My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 203

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 203

Chapter 203: The Life-Saving Cat Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Hints of absolute intent to kill surfaced in his eyes.

“Di Zun, do you think you’ve won?” ​  On the contrary, the Golden Dragon King’s voice calmed down.

Wang Hu became even more cautious.

A cornered beast at bay put up a desperate fight.

This was a never-changing truth.

On top of being a Fourth Realm being, he was also the Dragon King, someone with an extraordinary status.

Even if that was just his clone, Wang Hu would never be careless.

In fact, he was even more careful now than earlier when the other party was yet to be defeated.

The Golden Dragon King had lost his son and his subordinates.

On top of that, he was even toyed with.




The current Dragon King was undoubtedly at his most dangerous.

Therefore, after his attack earlier, Wang Hu had immediately gone far into the distance when the other party charged over and refrained from taking the blow head-on.

“What other tricks do you still have up your sleeve? Why don’t you show me everything?” He said dispassionately.

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COM “Hmph.

” The Golden Dragon King let out another cold snort.

He said seriously, “It is true that we, the Golden Dragon Clan, have failed at our invasion this time.

“However, you won’t win either… because you’re going to die.

“Once you’re dead, you naturally won’t win either.

” Wang Hu’s eyes narrowed slightly.

He scoffed, “Really? When you’re in your current condition?” He didn’t move.

If he became so frightened that he fled immediately just because of what someone who had suffered defeat at his hands said—especially when the other party hadn’t even done anything; how was he supposed to face other people in the future? There were still so many people around here.

“You’ve ultimately still underestimated me.

Given your talent and capability, it won’t be a disgrace to me even if this part of my divine spirit were to perish here,” said the Golden Dragon King coldly.

The moment he said that, he emitted golden flames all around him as though setting everything on fire.

All the power that he had just borrowed, as well as his almost-tangible divine spirit, was set ablaze.

At the same time, the Water-Controlling Flag and the Ocean-Suppressing Seal appeared and started to glow.

The Water-Controlling Flag even broke and shattered with a loud boom.

Wang Hu sensed danger coming from the other party.

Since the Golden Dragon King had already made a move, he naturally wouldn’t continue staying where he was.

He moved and went into the distance with a flash.

Right at this moment, the Water-Controlling Flag and the Ocean-Suppressing Seal exploded with loud booms.

A wave of mysterious and profound power caused unusual activity in the surrounding waters.

Wang Hu felt as if the seawater around him had come to life and was besieging him.

Even his ultra-high speed had slowed down a little.

At the same time, the Golden Dragon King also fully transformed into flames.

A wave of fascinating power that was full of the Dao aura shot toward Wang Hu, its speed so fast that it reached him in an instant.

When Wang Hu wanted to dodge it, he discovered that the seawater had suddenly held him back for another instant.

It was exactly during this instant that the wave of power happened to strike him.

It didn’t harm his body.

Instead, it went straight toward his soul.

Wang Hu activated the Extreme Defense Wall of Dao to its limit.

His powerful defenses were as though the gates to the celestial palace.

Powerful, intense explosions boomed in Wang Hu’s mind, causing even his consciousness to go adrift for a while.

Indistinctly, it seemed like something had been broken.

Severe pain assaulted his senses, almost drowning out his consciousness completely.

“Haha! So what even if you have amazing talent, Di Zun? Even if my divine spirit will suffer damage, it’s worth it if I can kill you.

” Loud laughter rang out and immediately disappeared right after.

It was also this voice that caused a powerful jolt to go through Wang Hu’s consciousness.

He mustn’t faint.

He absolutely mustn’t faint.

There were still so many people around.

I absolutely mustn’t faint.

If anything happens to me, what are Silly Girl, Big Treasure, and Little Treasure going to do? The thought formed in his mind while he was in his adrift state.

Right away, it seemed like he became a little more lucid again.

Even the pain didn’t seem like it hurt or gave him any kind of sensation anymore.

Out of habit, he shouted coldly, “Kill!” After the shout, he pressed on with the bit of lucidity he had, bore with his trance-like state, and chose a certain direction.

Divine power instinctively circulated furiously.

He activated the third stage of the Extreme Agility Movement of Dao right away and turned into a golden light that vanished from sight.

The human Third Realm cultivators, who were stunned into a daze by the series of events, were thoroughly snapped back to reality with a start because of his voice.

They didn’t have the leisure to think too deeply into this.

Filled with joy, they looked at the remaining Dragon Clan troops with their eyes full of killing intent.

The Third Realm beings from the Dragon Clan troops were either injured or had had their energy greatly depleted.

Not to mention the Second Realm beings… Added to this the Golden Dragon King’s defeat, this was a fantastic opportunity to exterminate them.

Dong Yuhao let out a loud shout, upon which all the 200 Divine Body Realm cultivators charged toward the Dragon Clan troops.

A massacre and pursuit to kill began.

In another world, the breathing of the Golden Dragon King in the Dragon Palace suddenly became unsteady.

Then, it rapidly declined as though he had suffered a grievous injury.

There was even a sense of debilitation in his eyes.

His big and tall form swayed a little, and he almost lost his balance.

The power in his body also seemed restless and was showing signs of going out of control.

The Golden Dragon King hurriedly took out some pills and swallowed them.

It was only when he felt a little better and barely managed to calm that power did he finally break into a huge frown.

“My divine spirit clone has been destroyed! Who was the one that did it? Who would have that sort of capability in that world that’s only at the Third Realm at best?” Alarm and doubt arose in him.

He simply couldn’t understand what exactly had happened.

After a moment’s thought, he gave up on trying to sense telepathically what was happening.

After all, he was currently in terrible condition.

He mustn’t use his powers anymore, and he needed to recuperate.

He gritted his teeth and gave an order.

“Give up the invasion on the Earth world for now and guard the world passage properly.

It mustn’t be discovered by any other dragons.

” After giving the order, he immediately went into his seclusion chamber and started to recuperate.

On the road to the Tiger King’s Cave on Earth… Wang Hu tried his best to maintain the bit of lucidity he had.

In his adrift state, he furiously catalyzed his divine power and flew toward the Tiger King’s Cave.

There was only one thought in his mind.


It’ll be fine once I return to Silly Girl.

Silly Girl’s waiting for me.

As are Big Treasure and Little Treasure… I must return.

I’ll be able to sleep once I return.

As he held on to the thought, his speed increased further and further, becoming so fast that even the space-time dimension seemed to have been shifted.

A few minutes later, land came into sight.

However, Wang Hu could no longer see it by this point.

He simply locked on to the direction of the Tiger King’s Cave and flew forward despite not being able to see anything at all.

Another half a minute passed.

Suddenly, as though an airplane that had run out of fuel, his enormous body plummeted from mid-air and crashed hard onto the ground.

With a deafening boom, he smashed a huge pit into the ground that had been flooded by seawater at the bottom.

Wang Hu also completely lost consciousness.

He had no more divine power left in him at all.

In his mind, a peculiar power was currently eroding his soul.

This particular power gave off an aura of Dao.

In the Tiger King’s Cave… Di Baijun, who was currently watching the video footage, suddenly felt her heart tremble for some reason.

Her eyelid twitched fiercely, and a sense of uneasiness welled up in her again.

On top of that, it was even several times fiercer than before, causing her to panic and feel suffocated.

She had already told herself not to worry.

How could anything untoward possibly have happened to that rascal? Di Baijun balled up her fists tightly and tried to suppress the feeling, only to find that she couldn’t.

She took a few deep breaths, but it didn’t help.

Instead, she felt even more panicked.

She continued to watch the video screen that showed nothing but an ocean surface that churned fiercely without even a moment’s pause.

Through her divine senses, she glanced at Big Treasure and Little Treasure who were currently watching cartoons in their room.

She gritted her teeth.

With a flash, she appeared beside the two little fellows and picked them up with one in each arm.

The next instant, she disappeared from the Tiger King’s Cave and headed toward Japan.

Slightly less than 10 kilometers away from where Wang Hu had landed… Two figures were currently rapidly approaching.

One of them looked to be no older than in her mid-twenties and wore a white dress.

Her dress wasn’t pure white but ivory, making her seem a little less cold and a little warmer.

She was stunningly beautiful and gave off an extremely ethereal feeling.

She was filled with a quiet and peaceful aura from head to toe.

Much like a harmonious spring breeze or clear, gentle spring waters.

The moment one saw her, they would involuntarily quiet down right away.

However, there was a hint of anxiety and worry on her countenance at the moment, which somewhat marred that quiet quality of hers.

The other figure was a cyan-blue little bird flying above her head.

“Big Sister, we’ve already been searching for quite a few days.

Might we have gotten the direction wrong?” The flying cyan-blue bird suddenly opened its mouth.

Her voice was clear and crisp and also somewhat cheeky and whimsical.

The woman’s gait suddenly sped up a little.

In a quiet voice that carried hints of worry, she replied, “There’s no mistake about it.

I can sense that his life force is currently dissipating very quickly.

We must hurry.

” The cyan-blue bird blinked.

Then, she started to flap her wings even more quickly.

Her voice also gained some urgency and a bit of curiosity and hesitation.

“Big Sister, who exactly is this person? To think you can sense a few days in advance that their life will be in danger?” A figure subconsciously surfaced in the woman’s mind.

Yet, she wasn’t that sure either.

She shook her head and remained silent.

“In that case… Big Sister, in the event that… surely, you won’t really…?” The cyan-blue bird didn’t seem to be really bothered about the question just now either.

She didn’t pursue the topic.

Instead, she spoke again in a way that was filled with hesitation and some reluctance.

The woman remained silent and pressed her lips together.

A few seconds later, her delicate nose sniffed at the air, and some light appeared in her eyes that were as limpid and quiet as a clear spring.

Her footsteps became even quicker.

Yet, in spite of her rapid advance, there was no crudeness or impatience in her form.

Instead, there was a kind of elegance—as though a cool breeze—to it.

Upon seeing that she wasn’t getting an answer, the cyan-blue bird heaved a heavy sigh.

Then, she started to rack her brains.

Before she could think of any reason, they had stopped in their tracks.

The cyan-blue bird stared at the body that had smashed a massive hole into the ground dozens of meters away.

She instinctively went limp and landed on the woman’s shoulder.

On top of that, she was even trembling as though she was frightened.

She stared blankly and commented, “He’s huge!” The woman also stared a little blankly at the sight.

However, it wasn’t out of fear.

Rather, it was out of pleasant surprise and anxiety.

No wonder… no wonder, indeed.

She was so pleasantly surprised that she felt rather at a loss as to what to do.

However, her surprise immediately turned into anxiety.

She went forward and touched that enormous body with her delicate hand.

The cyan-blue bird seemed to have also recovered.

No longer afraid, she flapped its wings and flew a full circle around the enormous body.

“Big Sister, this is such a huge tiger! It’s really such a huge tiger! He has such a fierce aura around him, too! This is no good at all.

“Big Sister, surely, he isn’t the one whom you’re worried about, right? “But the two of you aren’t from the same species either.

Why would you care about him so much that you’ll sense in advance that he’ll be in danger?” The cyan-blue bird perched on the woman’s shoulder again and went on continuously like a chatterbox.

“Qing Qing, watch over Big Sister.

” The woman retracted her palm and spoke gently but firmly.

The cyan-blue bird’s eyes widened right away.

As though she was pouting, she was awfully reluctant.

She whined, “Big Sister, are you really going to? That’s your life, you know.

” It was only then that the woman’s gaze shifted away from the tiger for the first time and landed on the cyan-blue bird.

At once, the cyan-blue bird couldn’t withstand the gentleness and resolution in her eyes.

She said resignedly, “Fine, fine.

Do what you want.

It’s not like I can do anything about it anyway.

” As she spoke, she flapped its wings and took flight.

The woman revealed a small smile, which made her look even gentler than before.

Then, she looked at the tiger again.

Gratitude and gentleness surfaced in her eyes.

She took a deep breath.

She started to emit a gentle white glow around her and transformed into a small milky-white cat.

Nine soft mews rang out in succession.

Together with the mews, several somewhat illusory little cats ran out of her body and ran about in the air with light and quick footsteps.

Two seconds later, as though they had received some kind of command, one of the little cats ran toward the tiger whose life force was already close to disappearing.

In the blink of an eye, it disappeared into the tiger.

As though terribly reluctant to part with the little cat, the cyan-blue bird watching in mid-air heaved another sigh.