The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 99

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Where Did The Laser Go? Was It Incarcerated? It was needless to say how strong the FBI’s ability was.

However, they still lost seven people.

However, their goal had been achieved.

Italy remained unaware.

Now, they were already close to the rehabilitation center.

They spotted the target.

“11 o’clock, make sure the target is safe!” “Three minutes, no matter what, act immediately.

” .


13 was watching the live broadcast.

Although McLean couldn’t send him any replies, he was confident.

After all, it was the United States.

American soldiers may not be the best, but he was important enough that they would not half-*ss this.




They would definitely send the best agents! However, could he take that woman with him? 13 fell into deep thought.

That woman, a compatriot of his.

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COM He did not know her beyond her flag.

He only knew that the woman knew more languages than he did, and she was extremely fond of reading.

For the two years that she had been here, the woman was practically only seen reading.

However, he didn’t know anything further.

It all depended on fate! If he could take her away, it would be a great help.

That woman had spoken to 13 several times when he had been lost in his mind.

Every single time they spoke, he had felt lucid and coherent again.

13 understood precisely what was going on.

It was a mental breakdown caused by the collapse of his worldview and the frustration of delayed answers.

However, once something captured his focus, he would be fine as long as he was not reminded of his condition.

Raymond’s technology had aroused his interest, so he was able to pull himself back into the world.

Moreover, Raymond had made so many things that he would most probably be kept out of that state for the next few years.

On top of that, he might be able to grill Raymond for questions when this stupid programme runs its full cycle.

It could include the question that caused my mental breakdown! The door to 13 was opened quietly.

A short-haired woman with her head tilted came in.

This woman did not look old, she was about 20 years old.

“It’s… you… called… someone!” The woman’s voice was intermittent, she seemed to be mentally abnormal.

However, what she said hit the nail on the head.

Was she already here? Before others could notice, this woman had already noticed.

“77, what did you say? Where’s your nurse? Why are you here?” 13 asked a lot of questions in one breath, trying to interrupt her train of thought.

“Take me with you.

” “What are you talking about?” “Low-temperature nuclear fusion…” 77’s voice was not loud, but once the words came out, 13 had no choice but to take her along.

“Okay! But you have to listen to me alone from now on.

” “Okay!” Not long after the woman agreed, the movement outside the window attracted 13’s attention.

“Knock, Knock, knock…” The glass was lightly rapped.

But there was no one outside the window Without waiting for the FBI to speak, 77 immediately walked to the window.

“Let’s go!” 77 pulled 13 by the arm and opened the window.

The protective net had disappeared at some point.

The two of them flipped out.

“Sir, this…” The FBI was very puzzled by this woman.

“Is there a problem with taking her with us?” “But, the orders we received were…” “I don’t care about your order.

If we can’t bring her along, in ten seconds, Italy is going to know we’re here.

” “This… Please Wait a moment.

” After communicating with his team leader, he received an answer.

Extracting two individuals was not much different from extracting one.

It’s just a little riskier.





Tuesday’s processors had no problems.

The laser cutter was accurately aligned with the directional magnetic field generator.

Powerful lasers penetrated through wall after wall of lightning.

It went directly into the space between the directional field generators.

Normally, such a powerful energy laser… would come out of that space.

Even if there was a distortion in space, it should have come out.

However, this blue laser went in and never came out.

It was as if it shot straight into another space.

Even though he had expected it, Raymond could not help but widen his eyes.

“It’s actually so powerful?” “Tuesday, Laser Cutter’s intermediate energy supply, get it…” The laser beam’s energy expanded once again.

However, that space still absorbed the laser beam.

Not a single hair was left behind.

“This is getting interesting!” In such a situation, even those who did not know much could see how powerful this directional magnetic field generator was.

In the international live broadcast room.

“This is crazy! What’s the theory behind this! I hope it’s not what I think it is!” “No matter what, Thunder God is awesome!” “Oh my God, this must be a blackhole!” “A manmade blackhole?” “Blackholes? Then can we travel through time and space in the future?” “Travel through time and space? You’re thinking too much!” “Didn’t Thunder God write it down clearly? It’s a directional magnetic field generator.

It’s just that the magnetic field inside is too intense, so even if laser goes in, it can’t come out!” “What do you mean? The laser can’t come out, so it’s locked inside?” “Sigh, I can’t even…!” “Our teacher said that if you can’t explain it clearly, you’re just a poor teacher.

Or you don’t know it well enough yourself.

If you don’t know it, then you don’t know it.

Stop pretending!” “F*ck me, it’s not that simple.

Let me explain to you a little!” “No dude, it’s simple enough.

Although the laser is light, in fact, light has a substance and can be touched.

Think of it as a drop of water, and now this water is contained in a condom.

It can’t leak out.

So we can’t see the laser!” “See, this is what they’ve learned.

If you don’t f*cking understand, then you don’t understand.

F*ck you!” “Tell me, why is it black inside?” “Didn’t the dude guy say that the light inside is locked inside? The camera can’t capture the light, so the image transmitted to us is black.

” “Oh, that’s what he meant.

But why is it black inside?” “The light is being absorbed, It can’t be seen!” “Oh, but why is it black?” “You’re f*cking mad!” “Brother, don’t be mad, he’s playing a Korean joke!” “What?” “It loosely translates to: why is the pigeon so big!” .


The ability of the directional magnetic field generator was a bit amazing.

Since it could contain light, it would naturally make people think of blackholes immediately.

If Raymond could create a man-controlled blackhole, then it would be f*cking powerful.

Let us not talk about meteorites that could threaten the earth, even the sun would be f*cking absorbed by it, believe it or not! After all, the ability of a blackhole was almost the ceiling of this universe.

If it were any higher, not even Raymond could conceptualize it!