The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 2

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Entire Human Race Observes Raymond! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Among the five contestants, almost everyone spoke of Raymond with ridicule and disdain.

The other four contestants were mostly praised and boasted about.

“Hmph, people of the world, just you watch.

Our Park Hyun-yo Oppa will definitely be the most outstanding and unique.

He would show up everyone else!” “Baka, our country’s Yamada Kefu is the most outstanding!” “F*ck, our British Empire’s chairman Bob was born of nobility.

He has received the highest level of education ever since he was young.

He will be exemplary!” They bragged about their country’s contestants as if they were very confident in them.

“However, I’m wondering now if the program team’s preparation really that meticulous? When the five of them wake up, would they discover us outside?” Someone posted and voiced his doubts.

After all, the cost of creating a “Truman’s world” was too high, and all aspects had to be considered.

There was no guarantee that there would be any mistakes.




“Moreover, are these people really unaware?” “In one night, an entire city is emptied except for the contestants themselves.

With so much work involved how would the contestant even remain unaware?” “I suspect that Raymond was a scapegoat.

He might have received benefits from the program team and acted out a show where he could do whatever he wanted, giving some people a reason to attack the poor people in these slums.

” The official account of the Humans On Camera program team made an appearance.

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COM In response to these comments, they made a special response and posted a long message on Twitter.

“First of all, the moment we chose Raymond, we had already begun to plan out the sequence.

It has been almost a year now.

“During this period, anyone or anything that Raymond encounters has been carefully arranged by us.

We can not let him know of our existence.

“As for his daily surfing on the Internet, we have top hackers who specialize in modifying information.

What he sees on the internet is only what we want him to see.

Therefore, Raymond would not know of the existence of this program.

As for the evacuation of the entire city’s population, apart from the contestants, our evacuation plan was actually done in batches.

We were committed to creating ‘the sudden disappearance of humans’.

We didn’t really mean to evacuate the entire city’s population overnight.

But Raymond would not realize that the process of the evacuation had been done in batches.

The same is for the other four contestants.

In addition, the program team had spent a lot of money on mock-ups and special effects.

It is impossible for an ordinary person to find any flaws within three months.

Moreover, the five contestants are all in an island city.

All the large vehicles in the city have been destroyed, so it is impossible for the contestants to leave.

As for whether Raymond had been asked to cooperate and stage an act, there are so many top psychologists in the world watching.

There would always be flaws in the acting.

If ever discovered, it would only bring negative effects to the program team.

So everyone can rest assured.

” In the comments section of this content, several world-class psychologists spoke up and said that they would monitor it.

This also made some viewers feel at ease.

Under the gaze of countless people around the world, Raymond slowly opened his eyes and sat up.

He had blond hair and blue eyes, a high nose bridge, and deep eyes, making his gaze particularly profound.

As he sat up, the quilt on his upper body slid down, revealing his well-proportioned and well-shaped muscles.

The undulating lines had a sense of beauty.

“Look, he’s awake, he’s awake.

The contestant from the slums is the first to wake up.

” “Baka, the lowly person is the first to wake up.

Why isn’t Akio Yamada Awake Yet? !” “Not to mention, putting aside his background, I actually think that little brother Raymond is very handsome.

Looking at the muscles on his body, it means that he should be a self-disciplined person.

” “Hiss! I’m craving this body.

” “Don’t f*cking inhale anymore.

If you continue to inhale the spiritual energy of the entire world, it will all be gone!” At this moment, the global audience exploded.

Raymond woke up and casually put on two pieces of clothes.

He got up and got out of bed.

Pulling open the curtains, the soft sunlight outside shone on his body, making him feel warm.

Raymond washed himself up.

Then, he took out a piece of bread and heated up a glass of milk.

This was breakfast.

What he didn’t know was that his series of actions had been completely recorded by the surveillance cameras.

At this moment, in the international live broadcast room.

“This is Raymond’s home.

The program team has meticulously arranged nearly a thousand miniature pinhole cameras here, observing Raymond’s every move without blind spots.

” The host, Maggie, introduced to the audience, “In order not to be exposed, these cameras have been set up in an extremely secretive manner, using the most advanced technology in the world.

” As she finished her sentence.

The bullet comments in the international live broadcast room immediately boiled over.

“F*ck, this incident has already violated the human rights and privacy of the contestants.

” “Think about it.

If you were in your own home, there would be countless cameras in the corner, monitoring everything around you 24 hours a day without any blind spots, and letting the entire world watch.

How terrifying would that be?” “Yeah, just thinking about it gives me the creeps.