The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 87

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Why Is The Car Shaking?! In terms of beauty, in fact, Kim Hee-sun and Gayle Gadot were rather equal.

They were both top-notch beauties.

Even if they did not make-up or dress up, they would be spotted amongst a crowd at a single glance.

However, Kim Hee-sun was the beauty of the east, and Gayle Gadot was the beauty of the west.

Even so! Their beauty was not stereotypical of their origins.

Many beautiful women were only liked by the local people of their country.

There was no such boundary for the two of them.

As long as it was a viewer on the live broadcast, regardless of nationality or geographical location, they would think that they were beautiful.

Moreover, many women liked the two of them.

If the two of them were together, they caused waves of excitement.

The world would suddenly gain more lesbians.




Although they were both very beautiful, their strengths were different.

Gayle Gadot was tall and her thighs were especially prominent.

Kim Hee-sun had a child-like face and huge breasts.

Those milkers were ridiculously enticing.

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COM Having had a taste of them, Raymond found himself very fond of her pair.

So at that moment, Kim Hee-sun took full advantage of the situation.

She took Raymond’s hand and put it on her body.

It was the best possible chess move.

Raymond had been eager to take his mind off her, but now he could not hold it in any longer.

Not long after, the Audi A8 started to shake.

Tuesday had to take personal control of the driver robot to stabilize the car.

The convoy soon arrived at the port.

The robots began to unload the cargo.

The test set up on Trident 16 did not need Raymond’s personal command.

Tuesday knew what to do.

Gayle Gadot was in position and naturally grew curious about Raymond.

However, when she saw Raymond’s Audi swaying rather violently, she stopped in her tracks.

She quickly turned her head away, but she chose not to disturb him.

‘If Raymond finds out what he did was broadcasted live, I don’t know what he will think…’ As if she had thought of something fun, Gayle Gadot chuckled and got into her car again.

However, the international live broadcast room had already exploded.

How could the program team not notice the oddity of the Audi? As adults, how could they not understand something like this! However, the program team was unable to see what was happening inside, even though they were looking at the cameras from multiple angles.

This made the netizens furious.

“Damn it! F*cking useless program team, didn’t they say that they could see the Thunder God’s every move from every angle? What’s this then?” “So what if they can’t? What are you boasting about?! I’m so angry!” “I didn’t expect Thunder God to actually go for Kim Hee-sun first…” “What a brute! The Thunder God actually made a move on Kim Hee-sun! Brute! Bah!” “Ah Ah Ah! My Hee-sun, my wife!” “I can’t live anymore! I finally fell in love with someone, and it was just… just… sob sob SOB SOB!” “Oh my, isn’t this Thunder God you speak so highly of pulling off a Yamada right now!” “F*ck nooo, our Korean national goddess, just like that… gone?” “I’m glad, Thunder God has finally grown up! I won’t have to worry about it anymore, but why does my heart hurt a little?!” “Let go of me, I want to go to the island! I want to replace Kim Hee-sun’s position, Thunder God’s lightning rod is mine!” “Mom, Mom! Why is that car shaking so much!” “They built the car wrong, pay it no mind.

One day, you’ll understand!” “Mom, Mom.

I know, someone’s fighting inside, just like you and dad, right…” “I never expected this! Gadot’s charm lost to Kim Hee-sun!” “Are you an idiot? Can’t you see that Kim Hee-sun chose that car herself?” “If Gadot’s feelings got the better of her and she gets on the car too, then…” “Please, don’t say it.

When we mention this, I start to think about how Gayle Gadot’s gonna get raped.

My heart aches!” .




Some people were happy, while others were worried.

At that moment, many people were watching the scene.

There was a man far away in the east.

The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, as if things were going according to plan.

“It’s almost time.

No one could have seen this coming! Sleeper agents are the best.


Looking at the situation on the screen, McLean could not believe his eyes.

“How can Raymond do such a thing? Doesn’t he know that the plasma engine test is much more important than this?” “I’m so angry! And it’s during the day too, damn it!” In McLean’s heart, he already regarded Raymond as a god.

At that moment, Raymond’s actions were akin to a 12-winged angel taking a shit in front of McLean.

It always left people at a loss.

However, this did not last long.

The Audi A8’s door was suddenly opened.

As soon as this scene unfolded, the bullet screen in the international live broadcast room suddenly froze.

Everyone stared fixedly, wanting to see the state of the two humans.

Even McLean was holding his breath.

They had guessed what was going on inside.

But they didn’t want to believe it without seeing the truth.

Raymond ran out with a bag of steaks like a victorious child.

From the car, Kim Hee-sun shouted, “Give me back my steaks!” Everyone: “??????” Gayle Gadot: “??????” “?????? McLean: “??????” “What’s going on??????” Almost the entire world was now surrounded by question marks.

It seemed like the Audi was swaying back and forth because the two of them having a tug-of-war in the car? Was that possible? It was really possible! After all, the back seat of the Audi A8 was not known for being spacious.

It would have been a tight fit for an adult couple trying to fit inside each other.

“Stupid man, I’m not going to talk to you anymore!” Kim Hee-sun looked at Raymond who was running far away and roared angrily.

Then, she closed the car door.

She looked like an extremely angry girl.

“Why does something feel off? Is Thunder God not stronger than a little girl?” “I think you guys have forgotten after Kim Hee-sun took a shower.

Tuesday said that she was twice as strong as Thunder God ! If you guys don’t remember, I remember it clearly.

” “F*ck, now that you mention it, I do remember!” “It’s decrypted, clarified, and comforting.

My wife is still my wife!” “Hey! Thunder God, man up already!” “Gadot still has a chance, don’t be discouraged!” “Top poster! Get lost.

I’m angry just looking at you!” “If Thunder God applies too much force, he’ll probably break bones!” “Dude, which bones are you talking about?” “Is the fracture serious?”