My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 193

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 193

Chapter 193: Di Zun Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios The surface of the ocean continued to be turbulent.

At the bottom of the ocean, after the blinding lights were gone, the collisions had ended.

​  Wang Hu flew into the distance.

As he calmed down the shock in his body from the collision, he looked grimly at the center of the shield.

It was the area above Jin Qiong, where a golden seal hovered, almost blending into the layer of the shield.

The entire shield layer became even tougher and more tangible.

It was the sudden appearance of the shield that blocked his attack at full force.

His lethal attack where he mustered all his power went in vain.

At the moment, Wang Hu was 48 meters tall, and his progress in the Divine Body Realm almost reached the midpoint.

His own combat power was at the peak of the Fifth Floor.




The Extreme Strength Strike of Dao combined with the first stage of White Tiger Battle Art increased his strength by tenfold, making his strength reach that of a Ninth Floor.

This strength, combined with his speed and incredible defense, made Wang Hu’s body his strongest asset.

He was also boosted by the sharpness of the White Tiger Battle Art.

His attack just now, despite being weakened by the ocean, was truly his strongest attack with all his might.

From the way he saw it, the prowess of the attack was as strong as the peak of the Divine Body Realm.

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COM ‘One may appear common when they don’t move, but once they move, they will kill.

’ This has been Wang Hu’s habit which he became accustomed to from years of hunting.

He truly treated the marine species troops as his worthy rival.

Initially, he thought he would be able to break this layer of shield and kill Jin Qiong directly.

It would be the case if the seal did not appear.

However, it did appear, and it blocked his full-force attack.

The power of the shock from the two powers colliding even exceeded that of a peak Divine Body Realm’s, and his body felt the tremors.

Without a doubt, the seal must be a superior-grade Dharma treasure, and it was highly compatible with this Overturn Oceans Formation.

It appeared that these two were supposed to be one entity, and it increased the defense of the shield immensely.

More importantly, he wasn’t sure if the opponent had other Dharma treasures.

On top of that, his attack just now may be powerful, but it also exhausted his power greatly.

One attack alone depleted 10% of his divine powers.

Seemed like it would be quite troublesome trying to kill them completely.

On the other hand, Jin Qiong and the other dragons were reeling from shock.

The attack just now was extremely terrifying.

They were confident that no one under the Ground Limits Realm could break the Overturn Oceans Formation at the current scale.

However, just now, if the Ocean-Suppressing Seal was not present; Jin Qiong would have been killed, and the Overturn Oceans Formation would not have lasted much longer.

They were so close to death; it was impossible for them to not feel terrified.

Fear was still visible in Jin Qiong’s eyes.

How could that attack just now be from a Divine Body Realm? He looked at the imposing tiger far away and felt a shiver down his spine.

How many rounds of metamorphosis did his opponent undergo when he broke through the Divine Body Realm? Could it be the legendary seven times? Or even eight times? This was just a small world! Spiritual energy had only awakened a few years ago! Had he not seen it with his own eyes, he would definitely not believe that a being like this existed in this world where the spiritual energy had just awakened.

They didn’t even have such a prodigious elite in their own world.

As he thought, he felt strong jealousy and envy welled within him.

It was just a tiger from a small world; how could this tiger have such achievements? He gritted his teeth and felt a little resigned.

The tiger’s excellence surpassed him by far too much, so much that he could not bring himself to try and exceed the tiger.

The other golden dragons and Divine Body Realms, who were relatively more experienced, also felt shocked.

Their feeling of superiority and belittlement towards Wang Hu became restrained.

As both parties maintained a showdown, the ocean regained its peace temporarily.

The 150 water dragons also quieted down and looked menacingly at Wang Hu.

“Third Prince, what should we do now? Even if we had the Ocean-Suppressing Seal, we might not be able to kill him.

His speed was too fast.

” One of the golden dragons couldn’t help but send a telepathic message to Jin Qiong.

Jin Qiong frowned.

He considered all his remaining trump cards, the attack from before, and the tiger’s speed.

He gritted his teeth again.

He was not confident at all.

“Then, what should we do? We can’t possibly retreat just like that.

” Another golden dragon said telepathically, feeling indignant.

“That’s right, and this damned tiger even killed Jin Ming.

” “Yes, we can’t retreat just like that.

” All the dragons started discussing among themselves.

Jin Qiong could not make up his mind.

Meanwhile, Wang Hu already calmed down the shock his body felt and made a decision.

He retreated a few thousand meters away, and the boundless murderous and piercing aura surged once more.

The low guttural voice that made the hearts of living creatures tremble sounded, and the golden lightning spear appeared just like earlier.

Once again, it illuminated the bottom of the ocean and slashed apart the ocean.

This time, it was a further distance, greater impact, and even greater power.

The three Extreme Dao Special Abilities were compounded with the piercing quality of the White Tiger Battle Art.

Everything in this ocean showed signs of being penetrated.

The agonizing sting made the marine species troops feel that they were about to be torn apart despite being isolated by a shield of protection.

Jin Qiong and the others were not in the mood to talk anymore, and they quickly circulated their power in full force.

The loud dragon growl was heard, and the glow of the Ocean-Suppressing Seal became brighter.

At the same time, the 150 water dragons growled and attempted to block the path of the golden lightning spear.

However, due to their speed, only a few dragons managed to do so, and their bodies were torn apart without any resistance.

Once again, the lightning spear pierced atop the shield.

The sound of a blast and the dragon growls shook the ocean.

A shock wave that was even stronger than before erupted violently like a volcano that was dormant and accumulated its energy for thousands of years.

The already turbulent ocean shook even more violently, almost like water in a basin that was being overturned.

Hei Fan and the other Divine Body Realms, who were tens of kilometers away, also felt the violent shock wave.

Although it was not enough to hurt them, they still felt baffled from sensing the collision of the two opposing powers.

It was unbelievably strong.

They were like ants who would disintegrate once they came into contact with it.

In their hearts, they felt even more reverent—reverent towards the Tiger King and power itself.

The senior officials of the alliances could only watch in silence at the image of the tumultuous waves that threatened to destroy the world.

“Estimate how strong the power is.

” In China, Dong Pingtao instructed solemnly.

It was the same in the India Alliance, Russia Alliance… In the Tiger King’s Cave, Di Baijun felt slightly relieved.

At the same time, she was also exasperated.

This situation happened again.

Needless to say, based on the rascal’s speed, it must be an attack he made.

This meant that her worry came true.

The rascal who was incredibly prideful was bent on winning.

However, no matter how unhappy she felt, the rascal was not by her side and couldn’t be reprimanded by her.

At the same time, at the bottom of the ocean… After a period of havoc, it slowly calmed down.

The Overturn Oceans Formation remained intact.

Wang Hu retreated once again, and both parties looked warily at each other in a showdown.

The collision just now did not differ from the first time.

Wang Hu’s efforts went in vain again.

Other than feeling the shockwave and depleting another 10% of his divine powers, he was not hurt in other ways.

His brows were knitted tightly.

This array formation was really unexpected.

As expected, he must not look down on the beings in other worlds.

As much as he was confident about being invincible out of all the Divine Body Realms, it was when he fought individuals.

There were an innumerable amount of mysterious means in the alternate worlds.

Surely, there were powerful ones that could withstand his attacks, such as the Overturn Oceans Formation that he was witnessing now.

A few hundreds of Divine Body Realms, tens of thousands of Second Realms, a superior-grade Dharma treasure, and a profound array formation made him feel at a loss.

It was truly magnificent and worthy of praise.

On the other hand, Jin Qiong and the other dragons looked grave.

Even the beings that voiced their displeasure just now were silent.

They had a few hundred Divine Body Realms—tens of thousands of marine species troops.

They even had a superior-grade Ocean-Suppressing Seal and an Overturn Oceans Formation.

Yet, they still couldn’t do anything to a Divine Body Realm.

Moreover, this Divine Body Realm was just from a Small World.

The shock they felt could not be explained by mere words.

“Who on earth are you?!” Jin Qiong couldn’t help but yell.

Wang Hu paused for a moment and said domineeringly, “Your formation is indeed formidable; you are qualified to know me.

I’m Di Zun of the Tiger King’s Cave.

” Jin Qiong and the other dragons were astonished.

Di Zun! Di was the surname1, and Zun2 was the given name.

No matter how they saw it, they could sense the extraordinary and invincible quality.

Not anyone could use these two words and certainly not anyone could be suited to these two words.

However, they looked at the figure and silently agreed.

Just as the thought appeared, it was replaced by rage.

How dare he say that they were qualified to know! Were they supposed to feel honored? “You are just a tiger from a Small World.

Never mind that you call yourself Di Zun, yet you even dare to look down on our Dragon Clan.

Do you really think that I can’t do anything to you?” Jin Qiong bellowed furiously.

“If you think that I’m looking down on you, so be it,” Wang Hu said coldly.

At the same time, he felt excited.

“But I’m quite excited to know what other abilities you have.

What can you do to me?” “Hmph.

” Jin Qiong snorted and said confidently, “You may be strong, but you are not comparable to a Ground Limits Realm.

You are quick, but you certainly could not escape from the palm of a Ground Limits Realm.

“Meanwhile, our Dragon Clan has numerous Ground Limits Realms.

My father and the elders of the clan are all Ground Limits Realms.

“Once they ascend on this world, you will die without a doubt.

” As he finished, the golden dragons and Divine Body Realms stood with their heads held high and chest puffed out.

Their pride was showing again.

So what if the tiger was powerful? This was just a Small World, and the tiger was just a Divine Body Realm.

The Dragon Clan had numerous Ground Limits Realms and even beings who were even more powerful than that.

No matter how strong the tiger was, it was nothing in comparison.

Wang Hu smiled; it was full of disdain and contempt.

He looked down at Jin Qiong and the other dragons.

With a cold and haughty voice, he said, “Then, I shall wait till they can come over to this world to see what abilities your creepy crawly clan is capable of.

” Jin Qiong immediately felt a rage.

“Damn you! How dare you humiliate my Dragon Clan!” “Third Prince, kill him.

” “Damned tiger, you are courting death.

” The dragons yelled incessantly.

Jin Qiong, who was feeling slightly hesitant, was stirred by the emotions and became determined as well.

He couldn’t just let it go simply.

He opened his mouth, and a little blue flag appeared.

It immediately grew bigger and turned into a hundred-meter-tall huge flag, emanating a blue glow.

Immediately, the surrounding waters moved even more rapidly as though it received a command.

The 150 water dragons also appeared to be boosted strongly.

Their bodies grew even bigger.

They growled excitedly and pounced at Wang Hu.

The other dragons and Divine Body Realms rejoiced.

“Great! The Prince even handed the Water-Controlling Flag to the Third Prince.

” “The Water-Controlling Flag and the Ocean-Suppressing Seal were superior-grade Dharma treasures that were most compatible with the Overturn Oceans Formation.

We’ll make it again this time.

” In the excited voices, 150 water dragons that were as long as 180 meters long joined forces and lunged at Wang Hu together.

Some attached up-close, and some attacked from a distance.

They seemed to work together in perfect unison.

Wang Hu snorted, and he dodged.

He seemed to be in a perilous situation but always managed to evade the attacks safely.

After a few minutes, the situation remained the same.

However, the battleground slowly approached the direction of Ji.

The 150 water dragons chased after Wang Hu, causing the entire Overturn Oceans Formation to move forward as well.

Gradually, after more than 10 minutes, they arrived at the location where South Korea’s coastline was supposed to be.

“Oh, no! Third Prince, this damned Di Zun is luring us to move forward on purpose,” suddenly, one of the dragons in the Overturn Oceans Formation exclaimed.

Immediately, all of them were alerted and realized that the power of the water dragons had reduced.

They became certain that this Di Zun was baiting them to move to a place where the waters were shallow.

Needless to say, the effectiveness of the Overturn Oceans Formation was weakened at a place where the waters were shallow.

“Do not fall for it—retreat,” Jin Qiong said without hesitation.

The other dragons did not oppose.

Their opponent was too powerful.

They were still unable to do anything to the tiger despite having the Water-Controlling Flag.

Certainly, they must not fall for a trap, especially after they realized it was one.

When the entire Overturn Oceans Formation retreated, Wang Hu sensed it immediately.

He snorted and ordered, “Attack!” After he instructed, he attacked first, and his body seemed to cut across space.

Only a golden light was visible.

It flashed across, and water dragons disintegrated one after another.

In the blink of an eye, the 150 water dragons fell into a chaotic battle.

Wang Hu weaved in and out of the water dragons and fought them head-on for the first time.

Upon seeing this, Jin Qiong and the others were in no hurry to retreat anymore.

They quickly manipulated the water dragons to attack this haughty Di Zun.

However, in the next moment, more than a hundred figures appeared, and they attacked the layer of shield.

Blasts sounded incessantly, and attacks fell on the protective shield, causing the surface to ripple.

Jin Qiong and the other dragons immediately knew what their opponents were planning.

“Hmph! First, he lured us to a place where the waters are shallow.

Then, he fought the water dragons himself and disintegrated the water dragons to make us exhaust our power to create more water dragons.

At the same time, he ordered his subordinates to attack the shield of the Overturn Oceans Formation.

“If he planned on making us unable to withstand the three-pronged attack, I’m afraid it’s only his wishful thinking,” Jin Qiong suddenly bellowed haughtily.

The golden dragons were unafraid and very confident.

As they manipulated the water dragons into attacking the Di Zun, they also spent some power on defending the attacks.

Since their opponents planned on defeating them this way, then they shall wait and see who would be first to give up.

Wang Hu unleashed all his combat powers.

The weakening effect of his powers was reduced in a place where the waters were shallow.

All the water dragons that were targeted by him were unable to fight back and were easily disintegrated by his attacks.

Jin Qiong was right.

It was his plan.

Although he did not wish to engage in a war of attrition, he should still try it out, especially when he had a huge bunch of subordinates.