The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 47

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 47

Chapter 47: No Matter The Cost! “You really can’t judge a book by its cover! Raymond is actually such a person!” “Look, what is he holding in his hand? It seems to be ether?” “Program team, I strongly request for a replay!” “There’s no need for replay, I’ve already taken a screenshot! If you want to see it, click on the link…” Ether.

It was illegal and long been banned.

It could quickly knock a person out.

After inhaling it, there would be some irreversible side effects.

If Raymond was holding ether, then he was not even concerned about the long-term damage.

“It’s over, I thought Raymond would really be different from the others, but I never expected…” “Scum…” .



“Scum…” “Shift!” “F*ck, I didn’t even say shit.

What do you mean by ‘shift’? Do you mean shift as in shift genders?” “He’s still from the slums after all.

They’re all cowardly when it comes to such tricks.

Sh*t!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “I finally fell in love with a couple.

What a pity.

I hate them!” “Didn’t they say that Japan is the same as you Americans? You’re all SCUM!” “It’s understandable.

After all, he came from the slums and has never been in contact with women.

That’s why he’s afraid to face Gayle Gadot directly.

” “Fap, if you have such urges, just fap it away like the Japanese dude, man!” “If it were me, I would definitely choose to develop feelings over time instead of doing such a despicable thing.

” “You gotta be kidding me, feelings, are you serious?” “I’m really looking forward to Raymond’s next step.

The date druggies have arrived!” In fact, many scientists who had been enlightened by Raymond wanted to clear his name at that moment.

But! The emergence of ether was really not easy to justify.

What was he using it for? To study medicine? It was obviously not in the right setting.

Did he intend to study fabrics? It was true that ether could be used in industrial fabrics, but there were so many clothes in the city.

Did he need to study fabrics? Even if he did, it was not the time.

Therefore, Raymond’s intentions were self-evident.

A certain private group.

“Sigh! I didn’t expect teacher Raymond to…” “Don’t use the word ‘teacher’ in the future!” “Yes, he doesn’t deserve it!” “Actually, which great man doesn’t have his own quirks?” “It’s just that we habitually ignore it!” “Such an act is still excessive.

” “Why are you guys in such a hurry? What if teacher Raymond has other thoughts?” “Right, as long as Raymond hasn’t used ether to knock Gayle Gadot out, you can’t jump to conclusions!” “I… was too quick to assume!” “It was too hasty!” “It’s all those retarded bullet screens!” “Remember to not look at those bullet screens in the future.

They don’t have the knowledge or experience.

They will only pull you down to their level, and then use their fallacies to beat you up!” “I’ve learned it now.

I’ll turn off the bullet screens now!” However, the reality changed very quickly.

In the international live broadcast room, Raymond continued to experiment.

Logically speaking, the number of people watching such a boring thing would continue to decrease.

However, the audience was all waiting to see what he would do next.

Therefore, the number of people watching only stabilized instead.

The program team was also happy to see this scene, so they did not intervene.

Besides, now that Ross Financial Group had a target, they did not want to be exposed too early.

Therefore, they were also adding fuel to the fire, promoting Raymond’s live broadcast room.

Very soon, the scene in the live broadcast room shocked all the viewers.

They did not know what Raymond had triggered.

The thing he was experimenting with exploded with a bang.

Raymond himself was also sent flying because of the explosion.

Instantly, the live broadcast room exploded.

“WTF, what did Raymond do!” “F*CK, F*CK, F*ck! What did I see? Raymond actually flew out!” “Program team, quickly change cameras!” “It’s over, it’s over, it’s over! That was such a massive blast, he couldn’t have survived!” “That’s impossible! It’s over just like that?” “I know! Raymond was making black gunpowder.

He used ether because ether is one of the ingredients of smokeless black gunpowder…” “I’m sorry, I misunderstood you…” “Program team, are you eating sh*t? Why aren’t you rushing to the Rescue?” “Hmph! By the time the program team arrives, all twenty-one cannons would have fired!” “We’ll still have to see the reaction of the robots and Tuesday!” “The robots sure run quick!” “I hope Raymond is alright…” “Sorry, I misunderstood you…” “Oh my, it’s better that this Raymond is dead!” “You Japanese really refuse to see the good in anyone.

Your fapping god is the perfect representative of your country!” “Go to hell! All of you go to hell! I’m sick of watching this lousy program!” “No one forced you to watch it.

Did your mother force you to watch it? She didn’t! You were the one who took the initiative to watch it!” “What time is it? You’re still driving?!” The international live broadcast room was in an uproar.

At that moment, the program team couldn’t care about anything else and immediately reported the situation.

The executive directors, Wilson and Sam, were feeling a little numb at this moment.

They did not care about Raymond’s life or death? That was absolutely impossible.

Although this program was in their hands.

But that was before.

Now, Ross Financial Group had already given the order.

No matter what happened, they had to ensure Raymond’s safety, and they could not let Raymond find out that he was being broadcast live.

As for the reason, they did not say why.

But no matter what, orders were orders.

Previously, the CEO of the Ross Financial Group had personally met the two of them.

Although it was just a small matter, they clearly felt the weight of their authority.

Raymond must not come into any harm.

Before, Raymond was fine.

Who knew that he would dabble in explosives?! I’m not saying you can’t, Raymond! Why didn’t you have your robots carry out the experiments?! You’re so smart, you can deduce cosmic velocities, and you can program artificial intelligence.

Why are you being so stupid now?! The key is, should we send a team out now?! If we go out, the robots will find out.

If we don’t show up, we can’t guarantee your survival! What should we do! A private group.

“You know everything, right!” “What should we do next?” “I’ve already contacted my students, I’ll immediately set off for the island…” “Bring me along, I have a professional medical team!” “Sorry, I’m still in the subcontinent and can’t come over personally.

But I can activate three private satellites.

If you need me, do ring me up.

” “If you need me, call me.

I have a few students who are directly in charge of the aircraft carrier lake.

I’ve contacted them before.

If there’s a need, everything on the aircraft carrier can be used, including the nuclear submarines that are accompanying them!” “Let’s not talk about the rest.

According to my latest news, the Ross Consortium has intervened in this matter.

” “At all costs, ensure teacher Raymond’s safety!” “At all costs!” “At all costs!!”