The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 91

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Gayle Gadot Is Jealous! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Not long after, a robot brought in Kim Hee-sun’s clothes.

After taking the clothes, Raymond shooed the robot out.

After closing the door, Raymond used the key to open the bathroom door.

“Aiya… brother, why did you come in?” Kim Hee-sun looked at Raymond blankly.

“Didn’t you promise not to peek?” “I’m not peeking now…” “Don’t think that I don’t know.

You actually planned this, didn’t you?” When Raymond said this, Kim Hee-sun’s gaze could not help but change.

Then, it returned to normal.




“Hmph, stinky man, you’re the one trying to take advantage of this, yet you’re pinning all this on me.

” “So you’re willing to have me bully you…” “Hmph, I don’t want to talk to you anymore.

” .


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COM These days could last long… or short.

Raymond was relentless and did not give Kim Hee-sun many opportunities to regain her breath.

Anyway, she was not even doing any work, it was all him.

Moreover, this was for the sake of the human’s breeding program.

Yes, they were doing this for the good of mankind.

To Raymond, there was absolutely nothing wrong here.

Those who thought Raymond did not know anything would think there was nothing wrong with Raymond’s way of doing things.

There was still some time before the big meteorite would come to greet the earth.

While the two celestial bodies collided, there would be fewer opportunities for human bodies to collide! It was better to do it now than later.

Kim Hee-sun would have all the opportunity to breathe and rest as she liked later.

There was no time for that now, But if she learned the truth… she would possibly have no problems with the current arrangement either! Actually, in Raymond’s heart, he had another idea.

The program team had spent so much money and used so much manpower and resources.

How could they leave one person behind? Although it was completely reasonable looking at Kim Hee-sun’s situation at the time, there were still a lot of doubts about it.

It would be interesting if she turned out to be a Korean agent.

It would be fine if she did not have any ill intentions toward him, but if she did.


I’m sorry, for the sake of human civilization, even if our bodies once collided, I’d have to get rid of you.

But this was just an assumption.

After all, from Kim Hee-sun’s various actions, it was clear that her cognition had deteriorated.

Even if he could not see it himself, Tuesday had been objectively certain of it.

Tuesday did not observe humans just based on their movements, language, and demeanor… Tuesday picked up on micro-expressions, habitual small movements, blood pressure, heart rate, and so on.

Then, a unified analysis was conducted.

Under such observation, 99.

99 percent of the people could give up being actresses.

If even Tuesday was fooled by her, then… Raymond had nothing to say.

If there was such a person in the world, he deserved to die.

McLean had watched today’s events from beginning to end.

But Joseph was different.

Ever since he entered the laboratory, he had vanished.

Not long after, he had disappeared entirely from the space agency.

But this matter had only been discovered by the head of the Russian space agency two hours later.

“That’s how it happened.

” The head of the space agency told Chekov everything he knew.

Chekov thought for a second and replied, “You are not to be blamed for this.

Joseph would never let anyone stop him once he makes a plan.

However, this is still your mess.

Handle it!” After saying that, Chekov hung up.

Joseph was a living treasure trove to Russia.

Moreover, Joseph was in his prime.

If anything happened to him, Chekov himself would be held responsible.

His ability was comparable to Raymond’s and he had made great contributions to Russia.

If anything happened to him on his way to find Raymond, Chekov himself would regret not taking McLean’s message any more seriously.

With this in mind, Chekov immediately made a call.

“No matter the cost, find Joseph and ensure his safety! If necessary, we can use nuclear submarine No.

3 as a show of power…” “Yes, what are you even asking? This is an order!” Chekov hung up after saying that.

At that moment, Joseph had just alighted from a plane.

The most convenient way was by plane.

But Raymond was in the United States.

So, he could only go by sea.

So he would have to take a submarine.

Today, Raymond was up late.

He was not to be blamed for such a state.

The past few days had been tiring.

The battle last night had been too intense.

The enemy was too difficult to deal with.

The enemy had refused to surrender or stay down.

Raymond had to defeat the enemy several times before they finally relented.

It was past 10 o’clock in the morning.

Gayle Gadot had to call Raymond a few times before he slowly got up to eat.

However, Kim Hee-sun appeared lively and in good spirits.

After eating, Raymond’s spirits slowly recovered.

His career was still on the rise.

He could not just continue being decadent.

Not long after, the netizens groaned in dismay.

Raymond began to read again.

Not a single person enjoyed such a sight.

But fortunately, Gayle Gadot and Kim Hee-sun always stood around him for moral support.

When things got boring, they could still look at the girls and feel better about it.

“Xishan, why did you go to sleep in your brother’s bed last night?” Gayle Gadot’s words immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Everyone watching waited for Kim Hee-sun’s answer.

Many were already aware that she had gone to Raymond’s place last night.

After all, the program team knew that they had to get cameras in the room for the sake of traffic.

However, the best they could do was to show Kim Hee-sun entering Raymond’s house.

They did not know what happened inside.

The explanation given by the program team was that one of Raymond’s robots had malfunctioned, resulting in a high-intensity discharge of electricity, so the cameras in Raymond’s room were fried.

Therefore, they did not know what had happened to Kim Hee-sun in Raymond’s room last night.

“Sister, didn’t I tell you? I can’t sleep without the smell of my brother.

” “Then why is your brother so late today? What time did you guys sleep last night?” Gayle Gadot did not hesitate and went right for the throat.

“What time? I don’t remember…” Gayle Gadot’s tone was a little anxious.

It sounded a little unfriendly.

“Sister, what’s wrong…” Kim Hee-sun looked at Gayle Gadot aggrievedly and pointed her fork at the woman.

“Sister, do you like brother? Actually, I didn’t mean that.

I… I just like his scent…” Kim Hee-sun actually started to sob as she spoke.

“Sob sob sob… sister, if you like brother, I can actually quit… sob sob sob…”