The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 62

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Another Woman! “Sir, I have something to report to you.

” Tuesday’s voice sounded in his earpiece.

Actually, Tuesday did not want to disturb Raymond, who was reading.

But she had deduced that this matter was more important than Raymond’s reading.

“Is the data from the laser cutter out yet?” Raymond continued reading, but his speed was slightly slower.

He was quite used to the buffs the system had given him over the past few days.

Therefore, it was not a big problem for him to be distracted.

“The data is out.

But there are more important things…” Tuesday’s tone was becoming more and more human-like.

Raymond was glad to hear that.




She could now accurately calculate and also understand human-like judgments.

This was the level of artificial intelligence that Raymond wanted.

However, his thoughts focused on the now.

He said calmly, “Do many forces have their eyes on the laser cutter and want me dead?” “Yes, sir.

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COM “Tuesday, what do you think we should do?” After Raymond asked this question, Tuesday remained silent for over ten seconds.

On the other hand, the server in the military base was operating at a crazy speed.

It was obvious that Tuesday was thinking hard.

She was trying to find a satisfactory answer.

“Any ideas?” “Sir, I think I can use my ability to control the bases that can launch nuclear bombs and throw the world into chaos.

They will be too distracted to come after you.

” “Do you have the confidence to crack the launch codes of the nuclear bombs?” “Sir, my program has been upgraded.

The current algorithm can completely crack the codes of those bases.

” “Oh.

Any other ideas?” “I think this plan is the most reliable.

” “Okay.

Let me throw in a variable and you can think about it again.

” “Please go ahead, sir.

” “From the day I was broadcasted live, within 30 days, I need to build a space battleship and preserve the necessary materials and information about our civilization.

” “Why such a specific time limit?” “Perhaps you can hack into a few astronomical laboratories and have a look.

” “Astronomical laboratories…” As Tuesday spoke, countless amounts of data started to be filtered.

The data of dozens of astronomical laboratories were plundered by Tuesday.

Soon, Tuesday found some unusual data.

The huge server, through precise calculations, immediately came to a fact.

— At that moment, a huge meteorite was about to hit the earth violently.

“Sir, why don’t you cooperate with other forces?” “Tuesday, do you understand human nature?” “Actually… actually…” The server of the military base started to operate frantically again.

“Sir, I don’t understand human nature.

” “Since you don’t understand, then listen to me.

Unless they use nuclear weapons, our first priority is to develop.

We don’t care about anything else.

” Raymond flipped through the book, his eyes sweeping quickly.

“As for why, you can think about it slowly.

” “But I don’t want anyone to set foot on the island!” “Yes, sir.

” Raymond and Tuesday’s communication ended completely.

The people in the live broadcast room remained just as unaware.

The current Tuesday already knew when to activate the scene simulation.

After his talk with Tuesday, Raymond started to study again.

The design of the space battleship wasn’t that simple.

There were many specific things that Raymond wasn’t sure about.

However, not long after Raymond started reading, Tuesday’s voice came again.

“Sir!” “What’s the matter now?” “A human was found in a van.

” “A human? The program team’s arrangement?” “There was no mention of this on the Internet.

” “Take me to see it,” Raymond continued, “Turn off the simulation.

” This time, Raymond was interested.

Raymond knew that Gayle Gadot’s arrival had been arranged by the program team.

From Tuesday, he had even found out where Gail Gado had studied and what she had learned.

He knew her purpose of entering the program.

As for the person locked in the van, even Tuesday could not find anything related.

This person who was locked up… Where did he come from? Could the program team have made a mistake? Soon, the robot controlled by Tuesday arrived at the scene with Raymond.

It was at the intersection of Chinatown and Gail Street on the island.

This was a gathering place for office workers.

The apartments were very dense.

“Help! Is anyone there?” “Help me!” “Bang Bang Bang!” A woman’s voice came from inside the van.

Raymond, who had arrived at the scene, easily noticed that the van was locked from the outside.

“Open the door…” Raymond ordered.

The robot quickly opened the rear door.

A very beautiful and delicate woman appeared in Raymond’s field of vision.

“Great! Finally… waa waa waa waa…” The woman was in a state of panic, and her eyes rapidly scanned her surroundings.

The moment she saw the robot, she screamed, “Ahhh…” Then, the woman rolled her eyes and fainted.

“She… fainted?” Raymond looked at the woman and felt a headache coming along the way.

The robot went forward to take a look and Tuesday replied, “Sir, she did faint.

” In the international live broadcast room.

A second woman’s appearance stunned many of the audience.

“What’s going on? Is this a new trick?” “A woman appeared out of nowhere!” “Did the program team forget about her?” “So many people were evacuated in one night.

It’s normal to leave some people behind!” “But how is this woman still alive after all these days?” “God knows how she survived! Sigh, if only I hadn’t taken the money back then, I could have hidden myself somewhere there.

I’m so regretful!” “What’s there to regret? You just want to get close to the Thunder God.

I’m too embarrassed to expose you!” “Damn it, there’s someone who thinks the same as me!” “If we play this way, I won’t be sleepy anymore!” “How do you think Gayle Gadot will handle this?” “Wahahaha, I’m so looking forward to seeing the expression on Gayle’s face!” The audience had their own opinions.

At that moment, the program team was also in a daze.

Maggie put the microphone to her mouth several times, but she did not say a word.

Because this was not part of the programme.

As for Wilson and Sam, they looked at each other and saw disbelief in each other’s eyes.

Where did this woman come from? Gayle Gadot was the most shocked.

Why was there another actress? Could it be that the Ross Financial Group was unhappy with their progress, so they arranged for another person to come in? But from where she stood with Raymond, she almost understood one thing.

This woman had not been arranged by the program team.

But if that was the case, this only caused unnecessary complications!