The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 36

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Loss of Popularity? Would Raymond Care?! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation The barrage of complaints filled the screen.

It was nine o’clock at night.

He had not finished the coding.

But both his learning states were about to wear off.

“Tuesday, I’ll go back first.

You continue with the robot production.

” Raymond left some instructions.

Then he went back to sleep.

The next day, after breakfast.

When he arrived at the smelting plant, there were already close to 1,000 robots busy.




Raymond estimated the time.

Tonight, 3,000 robots should be able to be produced.

At the same time tonight, he would be able to input all the technical blueprints of the spaceship construction base into the computer.

After that, Raymond went to the computer in the factory office and started his input work.

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COM “F*ck, it’s starting, he’s starting again, I’m going to lose my mind, this is stupid.

” “If you can’t bear it, you might as well build a female robot, this can also give you some psychological comfort.

” “Psychological comfort? I’m too embarrassed to expose you, but it should be physical comfort right?” “That’s a feasible idea still.

Since artificial intelligence has been created, it should not be too much to create a simulated human companion, right?” “Simulated human companion? Good God, I think it’s feasible.

” The bullet screen was originally filled with complaints, but when female robot companions were brought up, it was quickly derailed.

The Sankou group was a company that made physical dolls.

The dolls they made were sold all over the world and were very famous.

At that moment, they pounced upon this topic and released a tweet.

“We feel that the proposal of the simulated human partner is very good, so the company meeting has decided that after the program ends, we will immediately contact Raymond and cooperate to develop a simulated human partner.

” The comments quickly flew in.

“Good man, what a good man.

As expected of a big company, he is always able to grasp business opportunities that ordinary people can not find.

” “Hehe, if a simulated human doll is really produced, I will not object.

Even if it has its own consciousness, I will not object.

That would be more exciting!” “It’s definitely an old pervert saying that.

” “If that’s the case, then doesn’t it mean that we don’t need to find a partner?” “There’s no need to find a partner.

Women nowadays are very delicate.

Usually, you have to coax and worship them.

Just because of a small matter, they will make a big fuss.

I really hope that the replica doll can be popularized!” “Hmph, then you men will spend your lives with machines.

” Such comments continued for a period of time.

The audience saw that Raymond was still typing.

It was still the same.

Some were complaining, while others were looking at other live streams.

But after looking around, there were still those things and those dirty acts.

Soon, they were tired of watching.

Then, they returned to Raymond’s live broadcast room.

He was still typing, and they didn’t know when it would end.

Some of the audience members were completely impatient.

“I suddenly realized something.

At first glance, this show seems to be full of gimmicks, but after a few days of observation, I realized that it’s just like this.

There’s nothing interesting about it.

I’m not watching it anymore.

” “Yeah, I originally wanted to see what Raymond could continue to do, but yesterday included, it’s been almost a day and a half.

All he does is input boring content.

It’s too boring.

” “Now that I think about it, that Japanese art blockbuster is still attractive.

Although there are only a few people, and even though it’s just those scenes, people can’t help but want to watch it.

” “Let’s go, let’s go.

Brothers, let me know when Raymond has finished typing.

I’ll come back then.

” Instantly, a large group of viewers left the live broadcast room.

Backstage of the program team.

As the ratings plummeted, the chief director Wilson’s face was dark with anger.

“Previously, when we were planning the program, we had prepared for this and specially conducted an investigation on it.

The results of the survey had stated that most of the audience would wait at least ten days before they became tired of watching! “Then, in response to this situation, we needed to arrange for women to appear.

“But it hasn’t even been five days since the program started, and the popularity has already started to wane.

Why is this happening?” “It should be because Raymond’s behavior raised the audience’s expectations, which is why this situation happened.

” Wilson thought about it carefully.

Originally, this program was a survival program for a handful of ordinary people.

After the sudden disappearance of humans, the whole place became the perfect set for an apocalypse film.

The contestants fought for their lives in this apocalypse while showing the ugly side of human nature.

This was a novel program that had never been done before, and it was a large-scale investment.

Naturally, it would attract views.

Raymond’s arrival, the drawing of an improved rocket engine design, the academic mathematics, and even the creation of artificial intelligence.

This was a blow to the other four contestants.

In front of the other four contestants, Raymond was simply a god.

After seeing the performance of a god, would he still have expectations for mortals? This was a live show, not a movie.

If a movie was shown in a movie theater and a blatantly written plot… But as long as the overall plot was filmed well, the audience might still pinch their noses and watch.

However, in a live show, when the audience is no longer interested, they would give up at any time.

“It’s because of him again, f*ck!” Wilson could not help but curse angrily.

This person was simply the nemesis of the program team.

Because of him, the program team did not achieve the goal they wanted.

Now, because of him, their popularity was plummeting.

The top executives of the top ten consortiums held an emergency meeting regarding the loss of popularity.

Sitting at the head seat was an old man in a suit.

He said, “Everyone here is clear about the current situation, right? The question now is, when will Raymond stop this mundane and boring work? Right now, he wants to input all the technical blueprints of a spaceship’s construction base into the computer.

Not to mention a spaceship, even if it was a rocket’s launch base blueprint, everyone should know how long it would take to put it all into the computer.

Take the Hercules, which was recently launched by NASA of the United States, as an example.

It took half a month for several experts to work at the same time just to input the blueprints.

Even if Raymond was a genius, it would probably take several days.

If the current situation remained as it was, he would probably lose most of his popularity in a few days.

Therefore, there are only two paths before us now.