My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 216

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 216

Chapter 216: The Future of China?   Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Di Baijun’s eyes remained closed.

She did not seem to be surprised, and her voice was laced with a hint of contempt when she spoke, “You only found out now?”   Wang Hu was shocked.

What did she mean?   Silly Girl already knew?!   As he carefully sensed the changes in his bloodline, he wondered about the reasons.

  He was certainly most aware of his own bloodline.




  All this while, he had only awakened a wind-type special ability.

It could only be considered an awakening of a special ability, and it did not mean that his bloodline itself was transformed and strengthened.

  However, just a moment ago, after the coitus; he inadvertently noticed that a unique quality had appeared in his own bloodline.

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COM   It seemed that the essence of his bloodline itself was showing signs of being strengthened.

  To think of it carefully, this situation did not just occur all of a sudden.

  It should have been occurring from time to time.

However, the changes were too small to be noticed.

  Today, the changes had accumulated to a certain point that he was finally made aware of.

  What was the reason for the change?   Furthermore, Silly Girl knew about it long ago?!   “Baijun, could it be because I did it with you?” Wang Hu asked with uncertainty.

  Di Baijun’s already flushed face reddened even more.

She opened her eyes and glared at him huffily to say: “Nonsense.

”   After she finished, she immediately closed her eyes again.

  The gesture was incredibly adorable in Wang Hu’s eyes.

No matter how many years passed, Silly Girl always kept her eyes closed during moments like this, and she remained bashful.

  Wang Hu chuckled and continued to ponder.

If that’s not the reason, then what was it?   As he thought to himself, he heard Silly Girl’s firm voice say: “It’s because you spent long periods with me that you had been influenced by my aura.

”   As she spoke, her face turned even redder.

She huffed to herself and stopped herself from biting the rascal who was hugging her.

  Rascal, you already guessed it but still made me say the obvious?   Wang Hu’s suspicion was confirmed.

It was indeed because he and Silly Girl carried out carnal activities that the changes occurred.

  He could readily tell if Silly Girl was lying.

In addition to what she just said, he could confirm that his guess was correct.

  He was immediately thrilled.

He didn’t expect such changes to happen at all.

  However, it made sense after thinking about it carefully.

  After all, the act of copulation between a man and a woman…   Once he figured it out, his smile became wider.

As expected of his Biggest Treasure, she was full of treasures from head to toe.

  As he thought to himself, he pulled Di Baijun into a tighter embrace.

  Without hesitation, he gave her a kiss.

  From that day onwards, Wang Hu received confirmation that copulating with Silly Girl was also a unique form of cultivation.

  Naturally, he increased the frequency of this form of cultivation.

  Three months after the agreement was made…   A phone call from Bay suddenly reached Wang Hu.

  “Your Excellency, the Deep Abyss launched an invasion.

We discovered traces of elites from the Deep Abyss in a city, and their numbers are large.

  “Your Excellency, please come ASAP!” Bay’s anxious voice was heard.

  Wang Hu raised his brows, and his voice was cold: “Are you sure it’s an invasion? And not a probe?”   In Bay’s office at the Russia Alliance, Bay paused to think, and an innumerable amount of thoughts flashed across his mind.

Eventually, he did not dare to lie and said in a grave voice: “Your Excellency, we cannot confirm if it’s an invasion or a probe from the Deep Abyss.

  “But we can confirm that their numbers are large.

”   Wang Hu’s eyes narrowed.

With an unmoving voice, he said, “Since you can’t confirm it, then I’ll wait to take action until you can.

”   Bay was anxious and worried: “But our opponent is too strong.

Our Russia Alliance is unable to find out.

”   “I will send my subordinates to find out.

You shall inform China and ask them to send people to investigate with me.

” Wang Hu’s voice was unassailable, and he denied Bay any room to negotiate.

  Bay was displeased, but he nodded and agreed: “Okay.

Thank you, Your Excellency, we will cooperate anytime.

”   After the conversation ended, Wang Hu snorted and said discontentedly, “They expect me to take action before they can even confirm it? How rude.

”   Di Baijun—who was by his side—agreed, and she said with a haughty voice, “Not only are they rude, but they are also timid.

  “They are badly intimidated by the Deep Abyss and expect you to take action once they detect movement from the Deep Abyss.

”   “At least he still has some sense left and did not lie to me.

” An indiscernible coldness flashed across Wang Hu’s eyes.

  Although he had come to an agreement with the humans, he would not take orders from the human alliances.

  Would he take action? When would he take action?   He could make his own decisions.

  “You will send subordinates to investigate?” Di Baijun asked.

  Wang Hu nodded and said seriously, “No matter what, we have made an agreement with the human alliances.

We and 200 Third Realms from China will be responsible for fighting off the three major worlds.

  “The other human alliances will only assist us.

It’s only natural for us to send subordinates to investigate.

”   Di Baijun did not agree with it, but she did not oppose it.

She merely asked, “Then, who will you send?”   “The subordinates that are strong enough to go are few.

  “Hei Fan, Ming Feng, Lan Li, and maybe 30-odd Third Realms.

Hei Fan shall lead,” Wang Hu said.

  Di Baijun nodded in agreement.

The Deep Abyss should not be underestimated.

Even though the Deep Abyss was limited by the world passage, they only had few subordinates that were capable of facing the demons.

  Wang Hu was not in a hurry.

He instructed a beast who was guarding outside to summon Hei Fan and the rest.

  He was not in a hurry at all.

Since Russia tried to fool him, then he shall let them wait a while more.

  After slightly more than 10 minutes, Li Aimin called.

The message was simple: both of them shall send some elites to investigate the matter in the Russia Alliance together.

  To be safe, the elites of both groups should work together and not split apart to prevent any accidents from happening.

  Wang Hu agreed.

As for who should lead, neither of them mentioned it tacitly.

  If the Tiger King was present, then the leader would be him without fail.

  Since he would not be present, China naturally wouldn’t submit to him; neither would Wang Hu submit to China.

  Hence, the matter was simple.

  “When you are there, cooperate with the Russia Alliance and investigate the traces of the demons.

  “Remember, do not split from the Chinese.

If there are any issues, discuss those with them.

However, you must not disgrace our Tiger King’s Cave.

  “Once you discover something that you cannot resolve, inform me.

”   In the drawing room of the Tiger King’s Cave, Wang Hu looked at the 30-odd figures.

He spoke domineeringly with a presence that was as majestic as the Yangtze River.

  None of the 30-odd Third Realms dared to look straight at Wang Hu, and they bowed and abided.

  “This time, Hei Fan shall lead, and Ming Feng and Lan Li shall be assistants.

You may leave now,” Wang Hu said coolly.

  All of them bowed again and left the drawing room.

  After leaving the drawing room that seemed to be surrounded by a boundless ocean, the 30-odd Third Realms unwittingly breathed a sigh of relief.

The pressure they felt from Wang Hu was simply too great.

  It made them feel breathless.

  Without hesitation, they immediately flew towards the North.

Midair, Lan Li and Ming Feng finally had the mood to think about other matters.

  They exchanged a look and noticed displeasure in each other.

  Why should Hei Fan be the leader?   Obviously, even though they had such thoughts, they did not express those outwardly.

  Regardless, it was the Tiger King’s instructions.

No matter how displeased they were, they did not dare to voice their opinion without a valid reason.

  On the other hand, Hei Fan—who flew at the front of the squad—could not be bothered to think about what Lan Li and Ming Feng were thinking.

  He was thinking about the current mission.

This was the first time he was appointed to lead a mission since joining the Tiger King’s Cave.

Even though he had some thoughts to himself, he did not dare and certainly did not want to make any mistakes.

  The Deep Abyss was a world that was even stronger than the one he came from.

  Moreover, there were also China and the Russia Alliance.

The mission was no easy feat.

  In the capital of China…   A squad had also set off.

However, they set off in a plane, unlike Hei Fan and the squad who had to fly by themselves for a short while before they could board the plane arranged by the Russia Alliance.

  When the squad departed, Li Aimin personally sent them to the airport.

  “Jixiu and Yuhao, the both of you shall lead the squad for this mission.

The Deep Abyss is unfathomably strong, you must be careful.

Safety is the most important thing, do you understand?” Li Aimin looked at the two men who stood in front of him and said gravely.

  Liu Jixiu and Dong Yuhao nodded to indicate their understanding.

  “Don’t worry, Elder Li, we will definitely bring everyone back safely,” Liu Jixiu said resolutely.

Beneath his graceful and gentle looks was a unique imposing quality.

  Dong Yuhao looked discretely at Liu Jixiu with the corner of his eyes and silently sighed to himself.

On the surface, he nodded.

  Li Aimin continued to say, “Good.

Do not split from the elites of the Tiger King’s Cave unless you have no other choice.

Investigate together with them and get along well with them.

  “Discuss with them.

Once something crops up, contact me and the Tiger King.

”   “Yes, we understand,” Liu Jixiu said firmly.

  “Good, you may leave now.

I will await good news from everyone,” Li Aimin patted Liu Jixiu’s shoulders and said amicably.

  Liu Jixiu nodded and boarded the plane.

  Finally, when the plane took off, where no one could see; Li Aimin’s brows frowned.

A slight worry flashed across his eyes.

  He wasn’t worried about the investigation.

  He was worried about Liu Jixiu and Dong Yuhao.

  Regardless of one’s military ranking or accomplishments, Dong Yuhao was stronger than Liu Jixiu.

  However, Liu Jixiu was in the dominant position in the events that happened just now.

  It wasn’t because he was older; it was because he was more powerful.

  It was as simple as that.

  It was a very small and indiscernible change, but in the eyes of an old and wise person like Li Aimin, it represented many things.

  The rise of the new elite would mean they would take up more privileges and benefits.

  The concept of the powerful being revered seemed to be slowly ingrained into everyone’s hearts.

  It had slowly become more important than one’s standing or accomplishments.

  It was a positive thing as it could motivate people to cultivate harder.

However, it could sometimes become disastrous as well.

  At the very least, it must not completely replace one’s standing or accomplishments.

  Otherwise, China would fall into chaos.

  The more he thought about it, the deeper his brows furrowed.

In the end, Li Aimin was even looking a little lost.

  The future of China…!   He then thought about the two strongest people of China at the moment—Liu Jixiu and Zhu Hongming.

  A brief moment later, he let out a soft sigh.

  The sigh revealed his uncertainty and worry.

  Hopefully, they wouldn’t disappoint the country.

  On the second day, the two squads from Tiger King’s Cave and China—a total of almost 70 Third Realms—gathered in the capital of Russia.