The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 28

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Raymond Will Be the Founder of Earth’s Level 2 Civilization! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation The release of this news caused the global audience to boil with excitement.

In the international live broadcast room… “Sh*t, fake news! This has to be fake news!” “The most influential person in the three fields? Who does he think he is?” “WTF, this Raymond must be a Korean.

Only a Korean would have such an outstanding bloodline!” “Baka, he’s a Japanese.

Our Japanese bloodline is truly outstanding!” “I’m dying of laughter.

F*ck, the first two are anti-black, right? His skin color’s totally different, but he’s from your country?” “Cheating, it must be cheating.

NASA must have deduced it a long time ago!” “That’s right.

Cheating dogs, leave the show!” The same point of view was mentioned again.




At that moment, NASA in America finally released a statement.

“First of all, we didn’t ask Raymond to cause the program team any trouble.

That statement is completely false! “Second of all, although we’ve really been hoping to deduce the eighth cosmic velocity, with our abilities, we can’t do it.

In fact, countless US scientists have studied it for decades, but none have even been able to deduce the third cosmic velocity.

“Raymond is way ahead of us.

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COM “Plus, Raymond’s deduction of the eighth cosmic velocity, as well as many of the methods and theories he’s used, have made us professors from many fields clap our hands in admiration.

It’s really hard to believe that this was actually deduced by a 22-year-old youth.

“Throughout the derivation process, the knowledge that has been displayed is too much and too rich.

If mankind can completely absorb and digest this information and convert it into innovative technology, then mankind would not only be facing… an issue of a technological boom.

“If we completely digest this knowledge, we could raise the entire human civilization to a Level 1.

7 or even Level 2!” In an instant, the whole world fell silent! All the audience members keenly grasped the main point in NASA long speech:  the level of civilization!!! Everyone knew that the entire space civilization was divided into seven levels.

A Level 1 civilization was basic.

It was a  planetary civilization.

It could break through the gravitational constraints of its own planet and enter space.

It could carry out preliminary planetary exploration and colonization within the solar system.

The medical technology it possessed could cure mankind’s known diseases.

It would basically have a grasp on the laws of cosmic physics and the chemical elements within the solar system.

Hence, it would also be able to modify the planet’s climate.

The current civilization on Earth was not even at a Level 1.

This was because the current Earth civilization could not cure all known diseases, and it could not modify the planet’s climate.

After all, it was only a Level 0.

7 civilization.

What was a Level 2 civilization? A Level 2 civilization was also known as a star civilization.

The intelligent species of this civilization could already use star energy as a source of energy for space exploration.

The appearance of the warp drive would allow them to explore beyond their own star system and reach other star systems.

Smart chips would also be implanted into the human body to strengthen their main body.

They would begin to interact with other civilizations of the same level and try to explore the four-dimensional space.

A Level 2 civilization for humans had only existed in movies and television.

NASA explained that absorbing Raymond’s knowledge of the eighth cosmic velocity could take a civilization up a notch or even up to Level 2.

The audience’s first reaction was disbelief.

After all, it was incredible and impossible! The International Mathematics Union announced, “NASA’s assertion is not wrong.

The successful deduction of the eighth cosmic velocity will push forward a series of big changes.

Earth will usher in an unimaginable technological boom that will raise the civilization to Level 2.

This is also a conservative estimation.

” After that, the International Physics Union also posted on Twitter that their statement was correct.

This time, the bullet screen in the international live broadcast room completely exploded.

“Raise the level of civilization… If there really is such a day, Raymond will be the founder of a Level 2 civilization on Earth, just like Newton and Einstein… No, Raymond’s contribution has already far surpassed that of those two!” “No way.

Don’t tell me there are idiots who really think that someone would hand over such a huge credit? Now, don’t tell me that there are still people who think that Raymond cheated?” “Cheated? This theory is already untenable.

Who wouldn’t want to be the founder of a Level 2 civilization, who can leave his name in the annals of history? Who would give that to someone else for free?” “Hehe, the people who said that Raymond cheated before only did it completely out of jealousy and envy.

Those people are bad.

Perhaps there are still some people who simply follow the flow and don’t have the ability to think independently.

Such people are stupid!” “I’ve learned a lot.

There really are so many bad and brainless idiots in this world.

” “But, he’s only twenty-two years old now.

If he continues to grow, what kind of glory will he achieve?” “Let’s wait and see.

” “Let’s wait and see!” At the same time, backstage, where the program team was… The executive director saw that the global public opinion had reversed, and he was hopping mad.

Sam’s face was also gloomy.

After all, their original intention had been to see Raymond make a fool of himself.

Now, not only had Raymond’s behavior completely gone against their original intention… He had been getting better and better.

He was currently on the verge of becoming the founder of a Level 2 civilization.

“Wake the tiger up and let it do what we want to see,” Sam said.

In the live broadcast, as time passed, Raymond’s presentation came to an end.

The presentation about the ninth cosmic velocity did not cause too much of an explosion because even though Raymond discussed it in detail, the human scientists could not keep up.

They could not understand it at all.

After all, the ninth cosmic velocity was the minimum speed at which a spacecraft could fly out of a black hole.

The speed of light in the known universe could not escape a black hole.

In other words, the ninth cosmic velocity was faster than the speed of light.

In a sense, the ninth cosmic velocity could not be referred to as a type of speed anymore.

It was a  kind of space folding.

Once his presentation was over, Raymond turned off the camera and put it away.

Then he asked internally, “System, what should I do next?” [Next, I suggest that the host studies mechanics, electricity, energy, and mechanical construction.

] Raymond nodded slightly and left the classroom.

He followed the road sign and walked toward the library.

When the audience around the world saw Raymond leaving the classroom, they all cried out in surprise.

“Look, he’s moving.

Where is he going this time?” “He’s not going to study again, is he?” “It’s very likely.

I think he’s heading toward the university’s library.

” “Oh, my God, is this going to be freaking over? Can the program team wake that tiger up?” “Yes, he has made great contributions to the academic field, but this is a survival show.

Can you be more professional and act like a survivor?”