The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 89

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Could Raymond Lead Mankind Into The Interstellar Era?! 7,200 tons “The future is right before us!” Looking at the data, McLean made a shocking statement.

But! He had spoken too soon.

After all, Kim Hee-sun was only halfway through the lever.

There was still another half to go through.

… Russia, Roscosmos.

“Quick, quick, quick, go and fetch Joseph.

If you don’t call him now, you’ll probably be scolded to death when he finds out!” The director of the space agency was also extremely shocked when he saw this data.

It was said that the technology of Russia relied on only one word – flying bricks with great strength.




Till date, it was only a so-so plan.

Moreover, Raymond’s plasma engine was only a prototype.

It did not even seem to have been built to full-scale.

If there was a need, he could get a few of these engines.

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COM In that case, even an aircraft carrier would probably be able to fly into the sky.

That would be a real flying brick.

“Chief, Joseph has locked himself in there.

I can’t open the door!” “Seriously, what is this Joseph doing now?” The chief was a little angry.

If it were any other time, he could have bolted himself shut for all he cared.

But now, Raymond was still carrying out the test.

He did not want to miss a moment of this.

But considering the importance of the matter, he still bit down his curiosity.

He strode towards Joseph’s laboratory.

Joseph’s laboratory was tightly locked.

From the glass of the door, he could faintly see Joseph writing and drawing in the left corner.

Knocking on the door was completely useless.

After all, the laboratory’s soundproofing ability was very complete.

As for the doorbell, Joseph had already dismantled it a few years ago.

Therefore, he could only use his administrator passcode to override the door.

After three verifications, Joseph’s laboratory door was finally opened.

“Joseph, come out and take a look.

Ramon’s plasma engine’s thrust has already reached 4000 tons…” The director jogged in.

“Hey… where is he?” .




Seeing that the plasma engine was working steadily, Raymond gave another order.

“High-level energy supply.

” “Yes, Sir!” Kim Hee-sun gave a proper salute and shoved the lever down.

“Woo Woo Woo… Boom BOOM…” At that moment, the plasma engine’s energy output broke through the sky.

The plasma beam tore through the air with such force that the sheer friction made an ear-piercing screech.

The fog only grew, and a part of the water on the sea began to boil.

Because of the plasma beam, a part of the sea was completely parted, and the seabed could be seen.

“Dude, take a whiff.

I seem to smell the smell of grilled fish!” Kim Hee-sun sniffed hard.

She could smell the burnt fish.

“I really want to eat barbecue!” Raymond ignored Kim Hee-sun’s actions and looked at the pressure gauge seriously.

Kim Hee-sun had recklessly shoved the lever up all at once.

But with Tuesday’s software buffering the signals, the power supply did not surge up instantly.

Instead, it rose in a linear fashion.

Similarly, the thrust of the plasma engine also rose in a linear fashion.

4,500 tons.

5,000 tons.

… just as the 5,000 tons of pressure appeared, Trident 16 jerked forward.

The friction between the beach and Trident 16 couldn’t stop the power of the plasma engine.

5,500 tons! The thrust of the plasma engine was almost at its peak.

At that moment, it became difficult measuring the thrust.

Because Trident 16 was moving faster and faster.

Seeing this, Raymond pulled Kim Hee-sun away and released the limiters.

5,600 tons of thrust, this was the theoretical limit of Raymond’s design.

However, he needed to test the maximum power of the engine.

With the supply of electricity, the sound of the plasma engine became sharper and sharper.

At a certain point, the sound of the engine changed completely.

It could no longer be heard by the human ear.

“Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish…” 5,900 tons 6,000 tons 6,200 tons 6,800 tons 7,200 tons .


Raymond stared at the data.

But at 7,200 tons of thrust, the engine seemed to suddenly break through some limit.

In an instant, Trident 16 underwent a massive force.

It was like a billiard ball being smashed by a hammer.

At that moment, Trident 16 was pushed more than 100 meters away.

The pressure monitor suddenly lost its display.

All the cables of the plasma engine had been ripped off.

How terrifying! Looking at the chaotic scene, Raymond was a little angry, which was rare.

“Tuesday, you still have a lot to learn.

I hope you can improve faster.

” “Sir, my processors have been overclocked to the maximum capacity.

” “”Ε=(´ο`*))) Ah, okay.

When I have time, I will get you more poweful chips.

” Although he was not satisfied, Raymond had to accept the truth.

If Tuesday’s server did not have enough computing power, her growth would plateau.

The international broadcast room exploded again.

“F*ck, that was almost double the power!” “My heart ached for the ship.

It actually suffered such abuse!” “Didn’t they say there was only 5,600 tons of thrust? Where did 7,200 tons of thrust come from? is the pressure sensor broken?” “This thing is too terrifying!” “If it was installed on a truck, how fast do you think it could run?” “I guess even fighter jets couldn’t outrun it!” “A truck? Would the truck even remain in one piece? Are you kidding me?” “Damn you.

” “If a few more of these engines were installed on that freighter, do you think that thing would be able to fly into the sky?” “OP, I can give you a clear answer – yes!” “Oh f*ck, that’s awesome!” “Any experts about? Calculate how many kilowatt-hours of electricity this engine consumes per second…” When this question came out, the live broadcast room was mostly silent.

Yes, the power of this thing was formidable.

However, strength was relative.

Since you had such great strength, naturally, you would have to consume electricity of the same energy.

Although power in the world was cheaper now, it was still not something that an average person could afford.

With 7,200 tons of power in an instant, how much power would be consumed?! .


As the robots were still cleaning up the mess, the major media channels on Twitter had already started to release the latest news.

This big news deserved the celebration of the entire human race.

Therefore, none of the media companies wanted to let it go.

“The interstellar era is right in front of us!” “In terms of a portable energy source, how much longer do we need to go into the sky?” “What are you waiting for? Board the battleship immediately and let us travel in space!” “The Third World War might not be far away!”