My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 229

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 229

Chapter 229: Turn into the Queen Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Wang Hu smiled lovingly at her and moved to sit beside Silly Girl.

He tried to bring his hand around her shoulders.

Di Baijun’s face was still sullen, but she did not resist.

Wang Hu was delighted; he succeeded.

He tried to maintain a straight face and said seriously, “I may coddle the children a little, but we have you, Baijun.

You and I complement each other.

Our children will definitely be outstanding in the future.

” Di Baijun glared at Wang Hu and huffed.

“Sure, let me be the stern and vicious mother, while you continue to be the doting father.

You have everything figured out.

” “Vicious mother? Nonsense.

” Wang Hu smiled and then said with a slightly hurt voice, “Moreover, no matter how stern you are towards the two little fellows, they still cling to you more.

“In comparison, I—their Daddy—am dispensable.

” As he said, he felt resigned.

The children only wanted their mother and not their father.




On the other hand, Di Baijun felt happy hearing that.

She lifted her chin and smiled.

“Of course, I gave birth to them; surely, they are closer to me.

” “Yes, yes.

You gave birth to them, so I won’t snatch them from you.

After all, they belong to you, and you belong to me.

” Wang Hu went along with her and said dotingly while hugging her tighter.

Di Baijun rolled her eyes out of Wang Hu’s sight.

She wanted to rebut but stopped herself from saying anything.

Never mind, I shall not be bothered by this rascal.

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COM Meanwhile, Wang Hu struck while the iron was hot and coaxed Silly Girl with all the sweet-nothings that he could muster.

Gradually, her icy exterior began to melt, and her expression turned bashful.

As for that matter, Wang Hu certainly did not mention it again as it was not the right timing.

Jun Wen and Wang Liang came together to report about the selection of the alternate world.

“My lord, Ji and the two of us have chosen the Scarlet Blaze World after a tedious selection.

The Scarlet Blaze World emerged two years ago.

We investigated it before and found out that its spiritual energy density is at the ninth stage of the Third Realm.

We named it the Scarlet Blaze World temporarily.

“So far, the Scarlet Blaze World has not discovered Earth yet.

We have also attained a good understanding of the world…” Wang Liang reported the information in detail.

Wang Hu listened intently.

Earth’s landmass today has increased by more than twice before the awakening of spiritual energy.

There were an innumerable amount of world passages that led to alternate worlds, and new world passages appeared randomly in different places without warning.

The territory of Tiger King’s Cave was quite large now, and it was normal to see new world passages emerge in the territory.

They have discovered three alternate worlds that reached Grade A within the territory.

The Scarlet Blaze World was one of the three.

After Wang Liang finished, Wang Hu fell into deep thought and contemplated the various situations that might occur in the world.

This time, instead of him, Silly Girl would be leading the troops in the invasion.

He had to eliminate all possible dangers beforehand.

Furthermore, since the purpose of the invasion was to hone the subordinates, some casualties were to be expected.

However, the number of casualties must not be huge.

The extent of damage would then depend on the situation of the alternate world that they were planning to invade.

Seeing that Wang Hu was deep in thought, Wang Liang and Jun Wen did not dare to interrupt, and they waited in silence.

After a while, Wang Hu raised his head and said calmly, “Then, we shall decide on this world.

Get ready to deploy the troops in one month.

The Queen shall lead the invasion of the Scarlet Blaze World.

” Wang Liang and Jun Wen were shocked.

The Queen would be the leader this time! Jun Wen narrowed his eyes.

He was silent for a second before bowing and saying: “My lord, pardon my question, but… why is the Queen designated to lead?” Wang Liang, who was thinking and did not have any opinions, glanced at him wordlessly.

Wang Hu was not surprised by the question.

“Is there a problem with the Queen leading the troops?” Jun Wen suddenly felt a chill fall over his body as though a pair of eyes had looked over.

He could no longer bring himself to say the words that he wanted to say.

As the thought appeared in his mind, he was not afraid.

He calmed himself down and looked at the figure in front of him.

With a resolute expression, he said, “My lord, the Queen’s combat power is strong, and logically speaking, there is no problem.

However, the Queen has never been through something like this before.

I’m afraid she might be lacking.

“And the Queen has a tendency to be irritable.

I’m afraid that she might not be the best choice to lead the troops.

My lord, please reconsider.

” Wang Hu felt amused.

This Jun Wen was becoming more and more daring.

He knew that the Queen was paying attention to the conversation, yet he still said such words.

Wang Hu laughed to himself, but he was not angry.

The Tiger King’s Cave today was not a dynasty yet.

Since Jun Wen dared to say it, as long as it did not test his tolerance, then it was nothing for him.

He could still stand it.

He looked at the volcano behind him, which was accumulating power with the corner of his eyes, and a hint of amusement flashed across.

He still had to warn Jun Wen.

His expression turned cold, seemingly shooting out cold beams; the entire drawing room seemed to be crushed down by a huge mountain.

Jun Wen was the most badly affected, and his body bent over.

“How audacious! How dare you criticize the Queen?!” A cold and imposing voice sounded, and the pressure intensified.

Wang Liang looked at Jun Wen with the corner of his eyes and snickered to himself.

 He had the nerve… Droplets of perspiration dripped down from Jun Wen’s face.

He lowered his head and immediately responded reverently, “My lord, I am sorry; please punish me.

” “You shall be fined three months’ salary.

If you do it again, I won’t let you off easily,” Wang Hu said frostily.

“Yes, thank you, my lord.

” Jun Wen did not hesitate and immediately abided.

“Enough, everything is decided.

The both of you shall decide the Second Realms that will join the troops.

You may leave and make preparations.

” Wang Hu waved his hand.

“Yes,” the two tigers responded, and Jun Wen did not dare to say anything else.

After a bow, the two of them left the cave.

When they were more than 100 meters away, Wang Liang let out a dazzling smile and looked at Jun Wen.

With telepathy, he sent a message: “How incredible you are, Jun Wen.

I have my hats off to you.

” Wang Liang did not hide his gloating.

Jun Wen was expressionless as he looked at Wang Liang.

He said firmly, “Why should I be afraid when I’m being loyal to the King and doing my best for the Tiger King’s Cave?” Wang Liang’s smile froze, and he cursed inwardly.

 Good grief, this fool never forgets to express his allegiance and suck up to the king.

He snickered contemptuously and snorted.

“I shall see how long you can put up the pretense.

” Then, he turned away and left.

Jun Wen looked at him for two seconds and retracted his gaze.

His face grew overcast, and an intense dissatisfaction was visible in his eyes.

The King pampered the Queen too much.

It may be alright now, but it would definitely be a source of trouble in the future.

Women should not be allowed to meddle with politics.

He sneered to himself and quickly thought of a way to counter it.

He could not come up with anything good… unless… A light bulb went off in his head.

Jun Wen turned his head to look at the Tiger King’s Cave before walking away.

Meanwhile, in the drawing room of the Tiger King’s Cave… Di Baijun walked out with a frosty air around her.

Wang Hu looked at her and smiled, ignoring her countenance.

“Are you angry because of what Jun Wen said?” “Hmph.

” Di Baijun glanced at Wang Hu and felt a fury rise within her.

However, she did not say a thing and only managed to harrumph.

After all, Jun Wen was a senior official of Tiger King’s Cave, and he appeared to be loyal to Wang Hu.

She could not express her disapproval.

“You’re right.

This Jun Wen is more and more disrespectful—how dare he criticize my wife.

He needs to be punished.

“How about this…? Baijun, give him a good lesson one day when the chance arises,” Wang Hu immediately said with a straight face.

Di Baijun’s eyes brightened slightly, but her voice was nonchalant: “Then, don’t be upset if I hit him too hard and hurt your henchman.

” “Haha, henchman? I only value him more because he seems to be more capable.

After all, he’s one of the geniuses of our tiger species.

” “However, he does not compare to even a strand of your hair, Baijun,” Wang Hu joked naturally.

As he spoke, he stood and walked to Silly Girl, only to pull her into an embrace.

Di Baijun did not oppose it, and her expression turned less moody.

Wang Hu saw that she was comforted, and so he became more serious.

“Baijun, as you heard, we have chosen a world and will set off in a month.

“You should make preparations, too.

” A will to fight appeared on Di Baijun’s face.

She raised her chin and said confidently, “Of course.

I am already making preparations.

” Wang Hu nodded and replied, “Good.

Don’t go lenient on anyone in Tiger King’s Cave.

You are free to order them however you wish to.

“Don’t do everything by yourself.

After all, the priority was not to conquer that alternate world, but to hone the beasts of Tiger King’s Cave.

” Di Baijun reined in a part of her battle spirit and let the advice sink in.

She briefly nodded to express that she understood.

“Okay, you should go and prepare.

Old Second and Jun Wen will be in charge of the Second Realms.

You should go and select the Third Realms yourself.

You should bring with you three-quarters of the Third Realms in Tiger King’s Cave,” Wang Hu said in a serious tone.

A smile flashed across Di Baijun’s eyes.

However, she unwillingly nodded her head.

Afterward, the couple ended their talk.

Di Baijun left the drawing room high-spirited and went to make preparations… While Wang Hu pondered for a while before returning to the room to cultivate.

In the month that followed, everyone in Tiger King’s Cave grew busy.

Conquering a world was no small feat, and the matters involved were complicated.

For example, the defense matters once the troops leave, and so on… all had to be prepared in advance.

Because of this, Wang Hu even left the Tiger King’s Cave once and only returned after slightly more than a day.

Afterward, he was completely at peace of mind.

He did not interrupt the preparations by Di Baijun and the others, and he only looked on and continued to cultivate.

A month quickly passed by, and Di Baijun was ready to set off with the troops.

Those 200 Third Realms and 2,000 Second Realms formed a formidable presence as they moved forward.

Wang Hu stood on the quadrangle of Tiger King’s Cave and sent them off until they disappeared from his vision.

He was not feeling worried.

Rather, he was a little reluctant to part with Di Baijun.

This time, Silly Girl would have to leave for a rather long time.

The childish voices sounded, and two little and adorable figures ran out from the Tiger King’s Cave.

They jumped at Wang Hu and hugged his thighs.

Wang Hu felt the impact of the two collisions and felt satisfied.

Even though these two little fellows only knew how to eat, sleep, and play; their combat power increased rather quickly.

“Daddy, where’s Mommy?” Big Treasure looked up at Wang Hu and asked for his Mommy.

Little Treasure also looked at Wang Hu with her big eyes, seemingly asking the same question.

Wang Hu was long used to it.

He smiled and said, “Mommy left to do something.

” “Left to do something? Then, when can I see Mommy?” Little Treasure blinked innocently as she asked.

“Half an hour later?” Big Treasure chimed in.

“Yes, half an hour later.

Go and play by yourselves,” Wang Hu said with a straight face.

The two little fellows did not mind.

They nodded and dashed away after they got their answer.

Wang Hu looked at the two little fellows who yelled as they ran away, and he pondered to himself.

How should he deal with these two little fellows now? This situation would last for a while.

After a few seconds, he called, “Cowardly fox.

” Su Ling, who stood not far away in the send-off, was displeased.

 Cowardly fox? The demon lord is horrible.

As she thought to herself, she abided on the surface and immediately walked to Wang Hu.

She bowed pliantly and appeared gentle.

Wang Hu did not pay heed and instructed, “Take good care of Big Treasure and Little Treasure.

” Su Ling blinked and was a little reluctant.

She subtly reminded him, “Then, my lord, half an hour later…?” She heard the conversation from a while ago.


” Wang Hu glared at her disdainfully.

“Let them play by themselves and don’t mention it.

They won’t remember wanting to see the Queen half an hour later!” Su Ling was at a loss for words.

Based on her understanding of the two little fellows, that seemed about right.

As long as they had a good time playing, if no one mentioned it, they would not think about looking for their Mommy for the whole day.

She lowered her head and complied in a feeble voice.

“Pay more attention to them during this period and do not leave them.

You have to be here whenever I call you, understand?” Wang Hu said coolly.

Su Ling’s naturally seductive eyes wandered, and she looked expectantly at Wang Hu.

Wang Hu ended the conversation and went into the cave.

In the blink of an eye, it was nighttime.

In the room, the two little fellows—who spent the whole day playing—were eating Second Realm meat that was purified by other Third Realms under Su Ling’s supervision.

Meanwhile, Wang Hu was watching them from his bed.

“Daddy, where’s Mommy?” Suddenly, as Big Treasure chewed on his food, he asked.

Little Treasure, who was having a good time with her food, was suddenly reminded of her Mommy.

“Mommy! Little Treasure wants Mommy!” Her little mouth yelled, and then she swallowed another piece of meat, puffing up her cheeks in the process.

She looked at her Daddy with her big, bright eyes after.

Wang Hu, who watched from the side, let out a smile and said unhurriedly, “Mommy went out.

You’ll see her later.

” The two little fellows did not think much about it and continued to eat happily.

Meanwhile, Su Ling, who stood by the side dutifully, rolled her eyes around as she thought.

 They’ll see her later? Could the vicious tigress come back later? Would Big Treasure and Little Treasure forget about seeing their Mommy before they slept? Su Ling, who was wondering about what the demon lord would do later, suddenly heard a familiar voice ring by her ear: “Later, when I bring Big Treasure and Little Treasure to their room, transform into the Queen’s image and pretend to be cultivating.

Understand?” Su Ling was shocked and looked at the demon lord reflexively.

Then, she noticed that Big Treasure and Little Treasure were still enjoying their food and had not heard anything.

Thoughts quickly flashed across her mind, and she replied telepathically in a hesitant voice: “My lord, this…?” Wang Hu glared at her, and Su Ling instinctively flinched.

Still, she continued to say in a frightened voice: “My lord, if the Queen finds out that I turned into her, she will skin me alive.

” “Fool! Why do you think you did not follow the troops in the invasion?” Wang Hu reprimanded.