The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 79

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Russian Space Agency Was the Gundam useful? It was somewhat useful.

The keel of the space battleship needed to be made at the smelting plant and then transported to the assembly base.

Of course, thousands of robots could carry out the operation, but it would take a long time.

What if the future energy centers, engines, shield generators, and other large equipment all used apocalypse robots? As for the gantry crane on the island, Raymond didn’t have any ideas.

That thing was too small, too inefficient.

Moreover, there were enough materials now.

Tuesday and Raymond could go crazy with their respective ideas and contribute to the assembly of the space battleship.

It was the best of both worlds, so why not.

But before that, Grozny planned to build the battleship’s engine.




The rocket engine that he had designed before was no longer useful.

Moreover, rocket engines burned on chemical fuels, they were a one-time use.

For the sake of convenience in the future, Raymond planned to upgrade it again.

With the experience of the rocket engine, this time, Raymond’s efficiency in designing the warship’s engine was much higher.

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COM ‘System, I plan to redesign the battleship’s engine.

Do you have any recommendations? It would be best if it could have a propulsion system like Iron Man’s!’ [According to your explanation, the Iron Man you mentioned should be using a plasma engine, or a non-working propellant.


[According to Earth’s technology, you can read books about plasma engines.

The following books are recommended: Hall Plasma Engine Research, development and application in Russia, steady-state plasma engine, pulse plasma engine research, plasma generator, heater and exhaust port…] After listening to the system’s explanation, Raymond immediately found the relevant books via Tuesday.

Then, he had the system turn on the Ultimate Learning Mode.

This time, Raymond was no longer flipping through the books.

To read books on the computer, he had to press the keyboard.

Every time he pressed the space bar, Raymond could read about 1,500 words.

In the international broadcast room, the sound of the keyboard kept popping.

It seemed that at the beginning, Raymond was not used to it.

In the end, the sound of him pressing the keyboard was almost in a line.

He never fully released the space bar button, it was either half depressed or fully depressed.

So the faster Raymond watched, the less noise he made.

After dozens of minutes – the keyboard was out of order.

Tuesday was almost psychic.

Another keyboard was seamlessly handed over.

The continuous sound rang again.

After more than two hours.

A digital board appeared in Raymond’s hand.

The digital board was originally used for drawing.

And Raymond was using it to draw the engine blueprint.

[Large-scale plasma engine blueprint (1)] Seeing the title written by Raymond, the audience in the live broadcast room immediately understood what Raymond wanted to do.

He was going to invent something new.

“Plasma engine? What is that?” “Ignorant! Actually, such an engine had been invented a long time ago, but this engine is very special, so it hasn’t been popularized.

” “How special is it? Boss, please tell us!” “Boss, please!” “As a Third-year high school student, please!” “Hehe, then I’ll tell you! When it comes to engines, most of you will probably think of engines powered by gasoline or diesel!” “Let’s not talk about engines, let’s just keep it healthy!” “Boss, don’t play with color!” “Mine, I’ll continue.

But the plasma engine is different.

This thing only needs electricity.

It uses Lorentz force to accelerate charged atoms or ions through the magnetic field, producing force in one direction.

” “Just electricity is enough?” “Why isn’t it used in cars?” “Aren’t high-tech for civilian use?” “Although the plasma engine is not bad, that’s a big problem.

The thrust of this thing is too small, or else it would have torn itself apart!” “Then why did Thunder God make this thing? Moreover, it being a large-scale one?” “Could it be…” “It’s another technological innovation… I feel that traveling in space is no longer a dream…” “Thunder God is going to make a lot of scientists scratch their heads again!” That netizen’s guess was completely correct.

At that moment, a lot of scientists were staring at Raymond’s hand and the things he drew, afraid that they would miss any details.

According to the experience from a few days ago, Raymond was reproducing the awe-factor.

But now, he was developing something entirely new.

And it was a space engine that every country needed.

They were staring at Raymond’s hand.

[Roscosmos] The huge screen of the Russian space agency was broadcasting Raymond’s live broadcast.

The program team only provided the audience on the Internet with one camera angle.

However, after Chekov learned of Raymond’s repeated breakthroughs, he had immediately ordered to have the broadcast signal hacked.

Therefore, they saw everything the program team saw.

They were watching what Raymond was doing from all directions.

“This… is a bluff! Is this a plasma engine?” Joseph looked at Raymond’s actions and was a little speechless.

As a rocket engine expert, Joseph’s reputation was in the top three in the world.

Even though Russia’s national strength was no longer as strong as before, he was still able to reach such a level, which showed how strong he was.

The design, development, and test flight of the rocket engine were all done by Joseph himself.

Moreover, for the long-distance performance of flying chess, he had also focused on developing the plasma engine for several years.

Therefore, when it came to the plasma engine, his opinion was highly regarded.

Although he had not completely digested the rocket engine that Raymond had drawn a few days ago, he had already digested most of it.

As long as he had enough time, he could finish it without Raymond’s personal guidance.

He was just that good.

Originally, when the Russian space agency saw Joseph’s progress, they seemed to have seen hope.

But now, Joseph could not understand the blueprint of the plasma engine that Raymond had drawn.

This time, all the scientists in the hall could not help but gape.

“Sir, if you can’t understand it, what are we looking at?” “It can’t be! This time, even Joseph can’t understand it?” “What did Raymond draw this time?” There were many dumbfounded faces, and some looked completely lost.

“Why isn’t there a supply point for the raw materials, and is it completely using electricity?” “This isn’t scientific! This isn’t scientific!” “Raymond couldn’t have drawn it randomly, right?” “The theoretical design parameter is 5600 tons of thrust? F*ck you, Raymond is messing around this time!” “How is that possible? Using chemical solid fuels produces the same power.

Using electricity to achieve this effect?” “It completely violates Newton’s Second Law!” “Did he eat the theory of relativity?”