The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 68

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Raymond Wants To Build A Nuclear Bomb?! Energy.

There were two main sources of energy in the modern world.

One is oil, and the other is electricity.

What Earth mostly did today was, um… is to boil water to generate electricity.

Yes, it’s very common to boil water.

Nuclear energy and focused electricity generation both boiled water.

It was essentially steam-powered, in a way.

Electricity was already fully available in many countries.

But why did they still use oil? Simply because batteries still did not meet the requirements.

An important company involved in this was the Laster Electric Car company.

It was actually a subsidiary of the Ross Consortium.




If the charging and energy storage problems of electric cars can be solved, then the Laster Electric Car would usher in a wave of explosive growth.

After all, the technology of motor technology and oil technology had completely matured.

If they had good batteries, even a small and insignificant company would quickly rise.

Then a large wave of investment would be poured in.

Then they could quickly go public.

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COM If they mastered this technology, they did not need other companies to inject capital, so they could completely eat the cake.

Even if other companies came over to fight the price war, they would still hold a 70% monopoly.

70%, what a terrifying figure that was.

It was almost impossible to imagine that with this move, the Ross Financial Group would surpass the first place in less than half a year.

They would reach the peak of the world.

The bald man valued this very much.

Because he had 20% in decision-making power when it came to Laster Electric Cars.

If Alban allowed his people to covet this technology, then his decision-making power would be diluted.

He could be sure that when this technology was successfully developed, Alban’s status will rise again.

They would reach a height he could not even reach.

Alban was only 34.

He was in his prime.

The future of Baldy would be bleak of Alban went up the ranks.

I don’t think he’s gonna make it to the top in his life.

Competition is everywhere.

So, Baldy thought carefully.

This time, he must not come back empty-handed.

At worst, we’ll have a big accident.





Raymond asked Jin in detail, she did not understand the reasons.

It’s just a problem.

She just likes to smell him.

It’s nice to smell.

It’s almost instinctive.

So, as Raymond studied, she quietly followed him around.

Not a word, not a peep.

As long as she did not mess things up, Raymond was fine with it.

Anything was fine as long as it did not affect his progress.

Moreover, he had taken advantage of her, so it wasn’t a big deal to satisfy her little request.

Technology was the main priority.

To reach the foundation of productivity, one had to build things.

Previously, it was estimated that at least 3,000 robots could be produced, but that was before the CPU shortage came up.

It was just a small road bump.

In Raymond’s mind, this was a minor issue.

Right now, it was more important to deter those who were after his life.

Moreover, there was another layer in the plan.

He could not let outsiders know that he already knew about the program team.

Therefore, Raymond planned to use the simplest method to solve this problem – to build a nuclear bomb! These days, Raymond kept reading and studying, and an idea slowly developed in his mind.

He just lacked some materials.

The key material [Uranium 236] was still available on the island.

How to present it rationally in the program was a more critical problem.

After closing the book, Raymond began to plan.

But when Raymond closed the book, Jin Xishan changed her approach.

She squeezed Raymond and sat down on a chair with him.

“Brother, you’ve finished reading the book!” “Yes.

” “That… Did you design the robots?” “Yes!” “Brother, you don’t have a good aesthetic sense.

They’re not good-looking at all!” “Good-looking? As long they are practical, it’s fine.

What’s good-looking about it?” Immediately, Raymond laughed.

Jin Xishan’s question probably made the audience who were watching the live broadcast laugh like crazy.

“Don’t you say… It’s fine if it doesn’t look good.

I’ve seen the robots in the anime.

Even though they don’t look good, they have very powerful weapons.

Your robot doesn’t even have any weapons .

” “What do you need weapons for? This thing is just for temporary use.

It’ll be enough to help me build a space battleship…” After chatting with Jin Xishan, Raymond suddenly had an idea.

Perhaps the right opportunity to make a nuclear bomb was with her.

“A spaceship, is it the kind that can fly out of Earth and shoot at aliens?” “More or less! It’s just that I don’t want to shoot aliens yet.

I just need the spaceship to fly out of Earth and return safely.

” “Oh, why is it different from the ones in anime?” “Do you like weapons very much?” “I do! The more powerful the weapon, the more I like it.

” “You little girl… Then tell me, what’s the most powerful weapon on Earth?” Raymond pulled Jin Xishan out of the anime and into reality.



let me think…” Jin Xishan scratched her hair.

Raymond was very much looking forward to Jin Xishan’s performance at that moment.

Her knowledge had been regressed.

He did not know if she was still aware of the nuclear bomb.

If she could remember, then half of the matter would be solved.

“It’s… It’s big fatty!” “Big Fatty? What is that thing?” This time, it was Raymond’s turn to be puzzled.

“It’s… It’s the thing that made so many people and animals in Japan turn into monsters.

My mother told me about it.

When my mother talked about it, she was very happy.

I remember it very clearly.

” As expected of someone with Korean blood.

Jin Xinshi did not seem to have a good impression of Japan.

The key point was that she had already raised this crucial question.

“Oh, I know what you’re talking about.

That thing is called a nuclear bomb.

It’s the creator of world peace, a necessity for the Third World War, a reserve material for the UN, and the hope of the anti-persecution activists…” “Brother, I don’t understand a single word you’re saying.

” “Forget it if you don’t understand.

You’ll understand it all in the future.

” “But brother, since you can make a robot, then can you make a big fatty?” Here it was.

At that moment, Raymond really wanted to kiss Jin Xishan.

She didn’t even need to seduce him.

She had said the magic words.

Wasn’t this logical! “Of course it’s possible!” “Hmph, brother, you’re lying! Mom said that only a few countries in the world have the ability to make this thing, and the materials are very scarce.

” “You don’t believe me?” “I don’t believe you!” “Then I’ll just make a few of them, would that convince you?!” Raymond looked like he was teasing a child, there was no serious expression on his face.