My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 222

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Hands that were Asking for It, Guilt Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios   “You recognize me.

” Wang Hu, who noticed this, found it rather odd.

Upon reaching the Divine Body Realm, one would be able to fully control characteristics such as their scent and so on.

He had also been at the Divine Body Realm when he tried to save the little cat back then.

His appearance and so on had all been different, yet the little cat could actually still recognize him.

She really was rather capable.

Miao Ming’er endured the embarrassment and panic that his hand brought and said seriously, “This little cat will never forget the Tiger King and the Tiger Queen’s kindness in saving her life back then.

” Wang Hu could tell that her words were full of sincerity.

His fondness and affection for her increased even further.

The feeling he got when he stroked her fur started to feel even better.

“Your Majesty, can you let go of me first?” Miao Ming’er couldn’t bear with it anymore.

There was even some pleading in her usually quiet and gentle voice.

Wang Hu blinked.

It was only then that he realized that he seemed to have crossed the line a little.




The other party was, after all, an existence that possessed human intelligence.

It wasn’t quite appropriate for him to pick her up and stroke her fur the moment he came over.

However, the little cat was simply too adorable.

Not only did her appearance appeal to him, but the quiet tranquility around her also gave him a sense of serenity the moment he looked at her.

Additionally, it simply felt so good to stroke her fur.

It made him do all these without even realizing it himself.

He was rather reluctant to let go of her.

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COM However, the moment he thought about it a little, he nevertheless let go of her after stroking her fur another couple of times.

There was no hurry; he could take his time to stroke her fur however he wanted after he brought her back.

Miao Ming’er felt relieved the moment she felt his hold on her loosen.

She hastily jumped out of his arms and went over to Qing Qing.

After taking a few deep breaths, she regained some of her calmness.

Only then did she finally turn and look at the person that felt both familiar and like a stranger to her.

She said gently, “Thank you, Your Majesty.

” “You didn’t die back then?” asked Wang Hu fairly curiously.

“That, a state of suspended animation, is a situation that’s unique to my species.

The Tiger King and the Tiger Queen misunderstood that time.

” As though she had fully regained her usual composure, a smile formed on Miao Ming’er’s countenance as she spoke.

Anyone that looked at her would feel as though they had been caressed by the spring breeze and form a sense of fondness toward her.

Wang Hu nodded.

He knew that it probably wasn’t that simple, but he didn’t intend to ask too much about it.

After all, this was obviously her secret.

Besides, when he recalled that it seemed like he had stomped a few times on her grave because he wanted to make sure that her grave was safe, he immediately felt a little embarrassed.

Speaking of which, those few stomps he had given her grave were no simple actions.

How did she manage to get out? The thoughts flashed across his mind.

However, he naturally didn’t voice them.

Without any hesitation, Wang Hu immediately said with some approving admiration in his voice, “You’re rather impressive.

On account of how we’ve been brought together by fate, are you willing to go to the Tiger King’s Cave with me? “You can bring that little cyan-blue bird with you.

” His words shocked Miao Ming’er and even Qing Qing.

The Tiger King was inviting them to join the Tiger King’s Cave! However, Qing Qing became rather unhappy right after; it seemed like she was just an appendant! She glanced at the person in front of her, wanting to glare at him yet didn’t have the courage to.

She could only look at Miao Ming’er nervously.

Would Big Sister agree to it? It seemed like there would be a lot of benefits in store for them if they agreed.

However, it seemed that there would also be a lot of demerits to it.

However, if they didn’t agree… Before she could think too deeply into it, Miao Ming’er had already made up her mind.

“I’m very grateful that the Tiger King thinks so highly of us.

However, we sisters wish only to stay at home and lead a peaceful life.

Therefore, I can only offer my apologies.

” Although Miao Ming’er spoke gently, she sounded fairly firm.

Wang Hu looked taken aback.

He frowned a little, somewhat displeased.

He didn’t expect this.

Given his current status and position, this was the first time that he was so polite in inviting two little Second Realm creatures to join the Tiger King’s cave, yet they had actually declined his offer.

He had been rejected by two little Second Realm creatures.

He couldn’t quite accept it.

He even regretted inviting them over now.

He could have just brought them back straight away instead.

As expected, being polite didn’t suit him at all.

Should I change my mind and bring them back straightaway? Wang Hu wondered to himself without feeling any psychological burden at all.

He had never thought of giving up just like that.

Such an adorable cat was not only pleasing to the eye but also very extraordinary.

However, when he thought about how he was forcefully bringing them back right after the other party had declined his verbal invitation, he felt a little embarrassed.

At his current stage, he would still have to carry himself properly even if there weren’t any outsiders present.

He hesitated for a few seconds.

Of course, he wasn’t undecided about whether he should let them go or not.

That was something he definitely wouldn’t do.

Rather, he was thinking about what he could say so that he could uphold his dignity and also bring the little cat back at the same time? It was also exactly while he was undecided and contemplating in silence that the atmosphere around them intangibly became significantly graver.

Both Miao Ming’er and Qing Qing, who was somewhat surprised yet also relieved at her elder sister’s decision, could feel it.

Qing Qing didn’t dare to say anything, and she obediently stood where she was.

Miao Ming’er let out a soft sigh inwardly.

She knew that it was a very bad move to reject such an incredibly powerful presence’s offer.

This was especially the case in Mother Nature where the weak were prey for the strong.

Given the Tiger King’s status, he had shown them a tremendous courtesy by taking the initiative to invite them to the Tiger King’s Cave.

By rejecting his offer, she was not showing him due respect.

However, she really didn’t want to go to the Tiger King’s Cave.

Had it been another mighty expert’s invitation, she wouldn’t have declined it just like that because she knew that she and her sister wouldn’t be qualified enough to turn them down.

However, for some reason, when she faced the Tiger King—the strongest presence in this world; there was a special feeling in her.

Not only did she feel a bit of an urge to be willful, but she even held some inexplicable trust in him.

Thus, she had directly rejected his offer.

From the looks of it now, though, it seemed like that inexplicable trust she had… She felt some faint disappointment.

Forget it, she would just go over.

Perhaps Qing Qing would be a little safer that way.

After consoling herself a little, the voice—which sounded as though it didn’t care at all and was also as pressurizing as ever—rang out again: “Interesting.

There are scores of Second Realm beings in this world that wish I would invite them to join the Tiger King’s Cave.

“Yet a little cat like you has actually rejected it.

Do you know what you’ve just turned down?” The domineeringness hidden in his mighty and imposing voice was such that Qing Qing couldn’t even speak.

All she could think about was how fierce the big tiger was.

Miao Ming’er became even more disappointed.

She glanced at Qing Qing out of the corner of her eyes and gave up on resisting.

She opened her mouth to voice her agreement.

“This little cat…” Before she could even speak any further, Wang Hu—who was afraid that the little cat that didn’t know what was good for her would turn him down again—interrupted her.

“I should think that a little cat like you won’t know either.

I suppose it’s normal that you would turn me down.

” He paused for a moment.

Just as he was about to continue with the speech that he had come up with and uphold his dignity before he then took the two little creatures away with him, Wang Hu suddenly thought of something.

He frowned again, the look in his eyes becoming somewhat unsure.

He looked at the little cat and asked dispassionately, “Are you able to transform into the Dao form?” Miao Ming’er was taken aback by the sudden question.

Then, she thought: If he knows that I can transform into the Dao form, he’ll likely value me more.

This way, Qing Qing and I will also gain an additional layer of assurance after we join the Tiger King’s Cave.

At the thought, she nodded without any hesitation and replied, “Yes, I can.

” As she spoke, the distance between the two of them inadvertently grew a bit bigger as compared to how it had been in the beginning.

Wang Hu, who didn’t notice anything, frowned even deeper.

She really could! He had suddenly thought of how Big Treasure and Little Treasure could already transform into their Dao forms when they were in the Second Realm, as well as how Silly Girl had mentioned back then that the little cat had a very impressive bloodline.

Only then did he start to wonder whether the little cat could transform into the Dao form or not.

If she could, then this would become a very different situation.

Hoping for the best, he said, “Transform into your Dao form.

” Miao Ming’er didn’t think too much about it.

Immediately, a gentle white glow formed around her.

The next moment, a beautiful woman wearing milky-white robes appeared where she was.

Even though he was exposed to a peerlessly stunning existence like Silly Girl, as well as a beauty that could easily charm and bewitch everyone in the world such as the cowardly fox every day; Wang Hu nevertheless felt his eyes light up.

Her looks were in no way inferior to theirs.

Gentle and graceful, the quiet and serene quality around her that seemed to reach all the way inside her made Wang Hu instinctively feel a sense of fondness for her.

However, a sense of awkwardness and guilt subsequently arose in him furiously.

I… was hugging this great beauty just now? And I even hugged her very tightly? It seems like I had even touche—no, stroked her many times? If Silly Girl comes to know about this… He shuddered fiercely all over.

This was no longer a problem of whether he could sleep on the bed in the future or not anymore.

This was a problem that would lead to things more serious than that.

The look in his eyes flickered a little.

He inhaled softly and suppressed his guilt.

No, it’s fine.

Silly Girl doesn’t know about this.

Nothing will happen as long as she never gets to know about it, isn’t it?  Isn’t it a piece of cake to keep it a secret from her anyway? The moment he thought of it that way, he fully regained his composure.

Can I still bring that little cat back, though? What if someone lets slip of what had happened? Should I warn them about it? No, how will it reflect upon me if I especially warn them about it? Besides, considering that little cyan-blue bird’s personality, can she really keep it a secret? I won’t be able to stroke the cat’s fur anymore even if I bring them back anyway.

In that case, what’s the point of bringing her back? The moment he thought of that, he couldn’t help but become somewhat disappointed.

He couldn’t stroke her fur anymore.

This was exactly the difference between whether one could transform into the Dao form or not.

The Dao form was the aesthetic benchmark common among all species.

If the little cat was unable to transform into the Dao form, then he could stroke her fur after he brought her back.

Should he still dare to stroke her fur after she could transform into the Dao form, Silly Girl might really bite him.

Besides, he would be embarrassed about it, too.

After all, she was such a beauty.

His expression couldn’t help but become somewhat troubled.

Yet, he didn’t quite accept giving up just like that either.

Even if he couldn’t stroke her fur anymore, he still didn’t want to give her up, given her powerful talent.

Her talent was such that she could already transform into the Dao form when she was still in the Second Realm.

Her talent undoubtedly surpassed even the current cowardly fox’s.

He glanced at his hand and secretly cursed.

 My hands were really asking for it.

Why did you feel like you simply had to grab something? He glared at them huffily.

Never mind, he would just be careful about it.

Silly Girl likely wouldn’t realize anything.

He had made up his mind.

After all, he couldn’t give up such a talented subordinate just because of a moment’s careless mistake.

The Tiger King’s Cave wasn’t that extravagant yet.

“Not bad.

Given how you can already transform into the Dao form at the Second Realm, your talent is second to only my family.

” Wang Hu adopted a haughty and admiring attitude.

“Thank you for your compliment, Your Majesty,” replied Miao Ming’er with proper decorum.

Her attitude became a notch more distant again.

This time, Wang Hu felt it, and he felt rather uncomfortable about it.

Had it been any other Second Realm being like the many Second Realm animals in the Tiger King’s Cave, he wouldn’t have reacted at all.

Even if he did, it would merely have been disdain.

However, when it came to the little cat that he liked very much, he instead felt very uncomfortable about it.

Another frown appeared on the visage hidden by the golden light.

“When are we going home, Big Sister?” At this point, as though she couldn’t hold it in anymore, Qing Qing whined softly.

Evidently, she hadn’t noticed much, let alone the invisible showdown going on between her elder sister and the big tiger who she found very fierce.