!” “The key is that Gadot actually took the initiative to send them off.

What should I do!” “Wah! Rah! Bah! I’m letting out some strange cries.

I’ve been watching this pair of lovers for a long time, but I never expected Gadot to take the initiative to attack!” “I don’t even dare to look at them anymore.

I’m so shy! (cover my eyes and sneak a peek!)” “Oh ho, that’s it!” “Poor Hee-sun, she probably doesn’t even know what Gadot is up to!” “Are you an idiot? Kim Hee-sun is gone!” When she saw Gayle Gadot’s outfit, Kim Hee-sun had been stunned for a moment.

“Wow!!! Sister, you look so beautiful today! Dress me up too!” “I want to look so beautiful too, alright!” Kim Hee-sun said as she held Gayle Gadot’s hand and shook it.

“Hee-sun, I have something to tell your brother…” “Yes yes, sister, I heard you the first time.

Promise me first!” “Okay, okay, okay, but you have to listen to me first!” “Okay, I’ll go out now!” Kim Hee-sun immediately left the dining room.

Gayle Gadot did not hesitate and walked directly to Raymond.

She bent over and said with a smile, “Do I look good today?”