My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 232

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 232

Chapter 232: An Old Married Couple   Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Everything went smoothly in the Scarlet Blaze World, too.

  News of the latest developments was sent back every day, and everything went very smoothly.

  The troops were unbeatable everywhere they went.

There was no need to worry at all.

  Everything went according to plan.

Wang Hu was naturally very much at ease.

Every day, he would look through the news that the troops sent back, cajole the two little fellows, and cultivate.

  He didn’t need to worry about anything else at all.




  Time passed day by day in peace.

  In the blink of an eye, another eight days had gone by.

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COM   More than half a month had gone by since they had left.

This day, out of the blue, Wang Hu really missed his wife quite a bit.

  The yearning was unusually intense.

As though the torrential floods, it was unstoppable.

  On top of that, he even started to miss her more and more.

  Since he had thought of it, he took action right away.

Wang Hu made up his mind after just a few seconds of hesitation.

  He would go and visit Silly Girl.

  The second day, after he got ready, Wang Hu brought Big Treasure and Little Treasure with him, left the Tiger King’s Cave, and flew toward the Scarlet Blaze World’s world passage.

  “Daddy, are we visiting Mommy?” Big Treasure’s big eyes blinked as he asked.

  “Yes, that’s right.

Mommy went out to work this morning.

Let’s go and visit her, shall we?” Wang Hu replied gently.

  “Okay,” The two little fellows answered together in their crisp and clear voices.

  As though something had occurred to her, Little Treasure suddenly pouted with a slight grievance and said, “Mommy hasn’t tucked Little Treasure into bed for so long.

”   “Big Treasure, too.

” Big Treasure immediately followed up and also gave him a similarly aggrieved look.

“Big Treasure hasn’t played with Mommy for so long, either.

”   Little Treasure nodded hard.

  Wang Hu naturally smiled and said, “Alright, in that case, Daddy will definitely get Mommy to play with Big Treasure and Little Treasure and tuck you guys into bed this time, okay?”   “Okay.

” The two little fellows immediately beamed and replied in their young, childish voices.


Be good, and give Daddy a kiss.

” Wang Hu coaxed.

  Big Treasure and Little Treasure exchanged a look.

After a moment’s hesitation with a straight face, they kissed Wang Hu on the cheek one after the other.

  Wang Hu returned the kisses shortly after and sped up a little.

  In the blink of an eye, he had reached the other end of the world passage with Big Treasure and Little Treasure in tow.

  At the sight of that familiar figure, the two little fellows immediately called out with looks of joy on their little faces and started to struggle.

  Wang Hu took the chance to put them down.

With a smile on his face, he looked at his wife.

Even after more than half a month’s separation, she was still as stunningly beautiful and unparalleled as ever.

  “Greetings, my lord.

”   Everyone in the hall bowed and greeted him at this point.

  Wang Hu raised his hand to indicate that they may rise.

Suddenly, he raised an eyebrow and suppressed his elation.

  Something… seemed to be wrong with Silly Girl…   Is she angry? Why isn’t she taking even a look at me?   She’s expressionless, and she looks as if she doesn’t want anyone to go near her.

Who’s ruffled her feathers?   Which bastard is it that angered my Silly Girl and is possibly making me suffer the consequences?   His eyes narrowed slightly, and his footsteps slowed as he watched the two little fellows race toward their mother with their short, stumpy legs.

  At the same time, he secretly sent a voice transmission to Wang Liang: “What’s the matter with your sister-in-law? Who made her angry?”   An expressionless Wang Liang secretly returned a voice transmission: “I don’t know either, Big Brother.

It seems like Sister-in-law’s temper has been getting worse and worse recently.

”   Wang Hu glanced at him dispassionately.

Was that fellow really unaware? Or was he deliberately keeping mum?   Thoughts flashed past his mind.

Then, he stopped thinking so deeply about it.

On the surface, his smile widened as he watched Silly Girl hug and carry the two little fellows without any expression on her face.

He said composedly, “All of you can leave first if there’s nothing important.

”   Everyone in the hall naturally bowed and replied before immediately getting ready to leave.

  All of them were observant people.

Nothing important could compare with the King’s orders at a time like this.

  Not to mention when the war was going smoothly, so there wasn’t anything important at the moment.

  “The war is at a crucial point right now.

It’s a busy time at the moment.

Continue to man your positions.

”   All of a sudden, Di Baijun’s aloof and dignified voice rang out.

At once, it was as though someone had pressed the pause button in the entire hall.

  Wang Liang and everyone else froze right away.

Only their eyes swiveled back and forth between their King and Queen.

  Wang Hu also raised an eyebrow.

 Her anger is directed at me?   What have I done wrong?   His gaze shifted.

With an expression as though nothing was amiss, he said, “Didn’t all of you hear the Queen? Since it’s important, then continue to man your positions.

”   “Understood.

” Everyone secretly heaved breaths of relief and immediately chorused.

  Then, they immediately lowered their heads and quietly did what they were supposed to.

Whether intentionally or otherwise, all of them seemed to be diminishing their presence and ignoring Wang Hu and Di Baijun.

  Wang Hu couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to them either.

As though nothing had happened, he walked forward and smiled as he watched Silly Girl continue to handle war affairs with the two little fellows in her arms.

  The two little fellows were also very well-behaved.

They nestled and remained docile in their mother’s arms, without showing any sign of impatience.

  Wang Hu waited quietly while he quickly tried to think of what could have gone wrong with Silly Girl.

  He hadn’t done anything out of place either.

He hadn’t even gone to Miao Ming’er’s.

  He had stayed obediently in the Tiger King’s Cave, looked after the kids, and cultivated.

He was practically the model husband.

  The problem likely shouldn’t lie with him.

  In that case, who had angered Silly Girl? And actually caused him to have to bear the brunt of her anger?   A few hours went by in succession.

At last, as though with great rapport among them, Wang Liang and the others finished all of their tasks, and Di Baijun temporarily gained some free time.

  At this point, the two little fellows had also reached the limit of their endurance, and they started to fidget impatiently.

  Di Baijun cast a couple of glances at them.

At last, she stood up with them in her arms and walked toward the backyard.

  Wang Hu got up calmly and followed after her.

  At once, everyone in the hall heaved sighs of relief again.

No matter what happened, the affairs between the King and the Queen were something that they absolutely didn’t wish to become embroiled in.

  All of them were quiet the whole way.

With Di Baijun carrying the two little fellows and Wang Hu following behind them, they came to the area where Di Baijun cultivated and rested every day.

  “Mommy, Big Treasure misses you so much,” Big Treasure whispered.

  Refusing to be outdone, Little Treasure also said the same thing.

  Di Baijun’s expressionless countenance softened a little, and she started to talk to them softly.

  As for Wang Hu, he was straight-up ignored.

  After a whole ten minutes and more, upon seeing that the two little fellows had had their fill of talking, Wang Hu smiled and said, “Big Treasure, Little Treasure.

Why don’t you go out and play by yourselves? Don’t go too far, okay?”   “Yup, yup.

” Big Treasure and Little Treasure nodded repeatedly.

Then, they looked at their mother.

  Di Baijun turned expressionless again.

After several seconds of silence, she quietly let go of them and said dispassionately, “Go ahead.

”   “Woot!” The two little fellows cheered and ran out with their short, stumpy legs in the blink of an eye.

  Wang Hu watched them leave.

Then, a bright smile immediately formed on his face.

He got up, walked over to Di Baijun, and reached out to give her a massage.

  “I missed you so much, Baijun.

”   As he spoke, his hands had also nearly reached those delicate shoulders.

  Suddenly, Di Baijun turned her shoulders to the side, her attitude toward him obvious.

She didn’t even take a single look at Wang Hu.

  Wang Hu blinked.

Unaffected in the least, he shifted his hands slightly and forcibly massaged her shoulders.

As he did, he also asked perplexedly, “What’s wrong, Baijun? Who made you angry? Tell me.

I’ll definitely skin them.

”   A look of indignation formed on his countenance.

  Di Baijun turned around and glanced at Wang Hu.

A vague, seemingly amused look appeared on her face.

  After a moment’s pause, she sneered and asked, “Really?”   Wang Hu felt a little guilty for some reason.

Nevertheless, he said firmly, “Yes, really.

Tell me, who’s the one with the death wish? How dare they make my wife angry? They must be tired of living.

”   The corners of Di Baijun’s lips curled upward.

The mocking aura around her became even stronger, and she said aloofly, “In that case, you can skin yourself first.

”   Wang Hu’s expression froze.

He was rendered speechless.

So, it really was directed at him… but he hadn’t done anything wrong!   Could it be that his past deeds had been discovered?   The moment he thought of that, he became even guiltier.

He smiled and started to massage her shoulders even more earnestly.

With an embarrassed chuckle, he said, “Don’t joke around, Baijun.

You won’t bear to let me do it even if I really do it, will you?”   At the sight of the jerk’s barefaced shamelessness, Di Baijun immediately became both angry and amused.

She rolled her eyes disdainfully and scoffed coldly, “What can’t I bear to do? Don’t flatter yourself.

”   “No, Baijun, what have I done wrong? You’re so mad.

” Wang Hu didn’t get angry.

Instead, he spoke guiltily in a slow and soft voice.

  Di Baijun raised a delicate brow and became even more displeased.

To think that jerk was still unaware of what he had done.

  Hmph, he must have forgotten all about me during this time.

  At the same time, a faint aggrieved feeling also surged up within her.

  That jerk isn’t the same as before anymore.

  He definitely wouldn’t have been like this in the past.

  She turned and glared at him frostily.

Then, Di Baijun snorted coldly, got up, and walked out.

  Wang Hu was utterly confused.

He didn’t quite understand.

  This didn’t seem like his past deeds had been discovered either.

  As he wondered, he couldn’t help but become somewhat resigned.

Why were so many things happening when they were already an old married couple by now?