The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 14

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Making a Wedding Dress for Someone Else? Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “Haha, I knew it.

With the sudden disappearance of humans, no one could ever maintain a good state of mind.

” “Regardless, he was able to produce the blueprint of the rocket engine and deduce the speed of the third universe.

That’s quite the accomplishment already.

After all, he came from the slums, we shouldn’t have placed too much hope on him!” “He’s slowly losing his mind, right? What would a crazy genius do? I’m starting to look forward to it.

” “Will he self-harm and then commit suicide?” As the audience was discussing.

California Aerospace Academy.

The world’s most authoritative aerospace university.

A group of students were gathered together.

They were in their twenties.

These people were all geniuses in the field of aerospace.




On the podium, an old man turned off Raymond’s live broadcast and displayed the first half of his deduction of the fourth universe’s speed.

The old man slowly said, “This person has gone crazy, but his deduction of the first half of the fourth universe’s speed is correct.

” “You can learn from him and follow his train of thought to deduce the second half of the speed.

If you complete it…” “As for the first person to deduce the fourth universe’s speed, the American Science Association will also reward him.

The reward is five million dollars.

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COM Even though they had been born into nobility, they still cared about it.

Moreover, once they completed the deduction for the fourth universe’s speed, they would gain fame and reputation.

This time, he would gain both fame and fortune! In fact, the old man himself could have a go at the half-completed algorithm and deduce the fourth universe’s speed.

However, he was a professor in the field after all and was internationally famous.

If he really did this, he would be laughed at by the people in the circle.

People like him paid the most attention to reputation.

Once there was a stain, there was never getting rid of it.

The youth were not as concerned about reputation.

Therefore, at that moment, young scholars all over the world were conducting the follow-up derivation of the fourth universe’s speed.

Raymond had already dragged down the knowledge that was once out of reach to a height that was within reach.

The remaining ones who could pick this fruit would depend on who was faster.

“Rumor has it that many people are already preparing to proceed with the algorithm of the fourth universe’s speed.

It’s as Raymond is making a wedding dress for someone else?” “What wedding dress are you talking about, this honor shouldn’t have belonged to a lowly person from the slums!” “Lowly you motherf*cker, look at the performance of your so-called superior elites, are you still going on about the low-high class differentiation?” “What a pity for Raymond.

Math drove him crazy.

” “However, according to the professionals, even if Raymond deduces the first half, the second half would take him half a year.

” “Half a year? F*ck, Raymond deduced the first half in less than two hours.

” “So, Raymond is a genius.

However, this genius has lost his marbles.

” Some people gloated over Raymond’s misfortune, while others felt pity for him.

Those who gloated over Raymond’s misfortune never once wished him well.

Now that they had the chance, they unreservedly released the stones in their hands.

Those who felt pity were not thinking from Raymond’s point of view.

After all, if it was any other person or genius who was about to make a major breakthrough in a certain field, they would suddenly go crazy.

The victory he was about to achieve was about to be snatched away by someone.

Just thinking about it would drive one up the wall.

The bearded man looked at the live broadcast with an extremely ugly expression.

The old man beside him sighed.

His voice was filled with sorrow and despair.

In this world, poverty was the original sin, and slums, which were looked down upon by the world, were the original sin of the original sin.

Out of ten people in the outside world, nine people had an extremely bad impression of this place.

Now, seeing a genius from the slums design a rocket engine, deduce the third universe speed, and get halfway through deducing the fourth universe speed… He was about to break through to an unprecedented height in this field.

He was about to clear the name of the slums.

At least, when people mentioned the slums, they would not have the impression that they were dirty, violent, or barbaric.

They also had the impression that someone who was born here had made a great contribution in the field of aerospace! However, they never expected to be stopped by the most unfortunate of all circumstances.

They had watched him build a tall building, he saw him entertain guests, and he saw his building collapse.

The despair was several times over more gut-wrenching considering the fact that it was actual, genuine hope that was suddenly robbed from them.

They had seen hope in Raymond! A hope that would change the world’s impression of the slums.

However, as Raymond went crazy and his fruit was about to be taken away by others, the world’s impression of the slums did not change at all.

“It’s all to be fated, it’s all meant to be.

” The old man muttered, and tears gathered in his turbid eyes.

In a manor in the United States.

Antonio Ian looked at the screen.

His expression changed for a long time.

He sighed silently and made a few consecutive calls.

Ten minutes later, in a space laboratory building in the United States.

Six or seven old men were gathered here.

These were all top talents in the space industry and had made outstanding contributions to the development of the space industry.

The contributions of each of them were not inferior to Antonio Ian’s.

These few people were destined to leave their names in the history of this field and be famous for a long time! With the arrival of Antonio Ian, these people’s gazes all fell on him.

“I believe all of you have seen the reality show ‘Humans On Camera’ held by the top ten consortia.

” Antonio Ian sat down and said slowly.

This show was simply too popular.

The top ten consortiums all over the world had joined hands to create an environment where humans had suddenly vanished.

It was hard not to be popular with such a big budget and premise.

Along with Raymond’s genius, the popularity of this show had reached an unprecedented height.

It could be said that in the current world.

Except for a few extremely poor places.

Anyone who had an electronic device that could connect to the Internet would definitely know about this program and watch it.

“Alright, I won’t beat around the bush.

Raymond is too important.

He’s too amazing.

His existence can bring the aerospace field to a whole new level.

“However, he’s slowly losing his mind.

“If such a talent really goes crazy, it would be a huge loss to the aerospace field and the scientific field all over the world.

“Therefore, I plan to save him in time before he completely goes crazy.

I plan to negotiate with the program team and have them replace Raymond.

But I’m not going to be able to do it alone, so I need your help.