The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 60

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 60

Chapter 60: If Raymond Finds Out About This One Day, Things Will Get Interesting! Contrary to what the netizens thought, the military departments of various countries had already started to calculate the ability of the laser cutter.

In fact, calculations were not even necessary.

It was a proper strategic weapon.

All battleships and aircraft carriers needed such a weapon.

It could be used for short-range air defense.

The Aegis System of the United States was already very powerful, but the dense array of automatic revolving cannons could not swivel as rapidly to the Aegis’s computer specifications.

Their software outpaced their existing hardware.

They needed even more powerful weapons.

At that moment, the decisive military minister, Edward Sidle, had already called a meeting.

“Everyone, you’ve already seen Raymond’s live broadcast.

” “According to preliminary calculations, this laser cannon’s ability has already surpassed the power of the close-range anti-air cannon.

” .



“In the later stages, we only need to improve it a little before we can quickly put it out into the military.

” “Furthermore, Raymond is an American.

As long as we break through the pressure of the ten great consortiums, then we will achieve a huge breakthrough in the close-range anti-air field.

” “Do you have any thoughts on this?” “Minister!” A brigadier general stood up.

“I think we need to get control over the program team and bring Raymond back at once.

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COM “Nonsense!” A slightly bald lieutenant general stood up immediately.

“We are not facing a country, but the top ten consortiums! If the top ten consortiums work together to restrict our economy, it will be a huge blow.

Therefore, I think that to achieve this, we have to give and take when it comes to the top ten consortiums!” “The top ten consortiums only set up this live broadcast for the sake of money! Moreover, because of the public opinion on the Internet, they took the initiative to shut down the other live broadcast rooms, so I think there is still a way to deal with this.

” “Actually, I feel that this matter has already gone beyond the scope of our decision-making, this has to…” Without waiting for this person to finish speaking, a soldier walked in.

After muttering a few words in Edward Sidle’s ear, Edward Sidle immediately turned on the projector.

Raymond’s live broadcast room was projected onto it.

“Primary energy data collection complete…” Tuesday’s voice came from the mouth of a robot.

“Increase the energy supply.

Intermediate energy output data is included in the collection range!” As soon as Tuesday finished speaking, the scene immediately changed.

Obviously, this segment had just been edited.

It was so that this bunch of big shots could understand what had just happened.

At that moment, the laser cutter entered pulse mode.

The laser was no longer a beam of unbridled power.

Instead, Tuesday’s could control it with surgical precision.

The previous cutter mode had already exceeded the range of an ordinary laser cannon.

What effect could this medium-grade energy supply laser cutter achieve? The big shots were filled with anticipation.

“Distance… 13.

6 kilometers, target: Ferris wheel…” Tuesday’s voice sounded again.

At the same time, a few robots began to move the angle and direction of the laser cutter.

The program team immediately began to calculate.

Soon, they found their target.

It was an amusement park.

A huge Ferris wheel stood in it.

Although this Ferris wheel was not on the Guinness Book of Records,.


Its highest point was 132 meters.

Such a large ‘toy’ also needed a huge structure to support it.

Therefore, the Ferris wheel, which looked very slender from afar, released a huge, imposing pressure when seen at close range.

One of the legs of its support structure needed at least ten people to encircle it.

It was clear how much steel was needed to support the gravity of this man-made object.

And the rotating shaft at the center of the Ferris wheel was even more important.

This thing had to support the weight of the entire Ferris wheel.

It was not a stretch to call the beam a solid piece of iron.

It weighed at least 20 tons, However, Tuesday did not target the center mass of the entire structure.

This time, Raymond did not have to give any specifics.

Tuesday activated the laser cutter herself.

A row of powerful blue lights flew out.

Yes, it was a row.

At the same time the laser was fired, a robot moved the laser transmitter very subtly.

Therefore, what everyone saw was a laser beam that slowly formed into a sharp blade.

If the program team hadn’t spent a lot of money, they probably wouldn’t have been able to see the laser.

The laser knife flew out.

The goal was to reach the top of three cabins.

“Whoosh!” Although no one heard the sound, the sound seemed to show up in their ears.

The blue laser was like a sharp knife, cutting through a pile of bubbles.

The three cabins of the Ferris wheel, together with the support frame, instantly lost their support.

They lost their restraint.

The Ferris wheel teetered.

Finally, the cabins fell heavily to the ground, sending up a cloud of dust.

“It doesn’t seem that powerful!” “Hehe! You haven’t made a Ferris wheel before, right? Do you know how thick the steel pipes of the Ferris wheel is? That laser scares me!” “I suspect that if the energy is enough, this thing can write on the Moon!” “It’s unlikely because the atmosphere can block most of the light.

The energy of the laser is not enough to break through the atmosphere.

” “What if it’s only on earth? How destructive can it be?” “Probably… in a straight line, airplanes and missiles are no longer a threat!” .


There was nothing wrong with the netizens’ analysis.

It was just that researchers from various countries would be able to see further.

After looking at the intermediate power supply, Edward Sidle’s perception of the laser cutter increased again.

But Tuesday was not yet done.

Soon, the position of the laser cutter was adjusted again.

The gathered energy was released again.

However, this laser cutter aimed at the center of the Ferris wheel.

That was the huge metal rotating shaft.

“Boom!” A loud sound came from the video.

Due to its huge size and the amount of energy gathered by the laser, the metal rotating shaft immediately exploded.

After a burst of flames, a large hole appeared in the position of the rotating shaft.

Following that, the huge Ferris wheel struck the ground.

After rolling on the ground for less than half a circle, it fell to the ground with a bang.

The explosion of the metal rotating shaft immediately shocked all the audience.

“That laser is crazy powerful!” “Thunder God made this laser cutter? Who are you kidding?” “F*ck, I just want to say f*ck!” “I was worried that Thunder God would be in danger, but now…” “When Thunder God has such a weapon, who should he be afraid of?” “If Thunder God finds out about the program team and the ten consortiums one day, the consequences…” “Then there will be a good show to watch!”