The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 55

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Upgrade Successful! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation It often took a few years or even decades of innovation for any technological advancement.

With the burst of light, a new idea would be formed.

Then a large number of scientists in the laboratory would develop further on it.

Innovation, innovation, optimization, production.

There are too many things involved in technology, and the demand for talent was steep.

Therefore, the speed of technological development would only become slower and slower.

Raymond was different.

He could learn quickly and then master it.

Often, experts in more than a dozen fields were needed to discuss in order to create sparks.

But Raymond was doing it with his mind alone.

Therefore, he could constantly innovate.

He still stood on the shoulders of human civilization.




With his current achievements, he could proudly say that he had left a heavy mark on human civilization.

His new idea once again gave hope to the experts.

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COM “I don’t seem to understand it!” “Is this a free-electron laser?” “Why is there a chemical laser?” “Why is there a solid-state laser?” “It’s so complicated.

What is Raymond trying to do?” “He can’t be planning to fuse them together, right?” “That’s impossible.

The heat and fuel of these lasers are different.

How can he fuse them together?” “Hmm… I think… I understand!” “What do you understand?” “I… I need to test it.

It seems to work!” Raymond’s actions were not complex.

As long as one was an expert in this field, they could roughly understand it.

After all, his laser was also developed on the basis of human knowledge.

Therefore, as an expert in this field, they could also discover some of Raymond’s ideas from it.

“He wants to cycle it three times!” “What does that mean!” “I think I understand it too!” Raymond, who had an uninterrupted train of thought, almost never stopped what he was doing.

On one side, he adjusted the parameters of the machine tool, and on the other side, he welded the motherboard of the free-electron laser.

The movements were fluid and smooth, causing the audience to be overwhelmed.

“Although I don’t know what Thunder God is doing, I just think he’s awesome!” “I don’t care, my husband is awesome!” “I like him.

I think he’s awesome even if he eats shit.

I don’t like him, and I think he’s awesome even if he eats shit.

Anyway, as long as he eats shit, I think he’s awesome! Ole!” “To be honest, I’m an optical major, and now I can’t understand anything at all!” “If you can’t understand it, then what does Thunder God have to do with it?” In general, things like lasers could be classified into solids, gases, semiconductors, free electrons, chemical lasers, and so on.

Raymond used his own way of thinking to fuse all techniques together.

So even if there were professional people, they might not be able to fully understand it.

What he was doing was completely in the clouds.

When he was focused on doing something, time would often pass quickly.

Once again, Gayle Gadot dropped by to visit.

However, a robot stood in her way.

Raymond did not allow anything to disturb him while he was studying and experimenting.

Although he was not afraid of being disturbed, it was shameful to waste time.

When it was past one o’clock in the afternoon, the laser generator that Raymond had envisioned was finally made.

However, the energy requirements this time were a little complicated.

Moreover, the energy requirements were relatively steep.

“Tuesday, draw power from the mainline in the industrial park!” “Oh right, also pull out the large ballast in factory area No.

12!” One of the main cables in the industrial park was as thick as an arm.

Raymond used industrial power, so he had to bring three of them over.

Fortunately, he had already repaired the power station before, or else he would have to do the first task of the experiment now.

The 1500 kV cable was quickly pulled over.

The robot was directly connected to the ballasts.

This end of the ballast was operated by Raymond himself.

“DAMN, am I seeing things? That’s a 1500 kV cable.

With such a high voltage, even his robots would be fried!” “Top poster, are you stupid? Tuesday is not a fool.

He must have turned off the electricity on the other end!” “Does he need so much energy? I feel like this is not used to cut the keel…” “Please remove the word ‘feel!’ This is a strengthened version of a laser cannon! The kind that can hit the Moon!” “Hahaha! Nothing came out of the lens, yet it even hit the Moon.

This thing is now very bright, but it’s especially hot.

” “I’m looking forward to watching Thunder God grind the lens.

He’ll probably cry! hahaha!” “The same lens armchair expert, talk about crying…” “If he doesn’t give birth to a lens, I’ve got nowhere to go when I enter it!” After connecting the cable, Raymond did not even stop to perform double checks.

Tuesday controlled a robot to pull the lever.

As the circuit connected, the ballast began to work.

It emitted a harsh buzzing sound.

At the same time, Raymond left the room where the laser generator was.

He put on his triple-layered sunglasses and leaned sideways to observe.

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!” The sound of the laser generator became louder and louder.

It was as if it would shatter the surrounding glass in the next second.

At a critical point, the sound of the laser generator suddenly disappeared.

What followed was a burst of strong blue light.

Originally, the shadows of the surrounding objects changed with the position of the sun.

But at that moment, new shadows were cast.

The light from the laser generator was overwhelming.

After a while, even the shadows vanished.

Because the surrounding objects could not completely absorb the energy of the light, the remaining light was reflected out.

Blue light spread everywhere, so there were no shadows.

“Turn off the power in ten minutes.

Then report the energy consumption and the heat of the laser to me!” Raymond covered his eyes with both hands.

The robot by his side led him into a room that could completely isolate the light source.

The three layers of sunglasses were unable to block the light.

Even with his hands shielding his eyes, it was blinding.

Even if it barely helped, he felt better with the thought of covering his eyes.

“Sigh… sigh…” Raymond shook his head vigorously and rubbed his eyes again.

“This thing can’t take it, it can’t take It!” While temporarily blinded, Raymond looked all over the place, completely bewildered.

The audience almost went crazy with laughter when they saw Raymond fazed for the first time.

“Hahaha! I never thought that the Thunder God would have such a day!” “It’s exactly the same! It’s exactly the same as when I was flashed by those damn Hi-Beams on those new cars!” “I have been enlightened, completely enlightened! The Thunder God is the same as us, he’s a carbon-based creature!” “I took a screenshot.

A new emoji package is out!” “Ah, who is it? Who is pretending? It’s so blinding!! (Thunder God’s version)” “Oh, my God, who is that? It’s so bright!” “I say, aren’t you guys focusing on the wrong thing? Thunder God actually it!”