My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 213

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 213

Chapter 213: The World that Silly Girl Originally Came From   Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios The Holy Tribunal of the Third Eye…   Wang Hu murmured in his mind.

Come to think of it, it was through Ji that he had come to know of their existence.

  After all, if they hadn’t successfully gotten him to help them or if the situation itself was related to him, none of the countries would ever take the initiative to inform him about any of the events with the other alternate worlds.

  Neither would he take the initiative to ask either; they were far from having reached that level of friendship yet.

  It was only after he took over Ji that he became informed of a lot of things through them.




  To Ji’s knowledge, the Holy Tribunal of the Third Eye was an enemy that the human alliances found as fearsome as the Deep Abyss.

  Even though the human alliances didn’t know much about them for sure, out of so many alternate worlds, they were the only ones that made the humans truly tremble.

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COM   Even the Dragon Clan was a little less fearsome than them.

Now, this was very indicative of the problem.

  Wang Hu mused over the Holy Tribunal of the Third Eye, while he watched the satellite broadcast and kept an eye on the war.

  Come to think of it, this was the first time that the humans were facing such a big and powerful invasion of a scale like this by themselves.

  He was rather curious; would the humans have any new tricks up their sleeves?   At this point, Di Baijun returned with a somewhat awful look on her face.

  The moment Wang Hu looked at her, he knew right away that the cowardly fox must have somehow made her angry again, and he shrugged it off.

Suddenly, something occurred to him.

  He blinked and looked at Silly Girl who was sitting on the bed.

Then, he asked curiously, “Silly Girl, do you know of the Holy Tribunal of the Third Eye?”   “No, I don’t.

” Di Baijun replied casually, though she also sounded rather huffy as though she was silently telling him not to bother her.

  It was only after she replied that she realized what he was asking.

She looked at Wang Hu and asked, “What’s the Holy Tribunal of the Third Eye?”   Wang Hu immediately told her everything he knew.

  Then, he noticed Silly Girl’s expression gradually turning serious, solemn, and complicated.

  Could it be that Silly Girl really did know of the Holy Tribunal of the Third Eye?   Wang Hu couldn’t help but wonder.

  Di Baijun’s brows knitted together slightly as some agitation flashed across her eyes.

It was only after a few seconds that she finally calmed down.

With some uncertainty, she said, “I do know of a force that’s relatively more famous.

They’re pretty strong.

  “However, they’re known as the Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye.

”   “The Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye?” Wang Hu was fairly intrigued.

If Silly Girl personally said that they were pretty strong, then there was no doubt about it—they must be very strong.

  “Yes, they’re located in the Wild World.

” A hint of nostalgia flashed across Di Baijun’s eyes, and she sounded somewhat affected.

  Wang Hu was startled.

This was the first time he had ever seen Silly Girl reacting this way at the mention of a certain world.

  Could it be that the Wild World was…?   Di Baijun was unaffected by Wang Hu’s reaction, however.

She suppressed her emotions and said seriously, “The Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye is also a powerhouse in the Wild World.

There are countless worlds under their command.

  “As there isn’t any further information about the Holy Tribunal of the Third Eye, I can’t be sure about it either.

  “However, judging by the scale of their invasion, even if they really are related to each other, they will likely only be one of the worlds under the Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye’s command.

”   Di Baijun didn’t think that the world passage restrictions on Earth were capable of obstructing the Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye otherwise.

  Of course, there was also a chance that the aristocrat hadn’t reported the existence of the world passage all this time.

Additionally, they might not have pegged it as a matter of high importance either.

Thus, they had only sent so little military power for the invasion.

  Everything was possible.

They knew too little about it, so Di Baijun couldn’t be sure either.

  Wang Hu nodded.

As usual, he didn’t ask Silly Girl much about why she knew all these.

This had already become a tacit agreement between both husband and wife.

  He passed her the cell phone and said, “Take a look.

The human alliances have already started to fight with the Holy Tribunal of the Third Eye.

”   Di Baijun’s eyes lit up.

She took the phone from him right away and started to watch the war closely.

  On the screen, whooshing nuclear weapons crashed into the ground like a hailstorm.

  Earth-shattering explosions rang out one after another in close succession.

Furious roars rang out every once in a while amid blazing flames that rushed high into the sky.

However, the explosions were so loud that the roars weren’t quite audible.

  Only one Third Realm cultivator and large numbers of Second Realm cultivators were killed.

  Di Baijun watched the war very intently.

However, in the end, she shook her head and somewhat said with disappointment and uncertainty, “There are a great number of worlds under the Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye.

Third Realm cultivators are dime a dozen, and they have all kinds of languages and cultivation techniques.

  “These Third Realm cultivators won’t have any Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye marking even if they are from a world under their command.

  “In fact, they may not even qualify to know about the Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye itself.

They’re too weak.

”   Her words secretly rendered Wang Hu speechless.

Those were hundreds of Third Realm cultivators, yet Silly Girl was saying that they were too weak.

  On top of that—and more importantly—even if those hundreds of Third Realm cultivators came from a world under the Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye’s command, they might not even qualify to know about the Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye’s existence.

  From her seemingly ordinary words, one could easily imagine how powerful the Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye must be.

  This was the key point.

  There was also a more important key point here: Silly Girl definitely hadn’t sounded as if she looked up to the Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye when she was talking about them just now.

Rather, she had maintained her usual haughtiness.

  For Silly Girl to speak of the Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye in that manner, how strong must she have been in the past? What kind of position had she been in?   The slightest thought about it gave Wang Hu pressure that he hadn’t felt in the longest time.

  It seemed like his wife had been kinda strong in the past!   Never mind that she had been strong; after all, that was all in the past.

  Besides, she was willing to be his wife now.

That meant that everything was alright.

He would only be happy about it.

  However, what about the people backing her up?   What about his father-in-law or his mother-in-law?   Wang Hu felt pressured the moment he thought about it.

He thought: When I really get to meet them, surely, they won’t refuse to acknowledge me just because I’m too weak at the moment, right?   He had never thought about these matters in the past.

After all, there wasn’t even the slightest sign of the world where Silly Girl had lived in the past, so he naturally didn’t need to think about it.

  However, there were now the Holy Tribunal of the Third Eye and the Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye.

Now that a hint of it had appeared, he couldn’t not-think carefully about it anymore.

  After contemplating for a moment, he decided that he didn’t want to ask any further about it.

Firstly, it was still rather early to think about such things; he would just work hard and cultivate instead.

With enough time, he was confident that he would be just as good as anyone else.

  Secondly, it was to avoid breaking the tacit agreement between the two of them.

  He believed that there would come a day when Silly Girl would take the initiative to tell him everything.

  He said calmly and serenely, “Let’s not bother with those things for now.

We’re still not strong enough yet.

We can look into it when we’ve become strong enough, though.

”   Upon hearing his reply that seemed to contain multiple meanings, that told her not to think too much about it, and that she didn’t need to explain any further; Di Baijun secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

  She had intended to explain a little more just now.

  However, she didn’t know how to word it.

  She found even the thought of it troublesome.

They were too weak at the moment, so there wasn’t any point in talking about the past at all.

They would just end up unnecessarily upsetting themselves.

  At most, it would only let the rascal know how huge of a bargain he had really gotten.

  Her face turned somewhat red the moment she thought of that, and she became rather embarrassed.

  Nevertheless, she proudly raised her chin a little.

The rascal had indeed gotten a huge bargain.

  Both husband and wife didn’t speak any further after that.

Instead, they watched the war quietly.

  Perhaps because they were too far from the battlefield and knew that everything would already have ended even if Wang Hu were to hurry over.

  The human alliances hadn’t called Wang Hu to ask him for help.

  They simply launched nuclear weapons with fervor as if they no longer had any reservations about anything.

  It was as though they were going to bombard and destroy that expanse of land.

  At last, as if they understood that this was not to be, the invading troops returned to the world passage.

  Wang Hu shook his head and said, “The invader from that world definitely hasn’t looked into Earth in detail before.

”   Di Baijun nodded in agreement.

  It was so obvious.

Not only did they enter Earth so recklessly, but the numerous Divine Body Realm cultivators didn’t even split up and head into different directions right away.

Neither did they travel underground.

  Judging from the situation, they definitely hadn’t studied Earth before and had intended to bulldoze through with raw power.

  Unfortunately, they weren’t strong enough to bulldoze their way through, and the humans’ nuclear weapons had bombarded them into returning instead.

  One could say that they had been defeated rather unjustly.

  Had they been as informed about Earth as the Golden Dragon King from the Dragon Clan world, the human alliances definitely wouldn’t have won the war so easily.

  It was very likely that both parties would have had to engage in a prolonged war.

It was likely that even Wang Hu would have to take part in it.

  With their defeat, however, they would likely behave for a while.

  A day later, seemingly thinking that he would need to ask Wang Hu for help with regard to the Holy Tribunal of the Third Eye, Dong Pingtao called Wang Hu.

  The two of them discussed this a little.

  At the same time, Dong Pingtao also told Wang Hu a piece of news that fairly intrigued him.

  They had caught a heavily injured Third Realm cultivator on the brink of death and were currently interrogating him.

  Wang Hu naturally asked Dong Pingtao to also send him a copy of the information that they got from the interrogation.

  Dong Pingtao would never reject the request, of course.

On the contrary, he was even delighted.

  Evidently, the Tiger King had also realized how powerful and dangerous the Holy Tribunal of the Third Eye was, and he was taking it seriously.

  It was great that he took it seriously.

  With that, things would be easier once the time came for them to discuss the matter.

They might even be able to reduce the price they would have to pay.

  After they ended the call, Wang Hu made a mental note of the matter.

A Third Realm cultivator would definitely know more than a Second Realm one.

  Perhaps Silly Girl would really be able to make some kind of judgment based on the information.

  Even if it really were the Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye that Silly Girl had mentioned and that it had a sliver of connection to the world that she had originally come from, he wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway.

Yet, in spite of that, he simply couldn’t help but be curious and wish to know more.

  Another two days went by.

  China sent a copy of detailed information to Wang Hu.

  Wang Hu’s eyes widened the moment he took a look.

  A corner of his lip spasmed as he looked at Silly Girl.

Somewhat speechless, he said, “Come and take a look at this, Baijun.

”   Somewhat weirded out, Di Baijun came over to him and looked at the cell phone.

The moment she did, her expression immediately changed.

She snatched the cell phone from him and started to look at it seriously.

  Wang Hu wasn’t bothered.

He secretly cursed as he observed Silly Girl’s expression.

  They were so unreliable.

To think they could even get the name wrong…   That’s right, their name wasn’t the ‘Holy Tribunal of the Third Eye’.

Rather, it was none other than the ‘Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye’.

  Wang Hu could only secretly curse the foreigners in charge of interrogating them back then.

They didn’t know how rich and profound Mandarin was.

Coupled with their subjectivity, as well as the target’s resistance and their own incompetence…   The combination of factors led to the ‘Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye’ becoming the ‘Holy Tribunal of the Third Eye’ instead.

  The Third Realm cultivator whom they had captured this time was privy to more information.

  More importantly, the alliances were no longer what they had been in the past.

Their interrogation abilities against experts had become multiple times stronger.

That was how they had gotten so much accurate information.

  After cursing, a somewhat strange feeling couldn’t help but come over him.

  Surely, they can’t be the Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye that Silly Girl had mentioned, right?!   Then, he discovered alarm and uncertainty—as well as surprise and some kind of complex emotion—on his wife’s countenance.

  He sighed inwardly.

That was most likely it.

  He frowned slightly.

For a moment, he held rather mixed feelings about this.

  More than ten seconds later, Di Baijun’s fairly certain voice rang out: “If nothing goes wrong, this world is precisely a Great World under the Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye’s command.

”   There was anticipation as well as hints of nervousness in her voice.

  Wang Hu could tell the emotions in her voice.

He raised an eyebrow slightly, took the cell phone from her, and started to look at it.

  He went through all the information quickly, upon which his eyes narrowed a little.

  Were they just a Great World under the Holy Tribunal of the Heavenly Eye’s command?