The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 96

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 96

Chapter 96: No Scientist Would Understand These Principles!! Raymond had long understood the principle of nuclear fusion.

He already had several feasible plans in his mind.

However, in order to make the nuclear fusion reactor small enough, he still had to come up with a series of plans to deal with it.

“High temperature and high pressure… the temperature can be controlled, but the ignition needs to be changed…” “Using tritium (T) is most effective because there are enough neutron nuclei in it…” “Is cold nuclear fusion feasible? Maybe, but I don’t have enough time to verify it…” “High temperature may work, but the pressure is still a problem.

There are too many variables in space, I need a stable plan.

” “Moreover, the output of the reactor must be controllable.

It can’t be fixed.

” “The conversion of electricity is a big problem.

Maybe we can try semiconductors…” “I have to say, semiconductors are really a great invention…” Raymond murmured softly.

It was almost impossible to hear.




These words seemed to be said to himself, but also seemed like he was arguing with someone.

Soon, Raymond’s eyes lit up.

An idea suddenly popped up.

The chair turned, and he immediately started drawing on the computer.

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COM After some thought, Raymond wrote a title.

[Directional magnetic field generator] Then, he began to draw his blueprint.

Previously, Raymond’s blueprints had been drawn in one go.

But this time, he seemed to halt and think at times.

It seemed that this [Directional magnetic field generator] was related to the nuclear fusion reactor.

In the international live broadcast room.

“I can’t understand it! What is Thunder God doing? What is this magnetic field used for?” “Any experts around to explain?” “Isn’t he researching nuclear fusion? Why is there a sudden change in direction?” “I’m confused!” “What’s going on? Why aren’t there any experts speaking up?” “Enlighten me! I can’t understand it, but I’m dying of curiosity.

What should I do?” “Is Thunder God planning to do something else?” “I really wanna know!” .


The international live broadcast room had now become a large-scale question venue.

If this was in the past, many would already be coming out to explain.

But this time, they seemed to be at a loss of words.

Not only could the people in the live broadcast room not understand it, but even the people from some large organizations also could not understand it.

Russia’s Nuclear Power Research Institute: “??????” America’s National Nuclear Energy Laboratory: “???” Britain’s Nuclear Power Research Institute: “?????” McLean: “????” Japan’s National Energy Research Institute: “??????” I can’t understand it! I can’t understand it! What is Raymond doing? Wasn’t he studying nuclear fusion? Did he suddenly go off track? But soon, they saw the answer.

[can provide a maximum pressure of 450 billion MPa…] Raymond wrote this next to the blueprint as if to remind himself.

The bullet screen scientists could not understand it, but these scientists understood it immediately.

What Raymond meant was that this [Directional magnetic field generator] could withstand 450 billion MPa of pressure.

And 1 MPA was 1 atmospheric pressure.

The pressure inside the sun was about 300 billion MPa, which was 300 billion units of atmospheric pressure.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible!” McLean roared.

But no one refuted him, because they also did not know what Raymond was going to do.

They only knew that Raymond was still studying nuclear fusion.

Nuclear fusion required high temperature and pressure.

Therefore, the function of this device was to provide a high enough pressure.

Such a high pressure was basically impossible on Earth.

Similarly, scientists from various countries shook their heads.

“Such a high pressure is absolutely impossible to achieve!” “If we don’t make a breakthrough in materials science, this pressure will not be possible!” “Did Raymond miscalculate? 450 billion units of atmospheric pressure, how powerful would that be!” “If one is really made, then this thing will be even more terrifying than a nuclear bomb!” Unfortunately! Raymond could not hear what they were saying.

He was busy drawing.

Fortunately, he did not spend too much time this time.

In just half an hour, he had drawn the blueprint for the [Directional magnetic field generator].

Looking at his masterpiece, Raymond narrowed his eyes.

He seemed to be very satisfied this time.

‘System, look…’ This time, Raymond had completely developed it on his own.

Therefore, it was inevitable that he wanted to show off his treasure.

However, the system did not care about his emotions.

[No problems.

] ‘Not praising me?’ [Not to the extent of…] Alright! The system was really too arrogant.

If Raymond ever managed to blow the system’s mind, that would be strange.

“Tuesday, let’s get to work…” The blueprint had been drawn, but the actual work still needed to be experimented on.

Only when he got the actual data could Raymond rest easy.





There was a mental hospital in Italy called the Epps Rehabilitation Center.

It was located in Davoli state in the southwest of Italy.

Although it was a mental hospital, it was heavily guarded.

Moreover, the people who were locked up here were not people who committed heinous crimes.

Instead, they were people who had once made great contributions in the past.

Any one of them would at least have been published in a nature magazine.

If one wanted to live in this place, they would have to pay at least 20 million dollars a year.

This was the lowest price.

If their contribution was big enough, then the money paid would be even more.

There were naturally many crazy people in the mental hospital.

But for the past few days, a particularly noisy mental patient had quieted down.

This mental patient, code 13, only did one thing every day.

He was watching Raymond’s live broadcast in the hall.

Although he couldn’t see the bullet screen, he still found it most enjoyable.

The day before yesterday, a nurse had wanted to change the channel, but 13 immediately stopped her.

However, 13 had not made a big fuss.

He had politely asked her to stop.

This situation immediately attracted the attention of the hospital.

The price was high, so the care given to these mental patients was highly fine-tuned.

If there were signs of recovery, they would certainly focus on it.

For this, 13 was specially transferred to a separate room.

This room was originally designed to keep mental patients quiet.

There was nothing in it except for a bed.

However, in order for 13 to watch Raymond’s live broadcast, they had given him a laptop.

Mental patients who did not cause trouble were naturally well-liked.

Moreover, in order to pay for rehabilitation, the hospital had specially contacted the country of 13 – China.

In order to rehabilitate 13, China had gone to great lengths.

Even if Italy increased the price several times over, they would still arrange for 13 to come in.

The annual rehabilitation fee for 13 – 100 million US dollars.

Was the formidable China afraid of Italy? Of course not.

Italy was no match to their might.

But why were they willing to pay such a high fee? It was all because of 13 – he was worth it!